Installing A SIXTH Entry Door For ONE Family

The Brandom Family Are Some Of Our Favorite Entry Door Customers. They Love Our Doors, And We Love Installing Them.

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we truly believe no other company like ours cares as much for its customers as we do.

No way.

Although there are VERY few companies in the country exactly like ours, as niche and as focused — we ONLY work with specialized fiberglass entry doors from a small select number of superior manufacturers.

We may not be a huge company, but we make no qualms about the fact that at every company meeting… and always top-of-mind is this question:

“How can we make our process even better for our customers?”

And over the last 30+ years, this has helped us perfect our process to the point where it’s so effective and convenient our return customers tell us they don’t think twice.

An easy example is the Brandom Family. Over the last decade or more, they’ve worked with us to install four entry doors on two different homes, then another two entry doors after that.

Roughly every two years, they come back to us for more.


“Our home is big and has several entry doors. There were different things we needed and some special touches with door handles that we wanted, and they worked with us on it all.”

Value: The custom entry doors we install for our Orange County, CA customers are of the highest quality and deliver the real ‘Wow!’ factor homeowners need. You’re going to get all the value you expect and then some.

Process: Every step of the way, you know exactly what to expect. We don’t like unpleasant surprises any more than you do. We don’t like abrupt change. We like clear, consistent, reliable results.

Improvement: While we continue to keep the same high standards across the board, every two years when they consult with us again, we’ve gotten better than the last time around.

“In all 4 cases, it was the same installer. I remembered him, he remembered me – it was nice and friendly. He really knows what he’s doing and works efficiently.”

Are we seeing somewhat longer lead times thanks to the unprecedented events stemming from 2020? Yes.

Are we seeing some inflation in materials costs as well? Yes, and we don’t think it will be 100% ‘transitory’ as the powers that be would suggest.

But when the time comes to get that gorgeous, custom, signature-you entry door for your home, there’s no better team to call than ours.

“Over the years, you get a lot of contractors to do things with your home and sometimes you end up feeling like you made a mistake in who you chose. We never felt that way choosing Today’s Entry Doors.”

How many more entry doors will the Brandom’s need before they’re done? No one knows, but we’re happy and thrilled to be their go-to. And if you’d like to learn more about our process and why we get so many return customers, feel free to browse more of our Entry Door Case Studies. Thanks so much for your time today.

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