Our Jet Tila Case Study

Case Study: Jet & Ali Tila

The door was in bad shape. It was sad. I heard It crying at night…now it’s going to make everyone jealous!

Jet And Ali Tila Hired Today’s Entry Doors
To Completely Transform Their Home’s Facade

In this case study, we’re going to look at a project we did for American celebrity chef Jet Tila (Tilakamonkul) and his wife, Ali. They’re friendly, down-to-earth people who hadn’t decided to tackle their front door for a long while…until we reached out to Jet on social media and offered our services.

Here’s their testimonial video:

Our founder/owner’s son and entry door expert, Garrett, was at home one night watching the Food Network. He happened to see a segment of the couple at their L.A. home and noticed their front door was a wretch, an old beaten-up wooden door punished and faded by the sun. This shocked him because he assumed really successful people like them would be sporting high-end custom doors, not shabby busted old doors. “We feel like the front, like the facade, looks good, but we knew the door needed a lot of help.”

Ali Tila

“It was sad. I heard it crying at night.”

He reached out to them using our company’s Instagram Account and offered to take their doorway to the next level…so the next time a show visited their home and approached the front door, it would give homage to the brilliant family inside.

Well, they did some homework on us, read through a bunch of our reviews, took a bit to browse our Entry Door Galleries, and got back! They decided to meet with us and discuss some options. Not for their current L.A. house at the time but for the new home they’d soon be buying in a safer, more secure neighborhood.

Here’s what the door we replaced looked like.

Jet Tila

“You know, I come from the restaurant industry, and we call the first thing you see the ‘Entrance Statement.’ And it sets the tone for your entire experience. For me, the door is the entrance statement.”

We sent our Mobile Showroom to help conveniently explore what kind of entrance statement they wanted for their home without them having to leave the front yard.

Jet Tila

“One thing that sets Today’s Entry Doors completely apart, the differentiator, is their mobile showroom.”

Ali Tila
“That was my favorite thing because I didn’t have to go anywhere. I didn’t have to trek across town to go to some showroom. I could just hop in the mobile showroom. And then we could look, touch everything, see the catalogs, and actually get a feel for what the doors would be like.”

Undoubtedly, our mobile showroom has always been a hit, and it continues to be one of the most convenient ways to explore The Very Best Doors without having to leave home.

Something unique about their entryway was the size — a massive 12-feet wide, 8-feet tall space bursting with potential. And while Garrett and Jet made initial choices together focused on safety and substantial presence, Ali took things in a different direction!

  • Ali wanted something more modern, rather than traditional, with a lot of special glass.
  • Double doors were a must-have.
  • We shrank the side glass to add more privacy…and make the doors even BIGGER.
  • The design called for stout hefty doors and a system that together weighed a ton.

Jet Tila

“Garrett suggested we maximize the space available, so we reduced the sidelites, and we went with two double 42-inch doors, and that really created that grand-entrance appearance.”

“Right off the bat, the Jeld-Wen Aurora Series fiberglass really seemed like the right option. We wanted something that not only felt like wood and had plenty of heft but something that looked like wood too.”

Here’s a screenshot from their testimonial video showing a basic diagram.

Being a custom design, we chose a Jeld-Wen model, then got it precision manufactured and shipped to our warehouse with all the polished specifics and details.
Was it pricey? Yes indeed. But that was fine as long as they got ‘the Rolls Royce of entry doors’ Jet wanted.

Jet Tila

“Throughout the entire ordering process, this company really cares about making sure customers feel taken care of. We were constantly in contact. I mean, now we’re like best buds. They never leave you in the dark.”

A good percentage of our installations are done by one of our specialists, but right away, we knew this would take two, if not three, people. And, since it was Jet Tila we’re talking about, our owner Larry had to help!

We’re not general ‘exterior remodelers.’ We don’t do kitchens. We don’t do bathrooms either. The ONLY niche service we provide is custom-designing and installing entry door systems for folks in and around Orange County. We’re specialists with a Proven Process.

Ali Tila
“It’s nice to have that sense of building a relationship with somebody who’s coming and working on your home, putting as much care into it as you do yourself. So, that’s the kind of experience we’ve had with Today’s Entry Doors. It’s just been phenomenal.”

We had a blast too. Jet Tila may be a big shot and a gifted celebrity, but he’s a genuinely down-to-earth guy. His wife, Ali, is an enigmatic, charming lady and gracious host. They live rather far from our place and outside our regular Service Areas, but we made the 2-hour drive and finished the installation on a sunny Saturday.

Here’s how it turned out:

Jet Tila

“Just look at that thing. It looks like a commercial door. I’ve worked in hotels, I’ve built restaurants, umm, and that thing is solid. It’s beautiful. And it’s going to make everybody jealous.”

A real treat (Ali made cookies!). We were delighted to have Jet and Ali around during the installation, which took about 7 hours. They were curious about each step and didn’t think the process would be so complex.

It’s common for folks to underestimate the fact that when you get a new entry door system through us..it’s a full SYSTEM. That includes all components: the frame, doors, threshold, hardware, side jam, trim, molding, everything. What you end up with is essentially a stunning new part of the house.

“When I see the finished door, it blows me away. It absolutely exceeds my expectations. It’s amazing. I no longer have door envy anymore!” – Ali Tila

Are you interested in making a new entrance statement? Would you like to get a ‘no sales pressure’ quote on a gorgeous new entry door in Orange County or a surrounding community? Reach out to us for a free consultation!

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