Can Fiberglass Doors Increase Home Value?

You Might Be Surprised How Much Difference Your Fiberglass Doors Can Make, When It Comes To Home Value.

Here in Orange County, CA, homeowners are as interested as ever in replacing their old, outdated, and drab entry doors.

What’s a major driving force?

“Because it’s still the ‘biggest bang for your remodeling buck’ choice!”

Did you know that select steel entry doors have seen over 100% ROI in recent years? Of course we need to take this with a grain of salt, because in many circumstances they don’t return any more than fiberglass. It really depends on your geographic location.

That means some homeowners are actually getting paid to install these rare, high-end, expensive, and cumbersome steel entry doors. There are few options when it comes to steel.

So why isn’t Orange County absolutely covered with steel?

And why do we here at Today’s Entry Doors instead choose to install ONLY premium fiberglass?

Because in reality, those 100%+ ROI numbers are only in very specific circumstances.

Aside from the fact steel entry doors aren’t appropriate for many entryways (especially around all our lovely ocean air), here are four other core reasons we can nab from our ‘Fiberglass vs. Steel Doors — Pros & Cons’ article.

  • Fewer Style Options: If your home has a strong industrial look, then steel might fit in perfectly. But, for most modern homes, these doors lack the magnificent aesthetic elegance and range of options you need. Not matching your home is the #1 mistake you can make with new entry doors!
  • Damage Potential: Rust can be an issue in the OC with steel doors. And, unlike fiberglass, they can be scratched and dented. Paint also doesn’t tend to bond well.
  • Difficult Repairs: Under the right circumstances, steel entry doors are extremely low maintenance. However, if for some reason you need to repair one… it’s going to be expensive!
  • Lower Energy Efficiency: Steel gets cold in the winter months and isn’t the best insulator. While they have similar R-values, fiberglass is going to outperform when it comes to energy efficiency in most cases.

So, what’s the ROI you can look forward to with a quality fiberglass entry door?

Roughly 75% – According to the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report and Remodeling Magazine.

Compared to that monster 100%+, maybe that doesn’t feel too large. Keep in mind though; this is about the same for window replacement and within the range of many other home improvement projects.

So let’s say you invest in a brand new, beautiful, and energy-efficient fiberglass entry door. We’ll put the cost at an even $6,000. That would mean $4,500 is added directly to your home’s value.

Not too shabby!

Let’s not forget about the other benefits mentioned in the Remodeling Impact Report.

  • The majority of people who invested in fiberglass entry doors they talked to (79%), said they felt a greater desire to come home afterward. And when they do, seeing their gorgeous new entry door is a delight!


42 inch wrought iron rustic doors

  • They also feel a greater sense of enjoyment indoors (67%), as though the house is MORE of a home with a high-security, high-quality, and stylish entryway.

rustic, jeld wen, fiberglass entry door


  • Another 69% of respondents said they felt a “major sense of accomplishment” whenever they think about the project.

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we feel that sense of accomplishment 100% of the time, and so do our customers. Each of our projects is interesting, artistic, detail-orientated, high-value, and driven by our ‘People First, Always!’ approach.

To summarize, the eight major reasons our fiberglass entry doors have such competitive ROI in terms of adding home value are:

Big Benefit # 1: Superior Moisture Resistance

Big Benefit # 2: Outstanding Energy Efficiency

Big Benefit # 3: Stronger, More Durable Than Wood

Big Benefit # 4: No Chance Of Rusting Or Denting Like Steel

Big Benefit # 5: Incredible Durability — Lasts Longer

Big Benefit # 6: Not Susceptible To Insects & Critters

Big Benefit # 7: Very Low Maintenance Requirements

Big Benefit # 8: Absolutely Gorgeous Styles

Wrapping Up: Fiberglass Entry Doors Add Up To 75%+ ROI Value To Your OC Home

When you deal with Today’s Entry Doors, 75% is just a starting point. Frankly, once we begin talking about custom fiberglass entry doors (we’re the only company in Orange County that can do this for you), there’s really nothing we can’t do.

To find out more. To have all your questions answered. To have your concerns addressed by real door scientists…Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We’d love to stop by in our extensive Mobile Showroom for a fun, informative visit!

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