Office Manager Michael’s FAVORITE Entry Door Project

Office Manager Michael Harding Loved This Replacement Door Project In San Clemente, Almost As Much As Our Customer Did!

“It Was The Perfect Example Of Our Strengths”

NOTE: This is the first in an ongoing series of Today’s Entry Doors team members selecting favorite projects and telling you why we loved them.

The Project: Replace a double door with a single Dutch Door with 2 sidelights.

The Location: The Woods Home, San Clemente, CA

Before Picture: Before photo of Michaels favorite project


Description Of The Project: The homeowner had an old double door but wanted a much different configuration to replace it: a single Dutch door. The Dutch door is a great choice anywhere, but this homeowner is near the ocean and wanted to be able to open the top half to take advantage of the breeze.

Since this would be a replacement of a double door with a single door, 2 sidelights were also added to the opening. The single Dutch door replacement is 42” X 96”, which is not a size with a particularly wide selection.

And the homeowner wanted the top half of the Dutch door to have lots of glass, allowing in plenty of natural light and giving the door a classic feel.

What Made It Special: “This project is really a microcosm of everything we can do,” our office manage Michael Harding said. “It’s the perfect example of our strengths.”

Michael pointed out that Dutch doors continue to grow in popularity but very few contractors or door sources know much about them. In most cases, contractors don’t know how to help you find a beautiful Dutch door, or even how to install them properly.

“We know how to build and install door systems that are unique,” Michael said.

This project was the ideal example of this. The Dutch door was 42” X 96”, what Michael refers to as a “tough size.”

“Most companies have trouble giving you options in that size, but we know how to go deeper and find choices that are beautiful,” Michael said.

He also noted that this door included a custom glass package that required significant experience and knowledge to bring together.

“Another company could maybe find this door in a catalog, but you have to know that the distributor can insert that custom glass package in the door,” Michael said. “No one else is doing that.”

This project also stood out for Michael because of how attractive it turned out. “The house is beautiful, and the homeowner has really good taste,” he said. “The door matches that. The door is a classic color scheme – black on the outside and white on the inside – and it looks incredible. And it has a Dutch shelf – another specialty of ours that is hard to get other ways.”

The Results: The homeowner was absolutely ecstatic with the results. She left us a 5-star rave review on Yelp. We also posted the picture of her door on our Instagram account, and she commented on it enthusiastically.


After Pictures:

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