How To Weather Strip Your Doors

Weather Stripping Is A Great Way To Keep Your Heating And Cooling Costs Down. Here’s How To Do It!

As temperatures drop, you may begin to hear people talk about weather stripping, especially weather stripping their front doors. Weather stripping is a way to help insulate your home and prevent heat loss during the coldest months of the year. It can be very effective as winter begins to set in, but first you have to know how to do it. In today’s blog, let’s discuss how to weather strip a door.

Where To Find Weather Stripping

You can find most weather stripping at a local hardware store. It can come in the form of wrapped foam wood, wrapped foam metal, or vinyl bulb metal. The vinyl and foam are designed to be insulating and durable, helping to keep heat from escaping your home. Weather stripping is typically screwed into the door frame, and metal weather stripping comes with holes for the screws rather than having to drill through the metal.

Before Weather Stripping

Before you begin weather stripping, make sure you tighten the hinges of your door. It may be that after doing so you find that you don’t need to use weather stripping after all, and that the draft was coming from loose hinges. You’ll also want to measure your door jambs carefully so that you find the right size when it comes to weather stripping. Too large and it will be a waste; too small, and you’ll likely still experience drafts.Then you’ll want to cut the weather stripping you purchased to fit the door jambs exactly.

Weather Stripping the Door

Now that you’ve got the right weather stripping and you’ve done all the prep work, you can install the weather stripping. First take the shorter strip cut for the top jamb. With the door closed, nail the weather stripping to the top of the door frame with the foam facing inward. Do not drive the nails all the way in, just nail it enough that it doesn’t fall. Then do the same with the sides. Once all the weather stripping is installed, you can open and close the door to make sure the weather stripping is the right fit. If so, feel free to finish nailing it in.

Weather stripping can be a big help when it comes to insulating your home for the winter, but so can having the right door. That’s why we offer fiberglass entry doors, the most energy efficient doors on the market. Contact Today’s Entry Doors today to learn more or to order your own fiberglass entry door.

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