Showdown: Fiberglass Doors & Wood Doors

Wood Looks Good, But It Is Just Not Practical When Compared To Fiberglass, When It Comes To Entry Doors.

The fiberglass versus wood comparison is inevitable. So, here are the key points to keep in mind when comparing fiberglass doors to wood.

Fiberglass Doors Are Moisture-Resistant

Fiberglass entry doors are a molded product with no seams or breaks in the outer coverings, so they are impervious to moisture.

Wood doors, on the other hand, are very moisture-sensitive and will swell, bow, peel, and disfigure with prolonged exposure to moisture. This includes rainwater, mist, the wind-driven winter/spring rains Orange County is known for, and humidity (a real concern in local coastal communities).

Saves Energy (5x Better than Wood Doors)

If you’re concerned about reducing your carbon footprint or impact on the environment, then fiberglass is the easy choice. If not, then perhaps you’d like to spend less on monthly utilities.

According to door industry research, fiberglass doors are five times more energy-efficient than wood doors. We don’t know too many Orange County homeowners who won’t find that appealing.

The bottom line with fiberglass vs. wood doors is that fiberglass offers better insulation for heat and cold and offers more efficient energy performance– a definite win-win for both you and for the environment.

According to door industry research, fiberglass doors are five times more energy-efficient than wood doors.

Stronger Than Wood (Will Not Crack, Splinter or Rot)

Fiberglass doors are highly ding-resistant, which is good news for families with kids or those whose homes are pummeled with debris by the Santa Ana winds. The unique combination of materials and design also make them stronger and more secure than most wooden doors.

Unfortunately, most wood entry door manufacturers don’t warranty their products for sun damage, which includes cracking, peeling and warping. Perhaps most frustrating is that owners who install wood entry doors have few options for protecting or recouping their investment when this costly problem occurs.

Needs Less Care

Everything in your home requires some maintenance in order to keep it looking beautiful and functioning optimally. This includes your front entry door, whether it’s made of wood or fiberglass.

Twenty-plus years of experience in the door sales and installation industry has taught us many things, including this about maintaining doors: wood requires significantly more time and attention than fiberglass. Obviously, you can’t expect any door, regardless of its construction, to endure constant abuse and poor treatment. However, with an ordinary amount of care, you can preserve your fiberglass entry door and its warranty for many years to come.

Fiberglass Doors Are a Better Investment

According to the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report Entry Door Replacement Gives a Return more than 90%.

To help both consumers and industry professionals know which home improvement project returned the most at resale, the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report was recently published, ranking popular home remodeling projects with best return on Investment at resale.

Entry Door Replacement has been one of the highest-ROI projects (as it has since 2009). With a payoff of 91.3% of the cost. The article says that low initial cost, combined with an increase in curb appeal–timeless benefits, even in an economic downturn–is probably the reason for entry doors consistently bring the most value at resale.

The study cites only steel doors, not fiberglass. But this is great news in disguise for Orange County homeowners. When all crucial factors are considered, including upfront costs, design, flexibility and long-term performance, fiberglass doors are an even better value than steel! Plus, they won’t dent, scratch or rust like steel can. Fiberglass insulates better, and often come with a warranty that’s competitive with or better than steel.

Fiberglass vs. Wood Doors: Pros and Cons

A fiberglass door from Today’s Entry Doors is a popular (and practical) alternative to wooden doors.

Unlike wood, fiberglass resists weather, lasts longer and, with our expert door-sealing and installation, can save up to five times more energy. In fact, a fiberglass entry door outperforms wood entry doors by virtually any measure.

For those who think about ROI, a fiberglass entry door provides a better cost-to-benefit ratio that ensures the highest returns on your entry door investment.

Fiberglass vs Wood Doors: Fiberglass Entry Door installed at Yorba Linda, CA home.

Wood entry doors may be the right choice for your Orange County home. But in an objective fiberglass vs. wood doors comparison the fiberglass model will prevail every time. For example:

Fiberglass Doors (Pros):

  • Resists sun and weather damage for many years
  • Won’t twist, peel, warp, crack or rot
  • Can feature a beautiful wood grain texture
  • Provides five times the insulation value of wood
  • Offers a very attractive warranty and satisfaction guarantee

Wood Entry Doors (Cons):

  • Are susceptible to sun and weather damage
  • Can twist, peel, warp, crack and rot
  • Require ongoing maintenance
  • Offer questionable energy efficiency
  • Often come with a less than desirable warranty

Wood Door Warranties (What They Don’t Want You to Know)

And speaking of warranties, here’s a dirty little secret that you may not be aware of: most wood door manufacturers require a substantial roof overhang before they’ll fully honor their warranties.

“Why?” you may ask.

Because, wood is simply more vulnerable to the elements.

Wood doors simply can’t withstand the exposure to sun, wind-blown rain or debris, or moisture like their fiberglass counterparts can.

Here’s an image showing how you should limit wood door exposure to qualify for the manufacturer’s limited warranty.

By comparison, fiberglass entry doors are much more durable and are resistant to denting, cracking, peeling, bowing, and warping from moisture, sun, and other elements.

Because of fiberglass’s inherently low-maintenance and proven durability, you are far more likely to get a fair and equitable fiberglass door manufacturer’s warranty than you would with a wood door.

The best way to protect yourself is to work with a trusted dealer like Today’s Entry Doors that enjoys positive, long-standing relationships with leading fiberglass door makers. We routinely help customers secure the most extensive and beneficial warranties possible.

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