Low-E Glass And Your Doors

Low-E Glass Is The Wave Of The Future For Homeowners Trying To Improve Energy Efficiency With Their Entry Doors.

When it comes to the type of glass in your doors, the type you choose isn’t a consideration to be taken lightly. Why? Well, here’s a question,

“How much energy of your home’s overall energy loss do you think occurs through your windows and doors?”

You knew it would be sizable, but how about a whopping 70%!

Of that, 90% happens THROUGH the glass.

So to make a long, science-drenched story short, whenever you start talking about home residential energy efficiency any door glass is a concern. From there, as you dig deeper, you inevitably come across low-e glass.

What is Low-E Glass?

  • Definition: Low-E = ‘Low Emissivity-Grade’ Glass

Here’s a great way of putting it directly from one of our Entry Door Manufacturers, Therma-Tru (they essentially created the fiberglass entry door category thirty years ago),

“In cold weather, Low-E glass helps reduce loss of heat by reflecting the heat back inside your home, while in warm weather, Low-E glass reflects the sun’s rays off of the glass, helping to keep your interior cool.”

Because window glass in windows and doors is highly thermally emissive, low-e glass was engineered to minimize the amount of infrared and UV getting through. When you research the science behind their design, a big role is played by microscopically small coatings of metallic particles.

Here’s a basic open source illustration from 2011, but do keep in mind the technology has come light-years since then. It’s just hard to get updated images with no licensing constraints.

low e glass illustration

Regardless, in our line of work where we’ve spent 30+ years installing and replacing doors for Orange County, CA residents, it’s fascinating stuff!

Aside from the functional technicalities, the question you’re likely asking yourself right now though is…

Is Low-E Glass Worth It?

These days there’s no question, they can definitely be a worthwhile investment. For a small extra percentage over outdated and less energy efficient glass you can save money and make it up through smaller monthly bills – upgrades that pay for themselves.

double pane glass type chart

Are they perfect for your replacement doors? The pros at Jeld-Wen say it best,

Not all Low-E coatings are created equal, nor is the Low-E coating on glass units manufactured today the same as it was as recently as two or three years ago. Advances in glass coatings technology and stronger regional energy code requirements have helped to create a new generation and more sophisticated array of Low-E glass options. Choosing the best option for your next project could now be compared to pairing the perfect wine with your entrée at a new restaurant.

The glass almost comes standard at this point, but with custom replacement doors and when we’re remodeling older homes it factors into the ROI and money saved over the long haul.

  • Side Note: Wondering where some of the savings originate? Look to your HVAC system. Low-e glass is likely to help ease the stress and demands on it, extending its service life span by orders of magnitude. Also, with less UV light coming inside, there’s less chance of things fading inside!

There’s nothing to stop you from going beyond reading and research, to talking with a professional. For example, everyday we talk to homeowners here in the Orange County, CA area about how to upgrade their replacement doors. It’s free. Doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes to wrap your mind around the numbers based on your circumstances.

Wrapping Up: Take All Angles into Consideration

Low-e glass in your doors is something to consider, as is all the hardware, the material being used in the framing, the folks doing the installations, warranty coverage, safety and security features and more. IF the team at Today’s Entry Doors can help you, don’t hesitate. Thanks for your time.

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