How To Ensure Doors With Windows Are Safe

Windows Let In Light And Can Make Your Entry Door More Beautiful, But They Can Come With Added Security Risks. Here Are A Few Of Our Security Tips.

Installing an entry door with a window can create a beautiful effect, and it can even make your doorway more energy efficient. But installing a door with a window brings about concerns, too, especially when it comes to home security. Even if your door is sturdy, the window could be smashed, making it easier for home invaders to open your door.

So how do you find the balance? You want your entry door to look beautiful and you want to enjoy the natural lighting of the window, but you also want to be able to sleep at night confident that you’re safe from home invasion. Fortunately, there are steps you can take when it comes to making doors with windows safe.

An Alarm System

It’s great to have a secure door, but even the sturdiest door could be fallible if a home invader tries hard enough. That’s why it’s a good idea to reinforce your home security with an alarm system. The alarm will go off when your home is broken into, often causing any potential home invaders to run, anyway. Some alarm systems will also alert the authorities so that within a few minutes, someone will be at your home to file a report and make sure that everyone is safe. You can also have security cameras or motion sensors installed.

A Stronger (or Smarter) Deadbolt

The main concern when it comes to doors with windows is that a thief could break the window and then reach in and unlock the door or deadbolt. However, deadbolts are no longer what they used to be. You can opt for a double-cylinder deadbolt, one that still requires a key in order to unlock the door from the inside. This kind of deadbolt is not allowed in many residential areas, however, as it also adds another step for homeowners trying to get outside in case of an emergency.

Alternatively, you can even purchase a smart deadbolt. Smart deadbolts may have identifying measures in order to make sure someone approved is attempting to get in the door. They also have sensors that pick up on disturbances like broken windows in order to notify you.

A Hardier Glass

Yes, glass is easier to break than, say, fiberglass. But you can fortify your entry door window by opting for thicker glass that’s harder to break upon impact. Double-pane glass with argon gas — a nontoxic and odorless gas — is thicker than single pane glass. Tempered glass is chemically designed to be stronger than standard glass and can be a good option here, as well. In fact, many entry door windows are made with thicker glass so that they can create intricately designed effects, such as beveling. This will help to deter home invaders from attempting to break down your entry door window.

Metal Grilles or Window Bars

You can also reinforce your windows with metal. Metal grilles can provide a nice stylistic effect while simultaneously bolstering the strength of the windows and making them harder to break. You can also install metal bars around the window. This may sound bleak, but metal bars these days can be designed in a number of pleasing styles so you can find something that looks great while protecting your home. This will even allow light to continue to filter through your windows, so it makes for a great option if you’re worried about security.

Window Film

There’s even window film that can be adhered to your windows and can make for a stronger effect. This is adhered to the interior of the window and helps to reinforce it by using multiple layers of polyester. The good news is you’ll still be able to see through your window even with window film. However, if you want something out of the ordinary, you can install decorative window film to create a stylized effect with your entry door window. This can help to boost the privacy in your home, as well, while still letting light through. But be aware some window films will void your new door glass warranty.

A Higher Window

If all else fails, you might consider having a door with a window positioned high on the surface. This allows light to flow into the entryway, but even with the window broken, home invaders likely won’t be able to reach the lock or deadbolt and open your door. Fortunately, this is a popular option for entry door security, so you can find entry doors in a number of styles with windows placed towards the top. This can come in styles ranging from classic to modern, can make a great impression on your friends, family, and neighbors.

No Window

Finally, if you’re still concerned about the security of having a window built into your entry door, you can opt to go without a window. There are many entry doors that make a stately impression without a window. You may be able to install windows elsewhere in your entryway, further away from the door, in order to allow more light into the space. This may not be the solution for everyone, but if it is, Today’s Entry Doors can certainly help you find a stunning and secure fiberglass door that suits your style without a window.

Need help to make your entry doors, with windows or not, more secure? Today’s Entry Doors has over 30 years of experience selling and installing fiberglass entry doors. We’re happy to help you find the door that not only suits your style but makes you and your family feel safe and secure. Contact us today for more information or to get started by scheduling a free consultation.

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