Flexibility For Our Orange County Homeowners

One Orange County Homeowner’s
Twisty Path To The Perfect Entry Doors

A Prime Case Of Why Flexibility Is
The Heart Of Customer Service

Melissa knew one thing for certain – she hated the leaky doors on her Orange County home. As she said, not one of the three had sealed properly since she bought her home years ago. Finally, she was able to replace her doors with modern, secure, fiberglass doors, so she went searching online for the right contractor.

Desperately Seeking Quality
Entry Door Contractors

Melissa buckled down and searched online for the right Orange County contractor to replace her three entry doors. After reading reams of reviews, she narrowed it down to two good prospects and invited them to offer their bids.

Both were selected because of their number of reviews and they had high hopes for a positive outcome.

The first company came over and informed her that they used different people for entry doors versus screen doors. Well, Melissa didn’t like the idea of two different installation appointments, so the first company was out of the running in a hurry.

Then the representative from Today’s Entry Doors arrived.

With their mobile showroom.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Yes, But No, Well Maybe – Perfect!

Melissa knew exactly what she wanted in new doors but didn’t know quite what that looked like. She knew she wanted fiberglass doors for their superior looks and longevity, but beyond that, she wasn’t certain.

Our mobile showroom is pretty snazzy and covers the most popular choices homeowners make, but we’d need an 18-wheeler to cover every available choice.

So, though Melissa knew what she liked when she saw it, there were hundreds more available choices for her to consider once she dug into the details.

Hinges, knobs, glass designs, and hardware materials all combine to make each door we sell unique to each homeowner, and finalizing your choices can be a bit overwhelming.

Melissa made her initial choices and ordered her new doors (along with secure screen doors) with confidence.

Then, she looked some more and requested changes. And then she did it again. And again.

Each change order was met with a hearty smile and handled with zero hassle. At no point was Melissa made to feel like she was being difficult. After all, she was simply navigating the myriad choices available for entry and security doors, which can be daunting.

Each change, of course, altered the delivery date for her new doors, and we kept her informed throughout the process . At no point did she have to wonder where things stood with her order.

Secure Screen Doors

One of the door features we offer is security doors that don’t look like security doors. With strong frames, hefty locking mechanisms, and our true metal mesh screens, these doors are secure against forced entry but look like your average high-end screen door.

Melissa loved that she could feel secure in her home without it looking like a fortress.

The Best Kind Of Broken Promise

Once Melissa settled on the design of her fiberglass entry doors, we told her it would take one and a half days to do the installation. Not quite the two appointments she’d wished to avoid, but still two days of dealing with dust and noise and cleaning up after the installers left. But, all in all, not bad for installing a total of six doors.

When we arrived, we first set up plastic tarps to keep the dust from infiltrating the rest of her home. Then we set to work on her entry and screen doors.

Unfortunately, we didn’t follow through on getting it all done in one and a half days.

We got it all done on the first day.

As for Melissa’s concerns about cleaning up, we left the areas cleaner than when we found them.

Now, Melissa enjoys the sensation of entry doors sealing properly when she shuts them and can even leave them open, secure in the knowledge that her screen doors will keep out unwanted guests.

And if she ever experiences a problem with her new doors, she knows that her entry doors are covered for life and that we’re only a phone call away.

If you want new entry doors for your Orange County home and want the best service available, contact us at Today’s Entry Doors for a free quote .

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