How Our Employee Achieved The American Dream

Not Everyone Gets The American Dream…But We Watched One Of Our Hard-Working Employees Achieve It!

At Today’s Entry Doors, we’re committed to two goals:

  1. Serving our community with distinction as entry door specialists.
  2. Being the kind of company good people want to work for.

Like many companies in the Orange County, CA area… we’re a family of families.

We treat our crews and our installers well because livelihoods and our overall company reputation depend on them.

After 32+ years in business, we know everything revolves around your people.

So, we promote a positive ‘People First’ company culture.

We inspire. We innovate. We reward hard work.

And, when we can, we support one another in more extraordinary ways.

Like This One Time, We Helped A Man From Across The Sea

Here in Orange County, CA, the immigration issue is a big one.

But for us, we don’t care where you’re from. While we absolutely follow every letter of the law and demand excellence, we also care about attitude. You could be a Michaelangelo of entry doors; the Einstein of door science…but if you’re a bad apple, well, you’re not made for our blend of apple juice.

That said, we’ve got great employees.

A diverse crowd.

One of them, who we’ll call Bob, actually came to America on a Green Card from Sri Lanka. He has since moved on to a different career, but we’d like to share a little of his story with you.

Don’t worry; most of us had no idea where he was from when he first told us either.

Here’s a map:

Map with red arrows pointing to Sri Lanka

It’s that small island few Americans are aware of (no offense), just off the southern tip of India.

Sri Lanka has a little over 21 million population, but you could easily fit the entire area inside Washington State.


That said, here are a few things you should know about Bob:

  • This man truly dreamed of becoming an American.
  • The goal? To build a better life for himself and his family. To steer their own path.
  • For Bob, to become an American and enjoy the rights and freedoms that come with it…was TRULY…amazing. Not hype. Not fast food and football (although he’s a big Raiders fan). Not the Hollywood version (big movie nerd too). But the America enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights.
  • He worked hard for us. He worked honestly. He worked with an every-detail-matters attitude. He was a great example of the American Spirit gritting its teeth and striving to live life on its terms, rather than terms imposed upon it.

Such a great guy to have on our team.

When we heard that he finally qualified to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization, we supported him 100%. You bet.

Today’s Entry Doors is a locally-owned and family-run company that values our freedoms and hard-working people. It’s important.

Thanks for your time.

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