Benefits To Expect With Your New Doors

Here Are All The Great Things You Can Expect From Replacing Your Entry Doors This Year.

If you find yourself searching for some quick and easy points to inspire your decision to replace your home’s doors this year, you’re not alone.

It’s not as uncommon as you might think. While other people are setting New Year goals like losing a few pounds or dropping a bad habit, many homeowners are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of their investments.

  • How will that new landscaping fair over the coming winter?
  • How will the new roofing system hold up?
  • How will the new gutter guards fair against this coming season’s deluge?

In our industry, it’s about doors.

If you’re wondering what it’s going to be like once you’ve contacted a well-known (we’ve been at it 30+ years) door company and gotten them installed, then keep reading.

The Increased ‘Hard Value’ Of Your Home

When we use the words ‘Hard Value’ here, what we mean is genuine not-only-in-ink value.

As you likely know, there’s a ton of paperwork involved in real estate and lots of value is inflated and engineered to sell, sell, sell! However, replacing doors with top-tier products from reliable manufacturers awards rock-solid ROI.

Everyone loves quality doors.

Percentage wise, here in southern California you can see bigger ROI numbers than other popular home remodeling projects rack up like replacing your roofing system, universally remodeling the bathroom, or even adding a master suite.

In the following perks we’ll briefly explore why, beginning with being able to sleep more soundly at night.

Resting Easier – Enhanced & Reliable Security

At Today’s Entry Doors, we only install world-class fiberglass doors made in America, because of their superior benefits for our customers in the Orange County area. great, reliable door for a secure home

Hence, it’s our laser focus.

One thing to definitely look forward to after replacing your entry doors is enhanced safety and security. A manufacturer we work with is Jeld-Wen, and to the right is an image of one of their classic fiberglass doors to use as an example:

  • With fiberglass you’re getting more durability than conventional wood doors, without sacrificing function or beauty.
  • While steel doors can be dented or rust without proper maintenance and wooden doors can rot, this door resists it all and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Regardless of weather exposure it will never bow or warp, further degrading security.
  • Because your door is only as secure as its frame, your fiberglass door has twice as much screw-holding power as even the hardest oak door can deliver.

While there’s no way it can stack up to steel, fiberglass door systems are nearly impossible to get through. To give you an idea, it’s why police officers are trained to use tactical hand-held battering rams!

Enjoying The Improved In-home Air Quality

On the west coast of America, as all Californians know, wildfire smoke and pollutants in the air are a serious issue from time to time. And as everyone understands, your windows and doors (especially if your home has one or two garage doors) are core points of entry.

Replacing your doors with new upgraded fiberglass systems, complete with every component and feature possible…including add ons specifically for an airtight seal, means better indoor air quality year round.

Getting Better First Impressions All Around

Other than artwork (and sometimes not even that does it), your entry doors are the only part of your home people stand and stare at with nothing to do but wait. You’ve stood before many a door in your life, and while you might not know it, have judged each accordingly.

After replacing your door you should put yourself through this exact exercise!

Go outside, knock on your new doors, and wait there as if you were a visitor. Then stand in awe at the fine craftsmanship and dazzling levels of door-detail; from the fiberglass brickmould clad and door jam, to the framing, glass design, and the whole nine yards. Here’s some of the system components from our example door above from Jeld-Wen’s ArchitecturalTM line.

example door components

But to give you the whole impact, let’s look at a wrought-iron door with presence from our Entry Door Gallery – this is why the image is numbered. It’s a Jeld-Wen A1202 Mahogany Grain with factory stained Sable, a Mediterrannean Grille set in clear glass, and Emtek Greeley hardware.

beautiful door that makes a lasting impression

How nicely the design in the wrought iron works with the vines growing along the outer walls. And the tones they chose for their door, the frame and hallway really work well together.

Upgraded Noise Reduction & Energy Efficiency

illustration showing how all door parts come together for noise reduction and energy efficiency

The reason these two benefits go together is because they’re both similarly derived.

How could you reduce exterior noise without stopping hot or cold air from flowing in?

Investing in a new cutting-edge entry door ‘System’ means you get a product designed for your home with A+ energy efficiency and noise reduction levels.

The image comes from another manufacturer we install: Therma-Tru. Their systems are impeccably-engineered with components that work together at critical points – for example forming an air-tight seal against drafts, leaks and the sounds of the world outside.

New Outstanding Aesthetics – Your Improved View!

outstanding aesthetics by today's entry doors

Because we’ve been doing NOTHING but doors for so long, we’re one of those companies that’s seen it all and can do it all. Doors are works of art, without question.

For example, how beautiful is the Therma-Tru FC6095 system with operable sidelights in the image above? Another mesmerizing piece from our galleries installed in your neck of the woods (if you live in the Orange County, CA area).

The door strikes you in layers because of its sleek sophistication – the glass, then the sidelights, and then the gorgeous framing sections. Definitely a statement being made here, re-enforced by the doormat which reads,

There’s no place like Grandpa and Babs house.

How sweet it is to look forward to and then relish the powerful aesthetic impacts new replacement doors systems like these have.

Wrapping Up

First of all from everyone at Today’s Entry Doors, we wish you a safe, happy, and inspiring New Year. For our customers in and around Orange County, they know they can look forward to a job well done. You can too. We believe we’re the best – so don’t hesitate to put this new year’s goal into our hands. We’ll help you get the absolute perfect door and get it installed at unbeatable prices for the value of these systems. And thanks so much for your time today. Cheers!

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