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Today’s Entry Doors provides innovative Fiberglass Front Entry Door solutions in Santa Ana, CA.

With exceptional weather, unique nearby cultural attractions and access to a myriad of exciting recreational activities, residents of Santa Ana and surrounding areas enjoy some of the best recreational and entertainment amenities in the Golden State. Popular local attractions include the Santa Ana Zoo, Discovery Cube science center, and the Artist’s Village.

Founded in 1869, Santa Ana is a city rich in history and culture. Santa Ana’s most affluent and historical neighborhood, Floral Park, features over 600 beautiful vintage homes pristinely preserved from a bygone era. Many of these homes were built between the 1920’s and 1950’s and give the community a diverse range of unique and stylish architectural designs.

If you reside in Floral Park, then you know that one of the challenges of keeping up a vintage home is making sure any upgrades or repairs you do accurately preserve your home’s architectural style. At Today’s Entry Doors, our design team can help you find the perfect color, shape, size and style of front entry doors to best complement your home’s vintage style. No matter how unique the design challenge may be, we are confident we can match your home’s look with artistic precision. If you are in need of front entry doors in Floral Park, then we can help!

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We Offer A Mobile Showroom for Your Convenience

Would you like us to show up right at your front doors in Santa Ana and show you what’s possible? We’d love to! With our mobile show room, you can conveniently view a selection of entry doors without needing to even leave home. Our mobile showroom is one of our most popular ways to show homeowners what designs are possible for their homes. When we arrive, we will bring a wide selection of distinctive entryway designs to select from.

You may also enjoy our cutting edge virtual previewing software. This exclusive software will allow you to easily preview how any front door design idea will look on your Santa Ana home entryway before making any final decisions. Our mobile showroom is the most convenient and fun way available anywhere to choose new front doors for your home. At Today’s Entry Doors, we are proud to offer it to residents looking for distinctive new front doors in Santa Ana, Ca!

Entry Doors in Santa Ana. Dutch door with Sidelites

Only Incredibly Innovative Building Material

At Today’s Entry Doors, we know that homeowners seeking both distinctive style and premium quality will appreciate the design flexibility and durability of fiberglass entrances and doors. Unlike traditional wooden front doors, which over time sustain visible damage like cracking and fading, fiberglass is easily cleaned and resists peeling, scuffing and corrosion extremely well!

Just consider these advantages of fiberglass:

  • Provides an energy-efficient construction material
  • Retains color and resists fading far better than wood
  • Tough enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Maintains a crisp, pristine appearance with less maintenance
  • Requiring very little upkeep, fiberglass doors remain elegant all year around and hold for years against the Santa Ana climate.
  • Cleaning is simple. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth is often all that you will need to keep your doors looking like new.

Maximize Custom Features

What are some other reasons for upgraded to exclusive front entry doors in Santa Ana? One reason is the ability we at Today’s Entry Doors give you to custom tailor your front doors to your own unique individual preferences. Some of the finest custom built residences in Orange County now boast our selection of premium front doors and you can as well.

Here are some of our exclusive front door themes you can try out for your home:

  • Decorative
  • Rustic
  • Contemporary Craftsman
  • Classic
  • Dutch Contemporary

Our modern fiberglass entry doors offer numerous options. For example, you can select single or double doors, or add glass or non-glass bearing grille work around the perimeter. Please refer to our front door gallery to see many of our options.

Outstanding Customer Service for the Santa Ana Homeowner

Todays Entry Doors prizes consumer trust in our reputation and we will go above and beyond to ensure you have a fun and rewarding experience. Our products are backed up by generous factory Warranties, and, in addition, our promise to you is to furnish excellent customer service!

From the finalization of the order, through the installation process, we endeavor to deliver extraordinary value to you. Your installation will be a turnkey experience. Once you choose your design, we handle the rest…

  • Price includes entry door system, installation as well as the removal and disposal of your old front door.
  • Your new doors and grilles typically arrive from the factory ready for installation within three to six weeks
  • Your doors arrive 100% ready for installation and even include weather stripping attached.
  • We install new hinges and even new lock sets for you.


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In a city as rich in history as Santa Ana, choosing the perfect front entry doors for your home should be a fun and rewarding experience. You doors should reflect the personality, style, and history of your home. If you are ready for premium quality front entry doors in Santa Ana, then call us today for additional information about our attractive, energy-efficient fiberglass grilles and doors!