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After Meeting With Another Company That Couldn’t Meet Their Needs, The Kurodas Chose Today’s Entry Doors – And Loved The Results.

Gregg & Soojie Kuroda weren’t thrilled with the entry door on their home, and they tried a couple of different things to solve the problem.

First, Gregg painted the door himself in a flat black color, and let’s just say that Soojie wasn’t thrilled with the results. Days later, Gregg was actively searching for a better solution.

That lead him to call a company in for a quote. It didn’t end up working out.

“We had an opening that wasn’t standard, and every time we asked about a door, it wasn’t available in our size. We just wanted them to show us doors that would work for us – it kind of dragged out.”

On top of that, the follow through from this company wasn’t great.

“They said they would send an email with a quote, and then the emails never came,” Gregg said. “I would have to reach out to them to ask where it was.”

After a time, it was clear things weren’t going to work out, so the Kurodas called Today’s Entry Doors and had a much different experience.

“It was so much easier and faster,” Gregg said of the initial consultation. “We got quick and concise recommendations, and we were only shown choices that would work for our door opening. We felt really comfortable with his knowledge and experience.”

While they didn’t have an exact door in mind, the Kurodas did have some specific guidelines they were looking for in a replacement door.

“Our home was built in the 70s, and we wanted a door that was modern – but not too modern,” Gregg said. “Within about an hour, we had found something we really liked, and picked out a sidelight to go with it.”

They liked that the process was more about getting them the right door for them, instead of just trying to sell, sell, sell.

“It is a fairly substantial purchase – when you are doing anything on your home, it’s personal,” Gregg said. “And it was like they’re not trying to sell us something – they’re just trying to make the right recommendations.”

The Kurodas were also very satisfied with the installation process.

“I was impressed with the installer. He was on time, really knowledgeable, taped off the area – I thought he did a really good job,” Gregg said. “It looked amazing when he was done.”

The Kurodas love their new front door and others have noticed the difference.

“People comment on how it looks,” Gregg said. Gregg mentioned that his dad – who had replaced his own door using a big box retailer – was blown away when he saw this door.

“He looked at it and said, ‘WOW – now that’s a door!’”

“My wife still talks about it, too – she still comments how nice it is,” Gregg said. “We’re very happy with it.”

In fact, Gregg joked that it might cost them a lot more money.

“The door is so nice I feel like maybe we need to upgrade everything else on the house to match it!” Gregg said.

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