How Much Does It Cost To Replace French Doors?

Turns Out, The Cost Of Replacing French Doors Can Vary DRAMATICALLY. Like Anything Else, It Comes Down To Materials, Brands, And Customization.

What’s It Cost To Replace French Doors?

Hello, you must be getting ready to replace a set of french doors in your home. How exciting! The updated look is going to be fabulous.

Today you’re wondering what the numbers might look like. Perhaps this is your first time replacing doors in your home?

No matter what the circumstances, here’s the bottom line:

Costs For Replacement French Doors

$1,200 – $10,000

Why such a wide berth? Because there’s such a wide range of quality out there for you to choose from. And, we really just don’t know the scope and particulars.

Completely custom, world-class french doors with new framing systems get pricey! Then on the low end, you can pick up something quick and easy for absurdly cheap from a big box store.

In this article, let’s talk about the basics to help you pinpoint where your goals put you in that spread.

What Are French Doors?

  • Simply put: they are doors that are typically made mostly of glass. This is why they’re also referred to as French windows. French architects refer to the style as porte-fenêtre (“window door”), originating in the 17th Century.
  • They’re designed to separate two conjoined spaces and can be both interior or exterior doors. So, for example, adding a beautiful french door between a dining room and kitchen, or as an elegant entryway between a master bedroom and an outdoor living area.
  • The American version is none other than the sliding glass door, or patio door.

Major Variables Impacting The Cost To Replace French Doors

The Contractor You Work With

Unless you plan on handling literally every detail in the process — choosing the manufacturer, contacting them, making customization, getting it ordered, removing the old doors, and installing the new ones — the contractor you choose will play a tremendous role in costs.

Not just upfront sticker pricing, but in terms of the overall return on that investment (ROI) in increased home value and livability. The last thing you want to deal with is installer errors involving a set of new first-class French doors.

The Type Of French Doors You Choose

Will your french door be in-swing or out-swing? Let’s look at a couple of examples from our Door Galleries. We’ve got hundreds of photos of beautiful exterior doors we’ve installed for homeowners in the Orange County, CA area.

This first one is a double side-entry door, a 10-Lite SDL with clear glass. The skin is smooth, with a rich factory painted white. We installed this in Arcadia.

fiberglass double side entry door by today's entry doors

This second example is another double entry door or exterior french doors with clear glass. While the photo was taken in the afternoon, the color is a factory painted Extra White. The ProVia DuraGuard screens were an extra feature for this homeowner in Brea.

therma tru fiberglass entry door

The Type Of Glass You Choose

There’s really no set-in-stone way in which the window grid must be laid out. Maybe you want 18 panes per door for a total of 36 with high-privacy glass, or maybe you want half that much and completely clear? Maybe you only want two large sections of double-pane glass. Triple pane?

This is a matter of preference (and budgeting). You’ve got a wide range of configurations to choose from. There are other concerns as well, like security. If your french doors lead to the backyard directly from your bedroom, do you really want roughly 80% of the door to be cheap, single-pane glass? What kind of framing and locking system will be in place?

The Material The Door Is Made Of

Will you have an impenetrable set of iron doors? How about all-natural wood? Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we specialize in premium fiberglass doors. The materials you choose are going to be responsible for the brunt of the cost.

Core components to consider include:

  • The Overall Framing System
  • The Hardware Options
  • The Main Door Slabs
  • The Glass: Single, Double, Triple, Privacy, etc.
  • Weatherstripping
  • Coloring: Factory Paint or Stain

The Size Of The Door – Scope Of Project

There isn’t really a standard size for french doors. Some are really just conventional Side Entry Doors, while others are extensive, wide, and custom-sized doors that lead to a backyard porch or patio.

Will the contractor need to simply hang the new doors, or will they be removing your old doors and re-installing a completely new framing system?

Wrapping Up: It’s Either Big Box Or Professionals

If you want a really cheap set of French doors, that’s easy. But if you want something special and custom, with lots of unique features like privacy glass and screening, or triple-pane glass and extra security features, costs can go up, up, up!

What matters to you is getting the most value for your investment. That’s where professionals can really help. Speaking of which, if you’re in the Orange County area of California and you’ve got questions about exquisite fiberglass french doors (exterior only), don’t hesitate to Contact Today’s Entry Doors. Thanks for your time.

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