Garcia Family

The Garcia’s New Door “Gets A Ton Of Compliments”

When Marchelle and Melissa Garcia purchased a home, Marchelle had big plans to upgrade the front of the home that included ironwork, new landscaping – the works.

Then the Garcias saw what that would cost.

“We looked into it, and it was way too pricey” Marchelle said.

So they scaled back their ideas and decided that a new front door could make an impact.

“We decided that replacing front door would be a good start without breaking the bank,” Marchelle said.

The Garcia’s house was built in the 60’s and it didn’t look like the door had ever been replaced.

Melissa wanted a double Dutch door so the Garcias needed to find a door company that could help them with that. They were impressed by what read online about Today’s Entry Doors.

“I also looked at their Instagram page and was really impressed” Marchelle said.

The consultation appointment turned out to be exactly what the Garcias were hoping for.

“They were respectful, professional, and they answered all of our questions” Marchelle said.

The Garcias were particularly impressed by Today’s Entry Doors’ communication.

“They told us right at the beginning that the door could end up taking a while to get in depending on the manufacturer,” Marchelle said. “It did end up taking toward the long end of the range, but they were very good about keeping us informed.”

Installation day went without a hitch.

“Everything went great with the installation. They covered everything with plastic and were really fast and efficient,” Marchelle said. “They also went over everything with us and explained things about the installation process.”

The other thing that impressed the Garcias is that the installer cared about cleaning up after the project.

“He left it as clean, if not cleaner, than when he came” Marchelle said.

Once the door was installed, it settled a point between Melissa and Marchelle.

“She really wanted the Double Dutch door, and I wasn’t so sure,” Marchelle said. “Once I saw it installed, I totally agreed with her. It’s perfect, exactly what we envisioned.” He added, “we get a ton of compliments on it.”

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