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Case Study: Michael & Denise Greene

‘We saw their installer vacuuming wood chips off our lawn and knew we were getting impeccable service.’

The Greene’s Say The Today’s Entry Doors Process Is
One-Of-A-Kind Unique & Worth Every Penny.

When Michael and Denise Greene decided the time had come to invest in a new custom entry door for their beautiful home, their journey started where many others start: an online search.“We just hopped online and looked for entry door providers in the Huntington Beach area,” Michael said.

“And as soon as we landed on the Today’s Entry Doors website, we knew right away we were dealing with a very legitimate company who’d invested in a quality online experience for their customers.”

They took the time to look through a few of our galleries, read a handful of customer testimonials and case studies like this one… but what really sealed the deal was the prospect of being visited by our Mobile Showroom.

Homeowners appreciate how functional and educational our website is. You can spend a half-hour browsing past project photos of entry doors. in our galleries, or easily explore different doors by size, style, and brand.

Because one thing you should know about the Greene’s is that over the last 20+ years in their home (it’s an older home), they’ve worked with a small army of different contractors of all kinds.

They know EXACTLY what the usual run-around can be like.

For them, the mobile showroom from Today’s Entry Doors was a huge no-brainer.

“The mobile showroom is the ultimate solution when you’re shopping for an entry door.” Michael was eager to clarify. “You don’t have to leave your house, and with a catalog alone you can’t really see and feel the entry door selections. When a consultant comes to your home to go through catalog options with you, they typically aren’t bringing real-size examples.”

Instead, the Greenes were able to get ‘6 hours of work done in about 30 minutes’ right there at their home. Rather than the usual huge home improvement store experience, they got consultative advice without any hassle.

Michael and Denise were relieved to speak with an entry door specialist and appreciated the ability to go through the hands-on options one by one.

Our Mobile Showroom lets us bring everything to your home – a variety of actual full-size entry doors from select manufacturers in different styles, hardware samples, glass samples, and much more.

“We had no doubt we would go with Today’s Entry Doors ten minutes into the conversation,” Michael admitted.

That being said, the Greene’s next major concern was the workmanship.

And thanks to the many contractors Michael was used to working with on his home, he was able to ask a lot of questions to ensure Today’s Entry Doors would come through on all the high-praise and commitments to a professional installation.

“We knew installation is as important as the door itself. After my line of questioning though, I was confident they would deliver and that they most definitely weren’t using unskilled labor.” Michael told us.

Forget having to leave home, Michael and Denise were able to make their selection on the spot, right there in the mobile showroom. Contracts were signed, they made a 10% down payment, and the date was set.

What did they order? A gorgeous craftsman-style door from Therma-Tru with shaker-style panels, flush-glazed Rain glass, and a factory-painted Thunder grey finish.

We pride ourselves on absolutely flawless, world-class entry door installations. It’s why we ONLY do full-service, full-frame projects…so we can ensure everything is perfect.

Even though supply chain issues affecting the country made it take longer than usual for their custom order to arrive, expectations were properly managed every step of the way. Once we had the components we needed, the Greene’s got the call and installation day came.

“Listen, I’ve worked with probably 100 contractors on my home…and never…have I seen a contractor literally vacuuming wood chips and wood dust off my lawn to keep their worksite so clean!” Michael laughed.

Our installer was cutting a little trim in the front yard, and no, we aren’t going to leave a patch of wood shavings on anyone’s yard because we know these details matter.

“Sure enough, the installation was exceptional in terms of quality, attention to detail, and cleanliness.”

The end results are outstanding to Michael and Denise. Not only because of the aesthetic quality of their choice (they got their first curb-side compliments within a month) but the level of security the door features.

“It’s about as secure as you can get for an entry door on a house. Their deadbolt system and the way it’s secured makes it extremely difficult to break into.”

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