The Definitive Guide to Fiberglass Entry Doors

Have you ever wondered: “What are Fiberglass Entry Doors?”
“How do they compare vs. wood?
“How much do they cost?


We will explain EXACTLY what a fiberglass front door is, and guide you STEP BY STEP on choosing one for your home.

Entry Door hardware - Double door handles

Here’s what you will learn in this guide:

What is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a strong lightweight composite material made with glass fiber. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio and good thermal (insulation) properties. The superior strength and insulation makes fiberglass a better alternative to wood or steel.

How are Fiberglass Entry Doors Made?

Fiberglass Entry Doors have 3 major components – The frame, core and skin.

Fiberglass vs Wood Doors: Fiberglass Entry Door installed at Yorba Linda, CA home.

The frame consists of Stiles (vertical members) and Rails (horizontal members).

The Stiles and Rails are made of moisture proof high strength composite material.

This means you’ll have no mold or mildew buildup.

Even better:

No worries about termites or wood rot.

The polyurethane core enhances the door’s sound proofing capabilities.

It also provides much better insulation compared to wood doors.

The exterior skin is constructed with high-impact compression molded fiberglass.

The tough skin will not splinter, dent, warp or rust.

Surfaces are easy to paint or stain.

They are also effortless to clean.


Let’s see why everyone is raving about fiberglass – and dumping their old wood doors.

Installing wood entry doors in Southern California can come with significant performance risks.

Fiberglass Doors Vs. Wood

Many homeowners are turning to trusted and proven fiberglass. A popular (and practical) alternative to wooden doors.

Unlike wood, fiberglass resists weather and lasts longer. With our expert door-sealing and installation, you can save up to five times more energy.

In fact, fiberglass outperforms wood entry doors by virtually any measure.

If you are a numbers person and focused on ROI. You’ll realize that fiberglass entry doors provide a better cost-to-benefit ratio. It ensures the highest returns on your entry door investment.

Traditional 36"x80" Single Plastpro DRS2G Fiberglass Dutch Door with Shelf. Smooth Skin Painted Citrus Notes. 4 Lite Sea Spray Glass. Installed in Orange, CA.

The 7 Benefits of Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Here are the key points to keep in mind when comparing fiberglass doors to wood.


Fiberglass entry doors are impervious to moisture.

“Why?”, you may ask.

Because, they are molded products with no seams or breaks in the outer coverings.

Wood doors, are moisture-sensitive. They will swell, bow, peel, and disfigure with prolonged exposure to water.

This includes rainwater, mist and the wind-driven winter/spring rains.

Orange County is known for it's humidity (a real concern in local coastal communities).

Saves Energy

Maybe you’re concerned about reducing your carbon footprint or impact on the environment. Then fiberglass is the easy choice.

If not, then perhaps you’d like to spend less on monthly utilities.

Per door industry research, fiberglass doors are five times more energy-efficient than wood doors.

The door is filled with heat and cold resistant material.

This means that your home will keep you cool during hot summers and warm during cold winters.

A definite win-win for both you and for the environment.

Stronger than Wood

Fiberglass doors are ding-resistant.

This is good news for families with kids, or those homes pummeled with debris by the Santa Ana winds.

The unique combination of materials and design also make them stronger and more secure than most wooden doors.

Doesn't Rust like Steel

Steel doors are susceptible to dents and scratches that lead to rust.

Fiberglass doors do not dent or scratch like steel.

Another benefit of fiberglass is that the paint will not peel or chip.

The surface will not delaminate like steel.

Lasts Longer

The tough exterior surface resists sun and weather damage for many years.

This means you’ll receive an attractive warranty and satisfaction guarantee compared to wood.

Resists Insects

The durable fiberglass composite material acts as a barrier against insect penetration.

You need not worry of Termite damage.

Rest assured that fiberglass will not decay and rot like wood.

Needs Less Care

Twenty-plus years of experience in door sales and installation has taught us many things. Including this about maintaining doors:

Wood requires significantly more time and attention than fiberglass.


With an ordinary amount of care, you can preserve your fiberglass entry door for many years to come.

You’ve read why fiberglass is good.

Now, let’s talk about style…

Fiberglass Front Door Styles

Popular door styles for residential properties you can see on sale are;

Click on the links for details on each style.

Modern Teak Skinned Fiberglass Double Entry Doors. 2-36x80 size in 72-Inch-Wide entryway. Plastpro Dmt51. Factory Stained Walnut. Installed in Anaheim Hills, CA.

By now you probably have a good idea about your dream door.


You need to make it a reality.

You need to buy and install it.


How do you figure out the size, swing and configuration for your entryway?

How to Determine Fiberglass Entry Door Sizes

Classic 34'x80" Plastpro DRS40 Fiberglass Double Dutch Entry Doors. Installed in Newport Beach, CA.
Classic 34'x80" Plastpro DRS40 Fiberglass Double Dutch Entry Doors. 9 lite clear dual pane glass. Exterior painted black. Copper Creek hardware. Installed in Newport Beach, CA.

Like wood and steel, fiberglass doors come in standard door sizes.

That said, Fiberglass Entry Doors are ¾“ shorter than a standard wood door.

Here’s a handy door size chart:

Wood Door Size

(Width x Height in inches)
  • 30” x 80”
  • 32” x 80”
  • 36” x 80”
  • 42” x 80”
  • 30” x 96”
  • 36” x 96”

Fiberglass Entry Door Size

(¾" Shorter than a standard wood door)
  • 30” x 79¼”
  • 32” x 79¼”
  • 36” x 79¼”
  • 42” x 79¼”
  • 30” x 95¼”
  • 36” x 95¼”

Fiberglass Dutch Door Size

(1" Shorter than standard fiberglass door) *
  • 30” x 78¼”
  • 32” x 78¼”
  • 36” x 78¼”
  • 42” x 78¼”
  • 30” x 94¼”
  • 36” x 94¼”

* Without Dutch Shelf. Adding a shelf will increase the height by ¾”.

You know your door size.

Now you want to see if you can ‘arrange’ the entryway space to your liking.

This is your ‘door configuration’.

Get Your Front Door Configurations & Options Right

Depending on your entryway size, you can configure your front door system to have a single or double door.

You may even have to have a sidelight (also spelled sidelite) and even a transom.

Fiberglass Door with Sidelights

But wait, there’s more:

You can have different design options on your door itself.

If you like to have glass in your door, you can choose the placement, size, decoration and its opacity.

You may adorn your door with a speakeasy and clavos.

And if that’s not enough:

You may opt to have a mini-blind.

The possibilities with fiberglass doors are endless.

You’ve seen the awesome benefits and many possibilities of fiberglass doors.

But you wonder…

Don’t fiberglass doors look plasticky?

That’s a fair question – but wrong assumption.

Let’s find out why:

White Entry Door with 2-Sidelights. Traditional Style Single 36x80 door in 5 Foot Wide Entry. Therma-Tru S982 Fiberglass. Smooth Skin Painted Classic White. Saratoga Glass with Brushed Nickel Caming. Installed in Orange CA
60"x80" entryway configured to include 36"x80" Door and 2 sidelights. Traditional Style Fiberglass Therma-Tru S982 Fiberglass. Smooth skin, factory painted Classic White. Saratoga glass with Brushed Nickel caming. Emtek Ares hardware in Satin Nickel. Installed in Orange, CA.

Do Fiberglass Entry Doors Look Like Wood?

Not only do top end Fiberglass Entry Doors look like wood, they even have the feel and heft of wood.

Simply stated:

The exterior surface of a fiberglass door, known as the ‘skin’ comes with a ‘textured’ option.

This is a big advantage over steel doors that come only with a smooth surface.

Rustic Double 36" (2-36x80) Jeld-Wen Aurora Estate A1202 Fiberglass Double exterior doors 72"x80" in 6 Foot Wide opening. Knotty Alder Grain Stained Caramel and Antiqued. Clear Glass Speakeasy with Wrought Iron Rustic Grille. Installed in San Clemente ,CA.

The textured skin on Fiberglass Doors mimics popular wood species (also known as wood grain).

Here are some popular skins in fiberglass:

  • Mahogany,
  • Fir,
  • Knotty Alder,
  • Oak,
  • Teak and
  • Cherry

Fiberglass Door Skin (Grain) Options. Include Mahogany, Oak, Knotty-Alder and Fir.Premium fiberglass doors even go a step further:

They’ll include a ‘distressed’ texture:

That’s a weathered and worn look – with wormholes and character marks.

Fiberglass Door Surface that's Antiqued and Distressed.

All wood skin fiberglass doors sold by us will look like wood from afar.

A premium fiberglass door like the Jeld-wen Aurora, will be indistinguishable from wood.

Seasoned carpenters cannot tell the difference.

We bet you’ll not be able to either.

Read on… there’s  more:

You can even paint or stain your fiberglass door.

Fiberglass Entry Door Finish

Classic 60"x80" Plastpro DRS60 Fiberglass Double entry front door. Installed in Laguna Hills, CA.
Classic 5 Ft / 6/8 (60"x80") Plastpro DRS60 Fiberglass Double entry front door. Smooth skin, factory painted Red Ink. Solstice glass with Patina caming. Copper Creek Heritage hardware in Tuscan Bronze. Installed in Laguna Hills, CA.

How many times have you wondered how to finish your new fiberglass door?

Don’t worry, it’s a very common question.

After all, smart homeowners always want to know their options!

Regardless of your paint or stain choice:

Today’s Entry Doors will make sure your new fiberglass door receives EXACTLY the finish you want.


Let’s understand the choices.

How to Decide: When to Paint and When to Stain?

Fiberglass entry doors come in two types of ‘skins’ or outer surfaces:

  1. Smooth, which is as the name implies, and
  2. Textured (replicated wood), which gets the name from its natural wood-grain look.

Front Door Surface for staining or painting

So here’s the quick and easy way to decide;

If you have a smooth-finish fiberglass entry doors – go ahead and paint it.

If you have a textured surface door – you can stain it.

Here’s why:

You may not want to emphasize the wood grain or prefer a bright accent color or gleaming white finish.

A smooth painted door will scratch your creative itch.

Palette for popular door paint colors.

Smooth surfaces can only be painted. Textured surfaces can be either stained or painted.

Textured doors are a little different:

While they may also be painted, most homeowners prefer to stain them.


Paint covers (and hides) the door’s surface.

Other other hand, staining brings out a textured door’s handsome, wood-grained characteristics.

Here are some of our popular wood stains.

  • Sable
  • Walnut (also English Walnut)
  • Mocha
  • Chappo
  • Cherry (also Dark, American)
  • Cashmere
  • Caramel
  • Mahogany (also Dark and Brown Mahogany)

Fiberglass Door Stain Color Swatches

Some even offer an ‘antique’ finish to display an aged look.

The antique finish provides a fine accent to a distressed skin.

These are some popular antique stains:

  • Antique Oak
  • Antique Cherry
  • Antique Caramel


A distressed Knotty Alder woodgrain looks stunning with an antique finish.

What’s the bottom line?

It does not matter if want to paint or stain your new fiberglass entry door.

Today’s Entry Doors can help you make it happen.

In a way that can also be fun!

You know what material to use, and from whom to buy it from.

All good, but what about the most important question?

How Much Does a Fiberglass Entry Door Cost?

Fiberglass entry doors cost between $1,200 and $15,000.

Here’s why:

Like any highly customizable product, the cost of a new fiberglass door depends on a few key factors like size, style, options and finish.

5 Foot Wide 8 Foot Tall (2-30x96) Fiberglass Rustic Double Entry Doors. Jeld-Wen A1301. Mahogany grain stained Caramel. Installed in Laguna Hills, CA.
Are Fiberglass Doors More Expensive Than Wood?

Are Fiberglass Front Doors More Expensive Than Wood?

The answer again is:

It depends.

As with most products, there is usually a range from good to best.

This is certainly true for wood and fiberglass entry doors.

Do some online research.

You’ll find sources that claim wood is significantly cheaper than fiberglass.

You’ll also find ones that assert fiberglass is the less expensive product.

The price range for fiberglass and wood entry door systems depends on the materials used. And, of course, brand names.

Our Fiberglass Doors come in "Good", "Better" and "Best" quality.

Wood entry door materials range from paintable soft woods, to exotic hardwoods.

They start at a mid-high price range and go up from there.

Fiberglass entry doors are made to replicate the look and feel of the different woods.

Therefore, will also vary in price, resembling their wood counterparts.

This is a picture of a fiberglass door that has an Oak Grain skin with Antiqued Chappo Finish.

Entry Door hardware - Double door handles

Can you tell the difference between this and an Oak wood door?

Consider the following questions when choosing a new entry door for your home:

  • What size door do you need?
  • Do you want fiberglass or wood for your entry door system?
  • What finish, color, and style do you like?
  • Do you want decorative glass in your door?

All these factors will affect the price of your door.

Do your homework and choose a good quality entry door that you love:

Select a door that provides not only a beautiful first impression of your Orange County home:

But also one that is durable, long-lasting, and secure.

Are Fiberglass Entry Doors Secure?

We’ve had people asking us:

“Can someone punch a hole with their fist through a fiberglass door?”

The answer is “No”.

Rustic Double, Front Entry Door. 2-30x96, (5 Foot Wide, 8 Foot Tall), Fiberglass. Jeld Wen Aurora model A1322.,Knotty Alder surface Stained Cherry. Antiqued and Distressed. Clavos, and Speakeasy. Wrought Iron Rustic Grille, Installed in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.
A front door does much more than just beautify your home – it protects it.

Here’s why:

As the entryway to your home, you want a door that provides the style and design you like.

You’ll also want one that will keep your home secure and your family safe.

What that means is a door that is well-built, sturdy, durable, and strong.

We've been in the door sales and installation business for 20+ years - and concluded that fiberglass doors are exceptionally strong.

Simply Stated:

Fiberglass combines the beauty and richness of solid wood and the strength of steel.

Even better:

Fiberglass does not have the compromises of either (Dents, scratches, cracks, warping, fading, etc.).

The 3 Choices That Determine Your Front Door Security

  1. The Door
  2. Frame – The weakest part
  3. Your Hardware – know the difference

The strength of your door plays an important part in securing your entrance.

Rustic Single 36x80 Fiberglass Front Entry Door. Jeld-Wen Aurora A1301. Knotty Alder Grain, Stained Chappo and Antiqued. Installed in Laguna Niguel, CA.

If you read this far, you know fiberglass doors are much stronger than wood, without the drawbacks.


Even with fiberglass doors, there will be differences in quality.

To make a point:

A cheaply made fiberglass entry door from a questionable manufacturer is not advisable for any reason. Particularly security purposes.

That Said:

The other two factors you must consider are the frame in which the door is “hung”. As well as the hardware you choose to complement your door.

Your door will only be as strong as the weakest of those choices.

We’ve discussed the strength of fiberglass doors, now let’s talk about the frame.

Door Frames and Home Security

The weakest part of a door system is the jamb.

Think about it:

Here’s what it looks like:

Door Jamb Vulnerability

High quality fiberglass doors in and of themselves are quite strong.

Yet, the entryway strength depends on its framework.

You may wonder:

“Aren’t fiberglass door frames stronger than wood?”

Yes, they can be.

Fiberglass doors are installed in frames/jambs that are made of wood or PVC composite material.

If it’s the latter, then the door has extra reinforcement and rigidity.

Composite Door jambs have twice the screw holding power of wood.

The more of this material the better the overall strength of the door.

The bad news?

Unfortunately, the door frames are still the weak link when it comes to security.

So, how do we overcome this weak part?

We’ve developed a security bracket to reinforce the vulnerable area.

Here’s how we do it:

We covered the door slab and the frame


Let’s talk about hardware – the third aspect of door security.

How Hardware (Latch & Deadbolt) Affects Door Security

There are many styles of door hardware available that are both beautiful and practical.

The hardware’s locking mechanism is where the security factor kicks in.

Usually, it will be:

A two-point locking system composed of a latch and a deadbolt.

This creates two points of contact between the door and the doorframe. It must be installed perfectly to be effective.

The two general types of hardware we will discuss are:

Standard (tubular) hardware, and Mortise hardware.

Standard (Tubular) Hardware - Easy to Install + More Choices

Front Door Locks - Tubular or Mortise

You would have noticed that most entry doors usually come with two holes on the face of the door.

Called a “double bore”, these accept the hardware.

The top bore accommodates the deadbolt. This is where you’ll see the key access, outside and thumb-turn inside.

The bottom hole accommodates the latch. This will have a lever (or knob) outside and thumb-turn + lever (or knob) inside.

You’ll find Standard hardware on the shelves of any hardware or home improvement store.

They accommodate industry standard locks and latches.

What does this mean to you?

Standard hardware makes your job easy.

You have a wide variety of hardware styles and manufacturers to choose from.

Emtek EMtouch Electronic Lock installed in Mission Viejo, CA home.
Emtek EMtouch Electronic Lock

You don’t have to worry whether the hardware will fit the door.

What’s more:

Tubular sets, being more prevalent, come in more materials and styles.

Best of all:

They are usually less expensive than mortise sets.

Now, let’s move on to Mortise locksets.

Mortise Hardware – The More Secure Option

Unlike standard, mortise hardware is not sold on the shelves.

It is special ordered when you buy your door.

Tubular and Mortise Locksets
The difference? The surface area of a mortise hardware dead-bolt is almost twice that of the tubular set.

Mortise a more “heavy duty” residential lockset option.

With standard hardware, the dead-bolt is usually the only locking point.

With the mortise set, both the dead-bolt and the thumb latch lock.

Another feature is the ability to lock the thumb latch as you are leaving, without using a key.

Best of all:

The Emergency Egress function. When you turn the knob or lever from inside your home, the dead-bolt and latch strike unlock all at one time. This feature is also available on some tubular sets.

Door Lock Plate Styles

As it turns out:

Mortise sets are most often made from solid brass and have more intricate moving parts. They tend to be more expensive than tubular sets.

Before you forget:

When shopping for an entry door, be sure to ask about the composition of the door frame.

Then choose a hardware you’re comfortable with.

To summarize:

  • Pick a high quality Fiberglass Entry Door
  • Choose a Composite Jamb
  • Fortify the frame with a Security Plate
  • Secure the door with Mortise Hardware


Let’s turn our attention to other security issues.

Bonus: 3 Entry Door Security Tips

Here are 3 bonus tips on securing your door.You may wonder if there are other tips to increase your entry security.

Unfortunately, most of these do not increase the beauty of a home’s entry.

Although, there are a few exceptions.

Rustic 64 Inch Wide Double 32x80 Entry Door. Jeld Wen Estate Collection A1322 Fiberglass. Mahogany Skin Stained Chappo, Antiqued. Speakeasy with Wrought Iron Seville Grille. Installed in Hacienda Heights, CA.

Tip #1 – Install a Screen Door.

We work with Provia, a manufacturer in Ohio. They make attractive storm doors with a wire-mesh security screen. The screen doors complement a wide range of entry doors. What if you are thinking of having glass panels?

Tip #2 – Reduce the Amount of Glass

The larger the glass panels, the easier it can be for a burglar to break the glass. And, potentially reach in, and unlock the door. Typically, there is a compromise between the amount of security and the amount of glass.

Tip #3 – Place the Glass Higher

Placing the glass higher will deter potential burglars. Think about it: If your glass is at the very top of your door, there is no way a burglar can reach in and unlock the door. Even if he manages to break the glass. They may not even try it in the first place.

Check here if you have more questions about entry doors, door hardware and security.


Please call us for a no obligation free in-home estimate.

Alternately, stop by our showroom for expert advice and first-class customer service.

There are so many door brands out there, how do you choose one that best fits your needs?

No worries. We’ve done the hard work for you.

Which Fiberglass Exterior Door Brands Are Best?

You KNOW that Fiberglass Exterior Doors are better than wood or steel.

No doubt about it:

So, how do you know WHICH fiberglass door is best?

We consider the Jeld-wen Aurora series our premium line of doors.

The term ‘best’ can be subjective, as in best for what?

So, for comparison sake, we’ve categorized them under value (basic), moderate and premium door brands.

Considered the best ‘value for money’ brand, Plastpro has got it all. The doors are strong, stylish and affordable. Plastpro has extremely good warranties and world class service. They continue be our best selling fiberglass door brand.
ThermaTru has a long history of innovation and huge selection of doors. They have a range of budget, moderate and high end doors. You’ll most likely find your favorite door here.
We consider the Jeld-wen Aurora series our premium line of doors. The Aurora series boasts of fine lines, distinctive wood-like appearance and handcrafted detail. We place Aurora on a pedestal among fiberglass doors.

Now you know how to choose a door brand to suit your needs.


If you are still interested in a wood door; you might want to know ONE important fact that is hidden in legalese.

Avoid that, and you will save your hard-earned money and sanity.

The Big Bad Secret About Wood Door Warranties

Here’s a dirty little secret that you may not be aware.

In other words, they require adequate clearance so your door will not get wet due to damp weather.

Here’s what it looks like:

Wood Door Exposure and Limited Warranties

The reason?

Because, wood is simply more vulnerable to the elements.

So, if your doorway does not have an adequate overhang:

Tough luck:

Your warranty will probably not cover your wood door.

If rain or sun hits your wood door - you'll have ZERO WARRANTY*.

By comparison, fiberglass entry doors are much more durable.

They are resistant to denting, cracking, peeling, bowing, and warping.

You door will be safe from the damage caused by moisture, sun, and other elements.

As if that’s not enough:

Fiberglass is low-maintenance and proven durable.

So, you are far more likely to get a better warranty, than you would with a wood door.

If rain or sun hits your Fiberglass door – You’ll still get a 25-YEAR to LIFETIME WARRANTY

*We do not recommend black/dark colored doors in direct sunlight

We’ll help you secure the most extensive and beneficial warranties possible.

Fair enough?

Now let’s see the pros and cons of doing it yourself or buying and getting everything done through a professional.

DIY or Receiving a Finished Entry Door with Installation?

Contemporary 60"x96" (5 Ft wide and 8 ft tall) Jeld-Wen Aurora A800 Fiberglass Double 2-30x96 entry doors. Oak Grain Painted Custom Color. Custom Glass Inserts. Installed in Yorba Linda, CA.
Contemporary 60"x96" (5 Ft wide and 8 ft tall) Jeld-Wen Aurora A800 Fiberglass Double 2-30x96 entry doors. Oak Grain Painted Custom Color. Custom Glass Inserts. Installed in Yorba Linda, CA.

You might think that going the Do It Yourself route can be fun and adventurous.

You might fancy buying the door slab and installing it yourself.

DIY means you bring the door home and you become the installer.

DIY can also include you acting as a general contractor.

DIY can drive up your fiberglass door cost, not lower it.

You’ll need to find sub-contractors to install the door, trim and hardware.

You might need someone else to finish (paint or stain) the door you’ve chosen.

Fair enough:

This may seem more cost-effective at first.


DIY can drive up your fiberglass door cost, not lower it.

We recommend avoiding the “handyman” route.


Because, many of them don’t have a license and lack pre-hung door installation experience.

In our experience, hanging a Fiberglass Entry Door is quite complex.

It may look intuitive.

Sadly, it’s not.

Even for an experienced carpenter.

California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) Logo

Installing a fiberglass door requires a considerable amount of knowledge, skill and experience.

A single mistake can create big problems down the line.

Consider using a proven professional installer like Today’s Entry Doors.

Most big box door companies are simply sales machines.

They’ll close the sale and refer you to an outside independent contractor.

You are then left to rely on the dealer’s recommendations, or research and find an installer on your own.

Everything is fine; if there are no problems.

In our experience, things may go wrong – and they will.

Traditional 72 Inches Wide Exterior Double Doors (72"x80") with 2 Sidelights. Jeld-Wen A401 Fiberglass. Oak Grain Stained Chappo. Half C Glass with Patina Caming. Installed in Irvine, CA.

Here’s the thing:

Sometimes it can go terribly wrong with DIY:

Who’s going to take responsibility when your project gets into trouble?

What if you or your contractor must return the door?

Heaven help you if it’s an odd-size.

Especially at the big depot-type stores.

Today's Entry Doors are the nicest people and will work with you to find just the right one for you.
They also do the entire job from helping you pick the right product, coming out to measure, and doing all the installation.
Their prices are very competitive, especially since it's the whole package...

Bev P,
Brea, CA

It doesn’t take long for the blaming and finger-pointing to begin.

And soon your fun little project balloons into something ugly.

Doing it yourself also means that you clean up the mess and you dispose of the old door.

Here’s a pop quiz:

Got you thinking?

Avoid the hassle. Contact us Now.

Common Problems with DIY Door Installations

We’ve heard many horror stories. Here are some common issues:

  • People order the wrong size or incorrect swing – if it’s a custom order, sadly there’ll be no refund.
  • The painter does a bad paint job that made their once beautiful door an eyesore
  • Shoddy installations with the door not closing or locking properly
  • Unplanned installation that result in the wood door warranty being void. They did not consider overhang, sun exposure (and direction of house) or dark colors.
  • Sloppy work resulting in Loose or exposed weatherstripping letting in air, moisture and light penetration. This results in rapid decaying and rotting of wood doors.
  • The installer arrived on the wrong (early) date and the door  delivered later. This resulted in waste of time all around.
  • Messed-up installation. The Big Box Store and contractor passing the buck to each other. No one wants to take responsibility.

My husband and I were very impressed by Today's Entry Doors. Everything from the mobile show room to the smooth, speedy transaction and to our beautiful doors.
We had previously worked with a contractor who came to measure our doors but then kept postponing future appointments then eventually told us he couldn't do the project.
Today's Entry Doors had our doors ordered and installed in five weeks, which is great alone but considering the holidays was very impressive. The men who installed our new doors were efficient, arrived on time and did a wonderful job.
We can't believe the difference our doors make in the appearance of our home. They really are beautiful!

Lucy E.
Lakewood, CA

You might also face some of these issues:

  • Trying to juggle too many schedules. This includes yours, the door vendor’s (for delivery), the painter’s and installer’s. Maybe contractor too.
  • Collecting the door system from vendor, loading, transporting and unloading at your home
  • Getting the right tools and materials to install the door
  • Worry of injury and workers compensation issues if you hire a handyman
  • You’ll also need to figure out how to dispose the old door

These are some risks and inconveniences you need to consider going the DIY route.

Can I paint or stain my fiberglass entry door?

A turnkey installation includes a “pre-hung” door.

  • This means a perfectly fit frame and trim come already attached.
  • This helps speed up the installation and
  • ensures that all pieces match and look equally nice and new.
  • The turnkey option also includes factory painting or staining.
  • You'll of course have professional labor to put it all in.
  • In a turnkey installation, your provider will also pull the necessary permits if needed.
  • They'll also haul away and dispose your old door at no extra cost.
Rustic 36″ X 96″ (8' Tall) Jeld-Wen Aurora A5037 Round Top (Radius Top) Fiberglass Wrought Iron exterior door. Full Lite Rain Glass insert with Exterior Mediterranean Style Decorative wrought iron Grille. Mahogany Skin Factory Stained Mocha and Antiqued. Installed in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

You know that if a seasoned carpenter can’t install a fiberglass door, it’s not a job for a handyman.

You also know that an expert installer goes a long way.

Double 30"x80" Rustic Fiberglass Wrought Iron Doors. Jeld-Wen A1260. Knotty Alder grain factory stained Chappo. Glue Chip glass. Active wrought iron Monte Carlo Grilles. Installed in Laguna Hills, CA.

So how do you suss out an imitator from an expert installer?

Characteristics of an Expert Fiberglass Door Installer

Entry Door Installers: How to choose?

Door installing experience is not something you picked up in a couple of days working with your uncle.

Like any journeyman, they should have worked years as an apprentice.

It’s only then they’ll be loosed on an entry door.

We have all seen the outcome of a “handyman’s” work!

You get what you pay for.

An experienced fiberglass entry door installer will be familiar with the door’s manufacturer.

But most importantly, he would have a firm grasp of the intricacies of hanging a door.

The workmanship was exemplary. Our installer did a great job, went over everything before he left and cleaned up the work area.
Jeff S. 
Anaheim, CA

Mastering the Four Dimensions

You pay good money for your door.

The last thing you want is to ruin it with a messy installation.

As you know already:

The hardest part is the actual installation.

That said:

You also know that expert installers can hang fiberglass doors perfectly – every time.

Their secret?

A thorough understanding of the four dimensions of entry door space.

  • level
  • plumb
  • square
  • rack (alignment)

If the installer is inexperienced in these areas, one of two things will happen:

  • Either it will be a long day filled with frustration (and possibly many expletives. You might want to keep the kids out of the house); or
  • Your new dream door will look…just like your old one.

Following a Proven Process

Like my professionals, a master craftsman will follow a standard process.

This will not only ensure the best possible finish. It will also be of higher efficiency, ensure compliance and follow proper safety procedures.

Double-checking the size of the door and the size of the frame, before his work even begins. He will go through his mental checklist:

  • verifying the door swing
  • inspecting the door for any damage during shipping.
  • Make sure all extra materials he may need to complete the installation is ready.

When he arrives at your home, a professional installer will survey the work area.

He will thoroughly explain the installation process and approximately how long it will take.

The best installers treat the customer’s home like it is their own.

They’ll minimize the work area as much as possible. They’ll cordon off the remainder of the house with a curtain of protective plastic.

The installers will clean up after they finish.

You’ll see little to no trace that they were ever there. Besides, of course, your elegant new fiberglass entry door.

The ONE Reason Why We are Good at Installing Fiberglass Entry Doors

The SINGLE reason we are good at what we do boils down to this:


Satisfaction Guarantee

We concentrate on only ONE thing:

We only sell with installation fiberglass residential entry doors.

We are so single-minded on fiberglass home entry doors that we do not even sell or install any other type residential doors. We do not sell or install any wood or steel entry doors. Nor do we sell with installation interior or sliding patio doors.

What does this mean for you?

  • Reliability: You’ll get a proven product. We sell only the highest quality fiberglass entry doors. Made by the world’s leading manufacturers.
  • Expert Installation: You'll get to work with an Entry Door specialist, not a general contractor or window installer.
  • Ease: You’ll have a single point of contact. At Today’s Entry Doors, we are not only a dealer. We are an entryway designer & professional installer as well.
  • Convenience: Shop in the comfort of your home – Our unique Mobile Showroom makes shopping for and selecting your new entry door system as easy and low-stress as possible.
  • Knowledge: We strive to educate you. Teach all the options available for your entry door replacement project
  • Assurance: We stand by our work – We warranty our installations for 2 years.
  • Peace of mind: We are Licensed1, Bonded2 and our employees are Insured3.

1You are protected from faulty workmanship
2You are covered financially
3Our employees are insured for Workers’ Compensation. This means you are not responsible if they are injured on the job

I can't say enough good things about Today's Entry Doors!
Garrett came out and, with the patience of a saint, took the time for me to ask a gazillion questions and finally come up with my choice. The door came within the estimated time frame and we scheduled installation shortly afterwards. Justin did the install and he was AWESOME!! A real treasure.
The original trim I had picked wasn't quite working out to my liking so Larry, the owner, suggested something else, ordered it and Justin came back out to put that in.
My front door is absolutely GORGEOUS and I am the envy of my neighbors. Don't even bother going with another company as it would be hard to match the customer service and quality of Today's Entry Doors.
Thanks, guys!!
Nancy N.
Laguna Woods, CA

At Today’s Entry Doors, we make sure that everything is taken care of.

We offer solutions based on your budget, timeline and decorative or creative choices.

Here’s how we do it:

Shopping from the Convenience of Your Home

Shopping with Today’s Entry Doors is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

At the time of your choosing our one-of-a-kind Mobile Showroom will arrive at your home.

Entry Door mobile Showroom

This contains with a complete selection of full-sized, fiberglass entry doors, tastefully arrayed.

You can conduct your own fiberglass entry door “paint vs stain” comparison.

You can also mix and match colors uninterrupted, with an entry-door expert right at your side.

Choose front door styles in comfort and privacy–without the depot-store noise and frustrations.

Turnkey Solutions – So you don’t have to runaround

This means your entire entry door project will be handled by a single entity.

You can rest assured that;

  1. You’ll get expert advice based on your unique requirements
  2. Measurements and swing are verified by professionals
  3. Choose and buy your door from hundreds of options from the convenience of your home
  4. Get it factory painted or stained for that perfect finish
  5. Get your door system* installed by expert in-house craftsmen with years of experience
  6. One point of contact for all product and installation warranties
  7. Removal and disposal of your old door

*Door system includes – slab, jambs, weatherstripping, sill, hinges, lock and deadbolt

From the moment I called to get information and an estimate I was impressed. They make the entry door buying experience fun.
They brought a truck to my home with numerous door samples including hardware and I was able to choose the perfect custom front door for my home. The installation process was wonderful. The installers were so professional and the pride in their work really shows. They explained the doors operation and hardware to me (I got a Dutch door) and they seemed just as excited about my new door as I was.
The job was so neat and clean. I would definitely recommend Today's Entry Doors!
Andrea L.
West Covina, CA

Learn why hanging a door is not simple and how to find a Good Entry Door Installer.

No One Can Whistle a Symphony: Working Together for a Perfect Door

As an Entry Door Dealer Installer, we are part of a larger ‘system’.

Simply Stated:

Most manufacturers do not sell directly to a dealer (some do).

They rather distribute through licensed vendors.

Manufacturer > Vendor (Distributor) > Dealer  (Us) > Customer (You)

This adds another level of complexity.

What does that mean for you?

Finding the best solution for your problem may get tricky.

As it turns out, we have a solution:

Our entire team works as one to deliver you an outstanding experience.

Your first point of contact with our company is most often our website, followed by our sales person.

Our salesman is in a unique position to advice you on the right solution for your problem.

He should be able to analyze and understand your issue. He should also have an intimate knowledge of the door installation process.


He should have a through knowledge of the manufacturer’s product range .

If that is not enough:

The Sales Consultant must know the distributor’s assembly capabilities as well.

All our sales persons have a minimum of one year’s entry door installation experience.

For example – these are some questions the salesperson should consider:

  • Can the distributor build a door for older homes that don’t always fall into the cookie cutter mold?
  • Can the distributor build a door, per the dealer’s (Today’s Entry Doors) request?  A door to fit a unique situation?

Most big box store salesmen will sell you a door without knowing the technicalities unique to your situation.

This can lead to miscommunication and frustration.

In Pursuit of Perfection

Modern 60"x80" (double 30") Jeld-Wen A21M Fiberglass Double entry door. Jeld-Wen A21M Fiberglass. Mahogany skin, stained Sable. Frosted Glass. Installed in Capistrano Beach, CA.
60"x80" (double 30") Jeld-Wen A21M Fiberglass Double entry door. Frosted glass, Mahogany grain, factory stained Sable. Emtek Ares hardware in Oil Rubbed Bronze. Installed in Capistrano Beach, CA.

We are constantly in pursuit of perfection.

That said:

We believe accomplishing your “picture-perfect” look cannot be done by us alone.

We need everyone aboard and be obsessed as us over quality.

As part of a larger value system with wide synchronized interactions – we strive to do just that.

We constantly refine our product sales, service and installation processes.

We also influence the value chain upstream.

Simply stated:

Not only do we provide feedback and advise;– we also strive to motivate and encourage our distributors and manufacturers. We do this to ensure the final product is flawless.

It’s true:

We’ve managed to make (and influence) a few innovations in the industry. The Dutch shelf, product packaging and security plates are some.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about fiberglass entry door systems. Talk to us about door brands, warranties, security, installation, and more. Our friendly team of experts will happily answer all your questions thoroughly and honestly.

Fiberglass Door Care & Service

You bought a beautiful new fiberglass entry door.
The door was installed.
The installers have left the building.

Now, what happens if you have any problems with your new front door?

Traditional Single 36x80 Plastpro DRS60 Fiberglass Dutch door. Smooth Skin Painted Red Ink. 4 Lite Clear Glass Toplight. Installed in Mission Viejo, CA.

Service After Installation

The manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover installation, and neither does the distributor’s warranty.

Shouldn’t someone be on the hook for this, or are you going to have to eat the cost?

Here’s a Priceless Tip When Shopping for An Entry Door:

Do you think the handyman who hung your door will warrant his installation work?

We have a 2-year installation warranty.

We will also advice you on proper fiberglass door care and maintenance of your new installation.

Entry Door with SpeakeasyWe have seen a lot of service issues arise on new entry door purchases.

That’s because the homeowner tried to save money.

They purchased the door through one company. The hardware was through another company.

The installation from a handyman, and a painter to boot!

If you do that, well, frankly you’re just asking for problems.

Everyone will want to point the finger at someone else, and chances are you’ll end up on the hook.

As Zig Ziglar said: there is the price to something, and then there is the cost.

Avoid disputable service questions that might arise after installation. You would be wise to place your entire order with one company. This includes all the necessary trim and hardware AND installation.

You can rest assured we will be there to resolve any service issues.

If you buy and install your new fiberglass entry door through Today’s Entry Doors. This includes your hardware.


Call us:

  • If it sounds like a Today’s Entry Doors labor issue - call us.. We will send the installer back right away, no questions asked.
  • If,  it sounds like a manufacturer or distributor issue - call us.
  • We will perform the initial inquiry.
  • We will either resolve the problem in-house.
  • Or, inform the relevant company about the issue to take action.
  • From there we will keep you up to date on the progress.

All our customers’ warranty issues are important to us.

We will work diligently to resolve them as quickly as possible.

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Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

Either way, let us now by emailing us at admin @ or share this post right now.

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