How Much Does a Fiberglass Entry Door Cost?

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Craftsman style 36″x 80″ Fiberglass Single door with two 14″ active sidelights. Therma-Tru S608. Smooth Skin Door Painted Cordovan Red. Sidelights painted Classic White. 6 Clear SDL Glass. Installed in Mission Viejo, CA.

Homeowners generally spend between $1,200 and $15,000 on fiberglass entry door systems.

Like any highly customizable product, prices vary based on manufacturer, type, style, size, finish, glass, hardware and installation options.

An unfinished side, back and garage fiberglass entry door starts around $1,200, fully installed.

On the other end, an 8-foot-tall double door system with 2 sidelights may cost upwards of $15,000.
Do note these prices are for ‘turnkey’, custom made doors. Meaning, they are not off-the shelf, stock doors.

Most big box stores will advertise only inexpensive bulk doors and components. These will typically not fit off the shelf.

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Why You Shouldn't Compare Stock vs. Custom (Turnkey) Door Prices

Many people make the mistake of comparing big box store ‘over the counter’ door prices with custom crafted turnkey door systems.

Turnkey prices include cost of door system; jamb, threshold, trim, weather-stripping, hardware, delivery to your home, installation, manufacturer’s warranty and free disposal of your old door.

Keep these differences in mind when shopping for entry doors: most big box stores will advertise only inexpensive bulk doors and components. These will typically not fit off the shelf.

Don’t be baited by low, stock door prices. Doors and frame come unfinished. You’ll get a cheap wood frame that is not warrantied. Trim, weatherstripping and hardware may not be included. You’ll have to buy these as separate components.

9 out of 10 times the door you think that’s painted white is not, it’s only the primer. You’ll need a painter to paint or stain the door and frame. You’ll need to hire a contractor to install it.

On the other hand, a custom, turnkey door system from a reputed company will use the most premium, durable and robust components and provide extensive warranties for the door, components and workmanship.

Jeld-Wen A5944 Single 32"X80" Dutch With Two 12" Inch Sidelites. 9-Lite SDL Door, 5-Lite SDL Sidelights Low-E Glass. Mahogany Grain Skin Factory Painted Swiss Coffee. Kwikset Kevo Electronic Deadbolt And Dakota Handleset in Venetion Bronze. Installed in Coto De Caza, CA.

Getting your door system properly assembled, installed, and maintained by a licensed professional that meets (and sometimes exceeds) manufacturer recommendations will not only enhance your curb appeal, it’ll also give you peace of mind.

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Why us, not them?

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  8. You are never left in the dark about either the process or timeline. We communicate.
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  13. A “No Legalese” contract. A simple 4-page contract to make sure there will be no surprises.

6 Reasons Why Fiberglass Door Prices Vary

Like any highly customizable product, the cost of replacing your fiberglass entry door depend on a few key factors, including:

  • Door Size and Configuration. The door size is determined by its width and height. Wider and taller doors (odd-sized doors) cost more than standard 36”x80” sized doors. Configuration pertains to how the door system is assembled in your entryway. This can be a single or double door. Other arrangements include sidelights and transoms. The more complex the configuration (more components) the more expensive it gets.
  • Style and finish. Like wood, fiberglass doors come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. From a workmanship and intricacy standpoint, fiberglass entry doors could be categorized as good, better and best. A mid-range fiberglass door will cost about the same as a mid-range wood door. A traditional style basic fiberglass flush door with no glass will cost much less than a Fiberglass door with an elaborate Wrought Iron decorative grille and glass. Classic, Craftsman and Rustic doors come at different price points. Dutch Doors are extremely popular in Southern California – especially the beach cities. Getting your door “Dutched”, adds to the cost. These stylish add-ons along with custom paint and stain choices and other options like speakeasy and clavos influence the final price of your entry door system.
  • Manufacturer and Brand. Overall Fiberglas doors perform better than wood. That said, they attempt to mimic wood doors by providing the same look, feel and heft of wood. Premium category fiberglass doors are so good that it’s almost impossible to distinguish one from an authentic finest grade wood door. Exceptional quality fiberglass doors demand premium prices. (1)
  • Glass Configuration and Style. The placement and amount of glass significantly affects door costs. You can get glass in the top only, the top half, in the entire door, in side panels, or no glass at all. Usually, more glass means a higher price. Decorative glass costs more than clear glass. Options like divided lites, textured and privacy glass have a bearing on the price of your door.(2)
  • Hardware. Our fiberglass door cost includes stylish, standard entry door hardware. If you want to upgrade to select or premium quality hardware or something more contemporary, like the latest electronic locks, the choices are plentiful and prices, of course, will vary. (3, 4)
  • Installation. This is a very important consideration that affects the final out-of-pocket cost of a new fiberglass door. Basically, you have two choices for installation: turnkey, which includes everything from start to finish (even the sales tax); and DIY (do-it-yourself or having others do it for you).

In our 25+ years of experience, we’ve found that most do-it-yourself installations end up costing at least the same, and usually more, than a turnkey installation, and always with more headaches and hassles.

Getting your door system properly assembled, installed, and maintained by a licensed professional that meets (and sometimes exceeds) manufacturer recommendations will not only enhance your curb appeal, it’ll also give you peace of mind.

Rustic 36″ X 96″ (8' Tall) Jeld-Wen Aurora A5037 Round Top (Radius Top) Fiberglass Wrought Iron exterior door. Full Lite Rain Glass insert with Exterior Mediterranean Style Decorative wrought iron Grille. Mahogany Skin Factory Stained Mocha and Antiqued. Installed in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

The Cost to Install a Prehung Fiberglass Exterior Door

Here are the typical price ranges for turnkey installations of our most popular fiberglass entry door systems. This should provide a solid foundation for choosing a front door and comparing entry door prices in general.

Average price ranges for turnkey installation, including labor:

Average Price for Single Exterior Door in Fiberglass (with Installation)
Size: 36″x80″

CategoryPrice RangeAdd-ons
GlassWrought Iron (with glass)Dutch (with glass)1 sidelight (with glass) **
Basic*$1,200 – $2,000
Select$2,300 – $3,500$400 starting$1,700 starting$1,200 starting$2,200 starting
Premium$3,000 – $5,000Call for prices

*Basic exterior door for side, back and garage entrance, unfinished

**Cost of sidelight with glass for non-Dutch door

Average pricing for odd-sized fiberglass doors 42”x80”, 36”x96” and 42”x96” (turnkey prices) available on request

Single 36 x 96, 8 Foot Tall Exterior Dutch Door with Shelf. Prehung . 4 Lite SDL Clear Glass top leaf. Plastpro Classic Craft DRS6080. Smooth Skin Painted Artistic Stone Green. Installed in Irvine, CA.

Entry door replacement gives a payoff of 91.3% at resale. Upgrading the entry door has been one of the highest-ROI projects since 2009.

Average Price for Double Exterior Door in Fiberglass (with Installation)
Size: 72″x80″

CategoryPrice RangeAdd-ons
GlassWrought Iron (with glass)Double Dutch (with glass)2 sidelights (with glass) **
Basic*$2,500 – $3,500
Select$3,500– $6,000$900 starting$2,700 starting$2,500 starting$5,500 starting
Premium$5,500-$12,000Call for prices

*Basic exterior door no glass, unfinished

**Cost of 2 sidelights with glass for non-Dutch door

Modern 60"x80" (double 30") Jeld-Wen A21M Fiberglass Double entry door. Jeld-Wen A21M Fiberglass. Mahogany skin, stained Sable. Frosted Glass. Installed in Capistrano Beach, CA.

These are some ballpark figures, so you have an idea of how much an entry door system with installation costs.

Other options include factory finish (paint or stain) screen doors (swinging and vanishing), transoms, active sidelights, pet doors and mail slots.

You might be thinking; “So, is this a worthwhile investment?”.

Read why, upgrading your front door is a smart idea.

Entry Door Replacement Gives a Return in Excess of 90%

According to the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report entry door replacement gives a payoff of 91.3% at resale. Upgrading the entry door has been one of the highest-ROI projects since 2009.

The article says that low initial cost, combined with an increase in curb appeal–timeless benefits, even in an economic downturn–is probably the reason for entry doors consistently bring the most value at resale. (5, 6)

The study cites only steel doors, not fiberglass. But this is great news in disguise for Orange County homeowners. When all crucial factors are considered, including upfront costs, design, flexibility and long-term performance, fiberglass doors are an even better value than steel! Plus, they won’t dent, scratch or rust like steel can. Fiberglass insulates better, and often come with a warranty that’s competitive with or better than steel.

If you have any questions at all about the installation or cost of a new fiberglass door system, call today and we’ll be happy to answer them. We’d be even more delighted to schedule a private, at-home viewing of doors, decorative glass, hardware options and finishes via our exclusive fiberglass door Mobile Showroom. You call, and we bring door solutions to you!

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