How To Add Privacy To Your New Replacement Entry Door

You Can Let In Light And Still Have Privacy With These Design Options

Adding Privacy To Your New Entry Door

Are you getting ready to replace your entry doors, and you’ve got your heart set on sporting plenty of gorgeous glass?

That’s exciting!

Wondering how to add privacy to glass doors?

Door Glass Privacy Scale
First of all, no one blames you, because glass and entry doors go together like Paint & Picasso.

Key Takeaways

  • Working with your installer, manufacturers have made it extremely easy to add both beauty and privacy to your entry doors through textured, obscured, and decorative glass options.
  • Each major manufacturer has its own styles and aesthetic possibilities — i.e., a decorative glass of all kinds.
  • As a homeowner, you must balance the need for aesthetics with energy efficiency ratings and your desire for ‘natural’ light. The more you demand from your glass, the more it costs to manufacture.

We at Today’s Entry Doors work with three of America’s most popular, innovative, and trusted manufacturers: Therma-Tru, Jeld-Wen, and Masonite. As you browse their catalogs, you’ll notice all glass options are rated from 1-10 in terms of privacy or obscurity level.

This is an extremely helpful scale, but you’ll need to take some time and look at different door examples to get an idea of what’s what.

Let’s walk through the basics, step by step, using our own manufacturers as examples.


We’ll begin with their Reeded Glass, which comes in at a 7 on the privacy scale.

Now let’s look at a 10 on the scale. They call this Chord class, which is a vertical pattern that resembles waves on water.

“Refined, transitional style. The clean lines of Reeded glass bring a modern look to the home, featuring a vertical, linear texture. Reeded glass provides ample natural light while maintaining moderate privacy.”

Example of the difference between reeded and clear glass for door privacy

Notice how the core elements behind the door are still visible but heavily blurred. And keep in mind, this is one of hundreds of styles. To see how it looks on a door, this fir grain door is from their Classic Craft Visionary Collection.

Example of Glass Door Privacy in Classic Craft Visionary Collection in Fir Grain Door

Not a big fan of the fir grain? Each manufacturer will have a wide variety of options. Check out the core foundation of their mahogany options. All the glass you see can be customized to suit your privacy needs.

Classic Craft Mahogany Grain Doors With Privacy Glass
Now let’s look at a 10 on the scale. They call this Chord class, which is a vertical pattern that resembles waves on water.
Chord Privacy Glass
Pretty drastic difference, right? You would be able to see movement behind the glass, but it’s impossible to make anything out. Here’s what it might look like in basic entry door slabs; from their Mahogany collection:

Classic Craft Founders Collection in Mahogany Grain With Privacy Glass

If you need design in your glass, not to worry, there are more decorative glass options with high levels of privacy than anyone is capable of imagining! This is why our product specialists are so helpful during initial in-home consultations.

Endless Decorative Glass Options

Rather than bombard you with 100 options, here are twelve to get your creative juices flowing. These are rated from highest privacy rating (Augustine) to lowest in the picture (Crystalline) left to right.

Different Examples of Therma Tru Privacy Glass

No wonder it’s so common for homeowners in your position to get sidetracked in your research by all the stunning pictures! Here’s another one from our own Entry Door Galleries to demonstrate the impressive presence of decorative high-privacy entry door glass:

An Example of aDecorative Glass High Privacy Entry Door
Now let’s take a peek at the kinds of options you can visually swim through with our second manufacturer, Jeld-Wen.


Whether you’re interested in their textured and decorative glass selections…

Example of different Jeld Wen Privacy Glass Finishes
Different Decorative Glass Options for Privacy

Or their unique decorative grille options, you’re certainly going to end up with a distinctive, high-quality entry door.

Here are just three examples from the Aurora line to see the extent of the workmanship.

Examples of decorative privacy doors by Jeld Wen
(Screenshot from Jeld-wen Aurora full-line catalogue)

“Our decorative grille door and coordinating sidelight designs infuse any entry with a unique sense of elegance.Each of these doors features a single lite with a decorative grille. A range of grille designs is available to suit various architectural styles, and they’re available in the Knotty Alder or Mahogany woodgrain finish or paint
color you choose.”

Just look at how luxurious you can make your home’s new entryway!

At Today’s Entry Doors, we’re able to help Orange County, CA homeowners get exclusive options from our manufacturers that aren’t possible through retail outlets. We can also help you create a completely custom entry door as well.

By now you get the idea: adding privacy to your new replacement doors is easy. The only challenging part is deciding on EXACTLY what kind of glass you want most.

Masonry Door Textured Glass Options and Their Privacy Ratings

“Bring natural light indoors without sacrificing privacy with these modern textured glass designs. The continuous textured pattern provides an understated, elegant look to any front door with glass.”

Wrapping Up: Chat With Entry Door Specialists In Your Area

Hopefully, now you have a much broader perspective on how to add privacy to glass doors.
Sure, it’s easy. But with so many choices and manufacturers, each one with different benefits and styles… the best thing you can do is speak with entry door specialists.

Here in the Orange County, CA area that’s Today’s Entry Doors. Give us a call whenever you’re ready. We’re happy to provide Free Quotes & Free Consultations so you get the absolute best option possible. Thanks for your time. get outstanding finishes.

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