Why Our Consultation Calls Last 20 Minutes

Our Consultations Take A Little Longer Than Some. Here’s Why We Do It That Way.

One of the best things about Today’s Entry Doors is that when you call us your call will be addressed by a specialist.

No, not someone trained in customer service or taking calls, but genuinely helping people order exquisite, custom, higher-end entry doors for their homes here in the Orange County, CA area.

We basically get three kinds of calls:

  1. From people who’ve already done lots of research and fact-finding. They know what style and size of door they want, and many of the specifics. And, they’ve already decided on working with us. These calls usually take about 5 minutes to get basic info and schedule a home appointment. Bing, bang, boom.
  2. From people who’ve spent some time on our website or who were referred to us by a friend or family member. Folks typically just beginning the process. These calls take around 15-20 minutes and we’ll talk about why below.
  3. Really short calls from people who aren’t a good fit for Today’s Entry Doors.

Quickly, why aren’t they a good fit?

Well, some people just aren’t in our service area. No big deal. When this happens we do what we can to refer them to the best resource in their neck of the woods.

Others are just looking to buy a slab. Or, for a contractor to come hang the slab they already bought (we only do all-inclusive, turn-key, full-service installations). Or, they simply thought they were giving a big box-type store a call…which we definitely are not.

We don’t offer substandard products or services.

And we don’t operate as major home improvement stores do.

When you call us, it’s nowhere near the same experience.

You know, where you listen to a machine walk you through which buttons to push until someone answers from the ‘door department’.

When someone finally picks up, most of the time they’re just going to give you the same information you’d find on their big e-commerce websites — which is what they’re looking at as they speak to you and try to answer your questions.

Instead, with us, you’ll need to set aside some time to go over everything we’ve got to cover with you.

  • We need to dig into your expectations and your current doors.
  • … to talk about the basic sizes and styles that go with them.
  • to look through some example pictures from our galleries together.
  • to answer any questions you have, and most people have 3-5 good ones.
  • to chat a bit about why we only focus on fiberglass entry doors.
  • to go into detail about certain things and help determine your budgeting.

By the time you get off the call, whether you’ve decided to schedule an at-home consultation with us or not, you walk away FAR more informed than you would be otherwise.

You’ll know what to expect.

You’ll have a good grasp of the benefits of modern fiberglass doors.

And most importantly, you’ll know you’ve found an exceptionally skilled and professional resource you can trust with your custom entry door needs.

As always, thanks for your time today.

We look forward to your call.

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