The Top Entry Door Accessories

Why All The Little Details Matter, When It Comes To Your Entry Door

Your entry door is made up of more than a large slab of stylish wood — or, in the case of Today’s Entry Doors, fiberglass. Just as essential are the little pieces that hold it together or add function, beauty, and security to it. Your entry door accessories are no trivial purchases. What kind of accessories and hardware do you need for your entry door? Here we’ll break down some of the options:

3.5 Door Hinge


Your hinges are literally what holds the door together. Hinges determine whether it’s an inswing or outswing door. When it comes to exterior entry doors, inswing doors tend to be what’s seen most prevalently. However, outswing doors are harder to kick in, as well as more airtight than inswing entry doors. Your hinges might come in silver, bronze, gold, or even a painted color.
Entry Door Handle & Lock Set

Handles and Locks

Do you want to turn a soft, round knob when you open your door or do you want something with a more convenient, elongated handle? What kind of security are you looking for when it comes to locking systems? Do you want deadbolts? These are all important questions when it comes to your entry door. Your handles and locks determine how you will be able to use your door, and how you can protect it from intruders.

Bells and Knockers

With the invention of doorbells that can ring at the touch of one finger, door knockers can seem obsolete. Many homeowners, however, prefer them for stylistic purposes. A classic ornate door knocker or something modern and funky can add character to your door. Others also don’t enjoy the sound of the doorbell. On the other hand, some homeowners prefer the simplicity of a doorbell.

Glass Inserts

Glass inserts add style to your door as well as shedding light on your entryway. The glass is often decorative, with beveled edges and customizations based on the client’s personal style. Glass inserts aren’t a necessity when it comes to your entry door, but many homeowners prefer it for the elegance and lighting that comes with it. Glass inserts can come in all shapes and sizes, some taking up most of the structure of the door, while others offer only a small window.

Know what you want to decorate your entry door? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information or to get started ordering the right entry door for you.

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