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There are many affordable ways to improve your home’s exterior, such as freshening the entryway by replacing the front doors. Irvine homeowners from Northwood to South Irvine, Turtle Rock to Woodbridge–and every community in between–can realize returns from such modest but effective improvements.

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One annual home-industry study confirms it. For several years, replacing the front entry door has topped its list of highest ROI improvements. Of all the upgrades studied, a new front door is the only one to return more than 90 percent of its original cost (nearly 97 percent, in fact!).

But perhaps as appealing as saving money is how beautifully a contemporary new door system rejuvenates the entire exterior, and how it restores the eye-pleasing aesthetic that conveys your unique creative style, while enhancing your home’s value.

Replacing your old door, hardware and glass with a fashionable, premium quality system from Today’s Entry Doors can be a fun, exciting and memorable experience!


Stylish Front Doors in Irvine, CA

Ready for a Replacement?

So, is the front door to your beautiful Irvine home ready to be replaced? The best way to know is to stand outside and give the old model the once-over:

  • Does it seem outdated or lack the fun, stylish look you and your loved ones want?
  • Is the front door design classy and distinctive? Or just plain and unremarkable, blending in with the neighbors’ doors instead of standing out?
  • Does it show all those years (or decades?) of wear and tear, such as embarrassing dings and cracks, or damage from sun and water? (If it’s made of wood, check closely for fading, warping and rot. They can creep in anytime, without you even knowing).
  • Can you feel a draft when standing inside? (Old, energy inefficient wood front doors can drive up annual energy costs).
  • What about security? Is the door in good enough repair to deter unwanted intruders? If you have glass, is it sturdy and resilient, positioned so that if smashed, burglars can’t easily get in?

True, it is a lot to think about. But if you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions,  your Irvine home’s front door system probably needs upgrading.

Why Fiberglass?

Like many California homeowners, when you think of front doors, you instinctively think of wood. That’s understandable, since wooden doors have been around for a long time.  What you may not realize is that, compared with fiberglass, wood is more susceptible to sun, moisture and weather damage, and as time goes on, can noticeably degrade.  Not good, no matter where in Irvine or southern California you live.

Also, depending on usage and climate, wood doors can make your home drafty, driving up energy bills and requiring additional maintenance.  And don’t even get us started on warranty!  Because with many wood door manufacturers, there are hidden, fine-print ‘gotchas’ that don’t come to light until it’s too late–meaning you may have little recourse when making a warranty claim.

Choice is Beautiful

All these reasons and others are why so many Irvine homeowners are relieved to have a choice in front door systems. A fashionable, premium-quality installation from Today’s Entry Doors outshines the old-school wooden variety in every key area you care about, including style, value and longevity. Plus, unlike with big box retailers, you don’t have to worry about getting the right fit or hassle with finding an installer.

Our “turnkey” fiberglass door solution means that your beautiful new selection comes with everything necessary to enhance and update your entryway–and then some–including:

  • An expert consultation and free design advice
  • Free disposal of your old front door and hardware
  • A clear and reasonable manufacturer’s warranty
  • Complimentary maintenance check-up one year after purchase
  • And, of course, a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Recent advances in fiberglass technology and manufacturing enable fiberglass front doors to mimic the extraordinary texture and luxurious appearance of real wood. Even the fine grain lines are virtually indistinguishable.

Free Design Consultation. Call or Click Today.

For customizing your home and expressing your creative side, few upgrades compare to rejuvenating your front door and entry. Replacing your old door, hardware and glass with a fashionable, premium quality system from Today’s Entry Doors can be a fun, exciting and memorable experience! Our expert design advice is free, so call today to schedule an in-home consultation.  And don’t forget to ask about our one-of-a-kind Mobile Front Door Showroom!

Irvine, CA Front Door FAQ

Do You Install Throughout Irvine?

Yes, Irvine and the surrounding area are part of our southern California service area. So no matter where in the city you live, a gorgeous new front door system in only a phone call away.  Just remember that we specialize in installing turnkey fiberglass models, not wooden doors that are more susceptible to sun, weather and pest damage.  Many before-and-after examples featured in our gallery come from homes in your city.

Is Your Facility Close to Me?

We are located less than 15 miles from most parts of Irvine, which means that on most days, it takes our design consultants and installers less than a half hour to get to your home.  If you live near the Spectrum or Great Park, we just jump on the 5 freeway. If you’re near the University or City Hall, the 405 would be our choice. People ask about our proximity to Irvine because they want prompt, responsive service when they’re ready for a consultation or purchase.  Being so close to our Irvine-area customers enables us to arrive promptly during the time-window promised, without unnecessary or unexpected delays.

Can You Install a Front Door at My Irvine-Based Company?

While we previously catered to different kinds of customers, Today’ Entry Doors is now focused exclusively on designing, installing and servicing residential fiberglass door systems.  This laser-like focus enables us to be the very best at what we do, which is providing homeowners in Irvine and other locales with elegant, world-class fiberglass front door installations that reflect every customer’s unique creativity and style.

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