How We’re Improving Our Website For You.

Here Are Some Of The Ways We’re Improving Your Entry Door Research & Buying Experience

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we love transparency.

We’re fans of being completely honest with all the homeowners we’re blessed enough to work with, creating absolutely beautiful custom entry doors like no one else has seen.

Because of this, we don’t rely on conventional advertising.

Instead, we rely on two core assets we’ve put together on our own and optimized over the years, with the help of other professionals.

  1. Our Mobile Entry Door Showroom, which is a one-of-a-kind creation of our management. They ALWAYS have our customers in mind and wanted to build a new more convenient way to help people shop for premium entry doors while also getting professional consultations right at their homes.
  2. Our website. The newest version has been incredible and has become a real hit for very specific reasons.

We rely on 100% organic leads based on good information, high-quality content, our tons of photos and Entry Door Galleries, and personable blogs like this one.

Because we don’t want to be involved in conventional advertising, we’ve had to turn to web-based companies to help get our name out there.

In the last year, we actually switched gears and picked a new web company to keep things fresh.

Why, and what do we want you to know about them?

Their method of improving our bottom line is by giving you a chance to get to know us better through a better website experience… to see into who we are, and what really drives us. Not just as a ‘company,’ but a group of driven, talented individuals working together to provide a great service in our local Orange County, CA community.

They care about what you care about.

Our Company Identity: When you decide to invest serious capital into your home, whether it’s a new custom entry door system, new roofing, or a new kitchen & bathroom, you want to TRUST and KNOW your contractor. You want to clearly understand what makes them unique, what makes them shine, and what makes them the best choice for you and your project. Right?

Our Company’s Core Values: Knowledge. Service. Integrity. Excellence. These are the cornerstones of our philosophy. We do the right things, in the right way, for the right reasons, for the right people. This approach has served us well and kept us thriving through some pretty rough times (read more about our Core Values).

Some great places to turn on our new website also includes updated resources like:

  • Our genuine Case Studies with lots of Before & After photos.
  • Our Explore Doors section which easily helps you navigate around by Size, Style, and Brand.
  • Our Reviews Page that helps you see what people are saying about us on different platforms.

Or, you can always just pick up the phone and give us a call. We always pick up our phone, and everyone who works for our company is a full-fledged, no-holds-barred, door scientist (as we like to call it). Thanks again for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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