Since 1988 – that’s more than 30 years! But what’s important is not so much that we’ve been in business that long – it’s WHY we’ve been in business that long.

Here in a nutshell is what we do: we have a proven process to match you up with the best door for your home. It’s a collaborative process – we NEVER use high-pressure sales tactics or push you toward a door you don’t want.

We also have true installation experts to make sure your door is installed the right way the first time.

At the end of the process, you end up with a beautiful door with a lifetime warranty.

Want proof that what we’re saying is true? Please visit our Reviews page.

No we don’t – doors are the ONLY thing we do. And that is 100% on purpose.

We decided that the best way to serve our customers was to laser focus on doors and get to know them better than anyone else in Orange County and surrounding communities.

From the first contact all the way through to installation, the difference is noticeable. Try us out by contacting us here – there’s no pressure or obligation and we think you’ll love how hassle-free we make the process.

We understand that for many homeowners, door shopping can get confusing or overwhelming pretty quickly.

Maybe you’ve done a few internet searches and maybe taken a trip to a big box retailer… and you’re still not any closer to finding a door you really want.

Here’s a simple solution: call us – (714) 974-5728. We’re a family-owned, FRIENDLY business and we really do know doors backwards and forwards, up and down, and any other direction you can think of! When you call us, there is absolutely no downside or risk. We won’t pressure you or make you feel obligated.

We can walk you through some pictures on our website and talk through what you might want. If at the end of the call you want to schedule a free in-home consultation, we’ll do that. If not, we’ll part on friendly terms – no harm done.

We make it easy to get a free in-home quote and consultation – go here to contact us to get an appointment. We promise to educate you on door replacement, not hammer you with sales tactics.

You can also call us to schedule your quote: (714) 974-5728.

In general, yes, but it’s always important to understand what you get for your money. Just like buying the cheapest car isn’t the best long-term value, focusing only on price with replacement doors can also create major headaches for you.

Consider these drawbacks to shopping for doors with a big-box retailer:

  • The initial price often looks lower but once you add the customizations you want; the price elevates very quickly.
  • Figuring out what customizations are available to you is very challenging because the knowledge of doors is often very weak at these stores.
  • Installation is usually done by whatever sub-contractor happens to be available through the retailer – it’s a roll of the dice.
  • If there’s a problem with the door or installation down the line, the responsiveness to your problem is hit or miss – at best.

We’ve heard from our customers that they also run into very similar problems when they call home improvement contractors who treat doors as a small sideline product.

We’re different. Our process and service are all-inclusive. With us you won’t have to cross your fingers and hope you’ll end up with a beautiful result – you’ll know from the start that you’ll be getting top-quality across the board. For more on this, please visit our Proven Process page.

The bottom line is this: if you’re an absolute bargain hunter (even if it means sacrificing quality and having more service headaches), we’re probably not a good fit.

But you’re the kind of homeowner who doesn’t mind investing a bit more for the best-quality door installed right the first time, contact Today’s Entry Doors.

Every door we sell, we also install. Here’s why:

Just buying a great door is not enough to have a successful result. The truth is that even the best door will fail if not installed properly.

Installing a new, pre-hung fiberglass entry door is harder than it looks. It actually requires a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise to do it properly. When we do it ourselves, we KNOW the door we sold you will also be installed properly. It allows us to stand behind everything we do.

The best material is fiberglass. If you choose the right door brands, fiberglass doors are absolutely beautiful but don’t have the drawbacks of wood or steel.

The biggest problem with wood doors is they lack durability. It’s no accident that wood doors come with extremely short warranties, and these warranties are loaded with exclusions. We no longer install wood doors because we don’t feel like we can stand behind them.

Steel doors also have issues. They dent easily, and in our opinion, they are not as attractive as fiberglass or wood.

Fiberglass has it all. Durability, beauty, and security. For more information, please visit our comparison chart page.

Not the ones that we sell and install!

Fiberglass doors come in many styles and options, and the brands we sell are truly beautiful.

Of course, just like any product, you can find cheaper-looking choices out there on the market. There are some choices that have a cheaper, “plastic” look.

But not with us – ever. The fiberglass doors we sell are just as beautiful as wood (in fact, we think many of the choices are more attractive than wood!).

This is a good question, and many homeowners aren’t aware that the majority of door installations are not being done as securely as they should be.

We feel so strongly about this that we actually invented a proprietary method and product to make door installations more secure. This method can secure your door locking system to the framing of your home, instead of just to the door frame (which is easy to breach).

We also take some other steps to make your door installation more secure. For more information, please visit our Safe & Secure page.

Yes. We’re happy to go over financing options with you – it’s fast and easy to apply. For more information, please visit our Financing page.

We’re the best reviewed door company in Orange County! We have more than 100 5-star reviews on Yelp alone, plus a great track record on similar independent review sites. We really do encourage you to read the details of these reviews (how many home improvement companies are willing to say that?!). You can learn more about this by visiting our Reviews page.

We can help you better find your dream front entry door you know the size door you need to replace.

We’re Unapologetically PICKY When It Comes To What Brands We Sell & Install.

We truly do have a wide selection of styles AND can help you actually find a door you love.

We NEVER Play Entry Door Pricing Games

Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.