Exploring the Top 7 Craftsman Entry Doors with Sidelights to Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1. Introduction

Milliken Millwork. Add color and style to your front entryway with this door. It has a rich mahogany finish, a wood grain texture, and an insulated glass panel for energy efficiency. The matching sidelights brighten up the entryway and complete the elegant look. This door is available in different sizes and is prehung for easy installation.

Steves and Sons. This simple, wooden door has three small windows at the top to allow light into your home without compromising privacy. The sidelights are equally elegant, with matching windows running the length of the door. The engineered door has a durable core and mortise for easy installation.

JKS Therma-Tru. This door features a rich wood finish and embellished glass panes. It welcomes light into any home and adds a touch of nature, as the glass depicts flowing tree branches. This door has an insulated core for energy efficiency and is available in different widths to accommodate your entryway.

Craftsman entry doors with sidelights are the perfect mix of traditional and modern, an updated version of the classic entry door. Their clean lines and geometric shapes evoke the symmetrical elements of the craftsman style. Sidelights are the vertical pieces of glass on one or both sides of the door. These are not only stylish but also functional. They allow extra light to enter the house and provide a view of the outdoors from inside. If you are in the market, here are seven craftsman entry doors with sidelights to consider.

1.1. Significance of Entry Doors with Sidelights

Craftsman entry doors with sidelights are some of the most popular in the market. They have a characteristic design with straight lines, square panels, and rectangular windows. Craftsman doors are known for their simple and elegant aesthetic that can match a wide variety of home styles. If you are in the market for a craftsman entry door with sidelights, then you have come to the right place. Over the next sections, we will explore the top seven craftsman entry doors with sidelights that can elevate your home’s curb appeal and make a lasting first impression.

A home’s curb appeal is its overall attractiveness when viewed from the street. Having a beautiful exterior not only elevates a home’s market value but also increases the owner’s pride and overall satisfaction. Homeowners spend a considerable amount of effort in making the exterior of their homes look appealing. One feature that can significantly enhance a home’s curb appeal is the entry door with sidelights. Sidelights are vertical windows positioned on one or both sides of the door. They allow ample natural light to flow into the entryway and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests and residents. Entry doors with sidelights are ideal for homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance to their home’s exterior.

2. Craftsman Style in Home Design

Craftsman homes are sought after for their unique style and storytelling. Each home was lovingly built with careful attention to detail, creating a sense of warmth and comfort that is often lacking in modern construction. When you add a Craftsman-style door to your home, you are not only boosting your home’s curb appeal, but you are also capturing that essence of quality craftsmanship and design. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 7 Craftsman entry doors with sidelights. These doors will help you tell the story of your home and elevate its curb appeal.

The Craftsman style is one of the most iconic and enduring designs in American home construction. Defined by its attention to the use of natural materials, especially wood and stone, as well as impeccable craftsmanship, the aesthetic was popularized by renowned architect and furniture designer Gustav Stickley. It features clean lines, a low-pitched roof with exposed beams, a front porch with thick columns supporting the roof, and a single-story layout. One of the most recognizable elements of a Craftsman home is the front door, which is usually inset and accented with sidelights and a transom window above.

2.1. Key Features of Craftsman Entry Doors

Craftsman doors are known for their beauty and elegance. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, fiberglass, and steel. Wood doors are a popular choice for craftsman doors because they can be easily customized with different stain colors and finishes. Fiberglass and steel doors are also great options, as they are more durable and weather-resistant than wood doors. Craftsman doors are a great way to add style and sophistication to your home’s exterior. With their clean lines, high-quality materials, and artful design, they are sure to make a lasting impression. Now that you know a little bit about craftsman doors, let’s take a look at some of the top craftsman entry doors with sidelights.

Before we jump into the top craftsman entry doors with sidelights, let’s first discuss the key features that make a door craftsman in style. A craftsman door, also known as an arts and crafts door, is a handmade, artfully designed door that is created with high-quality materials. The craftsman style emphasizes clean lines, symmetry, and impeccable workmanship. It often features horizontal and vertical panels, as well as glass lights in geometric patterns. Sidelights are also a common feature of craftsman doors, adding extra light and style to the entryway. Sidelights are vertical windows that frame the door on one or both sides, extending from ceiling to floor or just partway.

3. Benefits of Sidelights in Entry Doors

Finally, if your entry door has no transom window (a window above the door), adding sidelights can help in balancing the composition of the door. This results in a more symmetrical and pleasing look of the entryway, especially if you have a double-wide door. Whether you are looking to renovate your existing entry door or planning to install a new one, consider these benefits of sidelights as you make your design choices.

First, sidelights enable more natural light to come into your entryway. This makes your home brighter inside without the need for artificial lighting during the daytime, which can help you save on energy costs. Second, the extra light provided by the sidelights also helps in providing a better view of the outdoor area around your home. This added security feature helps in visually identifying who is at the door, which is especially useful at night. Third, with the increased visibility of the door area, it is easier for guests to locate the entrance, especially if your house is set back from the street. This is particularly helpful if you are expecting visitors or if your home is used for short-term rentals.

Adding sidelights to your entry door helps in enhancing the beauty of your home. It elevates the curb appeal, making your house look more attractive both during the day and at night. Sidelights are the panels or windows that are placed on the sides of the door. In addition to this aesthetic appeal, sidelights provide several practical benefits.

3.1. Enhanced Aesthetics and Natural Light

“In addition to the aesthetic drawbacks of painting shut, it completely ruins the great first impression you were trying to achieve. I know you love repainting the front porch so very much (“not!”), so you will be happy to learn that Craftsman entry doors with sidelights actually swing open. Can you imagine how lovely a fresh cross-breeze would be in the entryway on a cool summer evening? But the benefits of having an entry door that opens are not just about easy access and egress or comfort. An outward-swinging door is actually one of the most secure options.

My first pro of Craftsman entry doors with sidelights is, shall we say, a bit of a play on words. It’s absolutely wonderful to have natural light on either side of the front door! No matter how many sources of artificial light are incorporated, there is simply no substitute for natural light. The beauty of the sidelights is that they can be as wide or as narrow as desired. And because “Craftsman” really is your keyword here, you can select a door that is completely customizable. If your style is more formal, choose clear or frosted glass panes; if you are laid back, textured glass is fabulous; and if the house is always abuzz with activity, consider stained glass inserts. No matter your personal or family style, sidelights have you covered. And the wide range of available glass panels can easily be switched out to create an entirely different look down the road.”

4. Top 7 Craftsman Entry Doors with Sidelights

This next door is also made of mahogany wood, but has a lighter stain. It has a more simple, contemporary look, with clear, flat glass in the sidelights and door, and brushed nickel hardware.

If you like a little more color, this next door is made of mahogany wood and has a deep, rich stain. The door features a dentil shelf and decorative shelf brackets, as well as a large beveled glass window. The sidelights have clear, beveled glass, and the hardware is a combination of bronze and brass.

If you prefer a more modern look, this door is for you! It’s made of mahogany wood and has a very clean, simple design. The sidelights and door all have clear, flat glass, and the hardware is a brushed nickel finish.

This next door is also made of knotty alder wood and has a more simple, rustic look. The sidelights have clear, flat glass, and the door has a small, square window at the top. The hardware is a dark bronze finish.

Are you ready to take a look at some gorgeous craftsman entry doors with sidelights? Let’s get started! This first door is a show-stopper! It’s made of knotty alder wood and features a dentil shelf and decorative shelf brackets. The two sidelights have clear, beveled glass, and the door itself has a large, beveled glass window. The hardware is a beautiful combination of bronze and brass.

Craftsman style doors are beautiful and offer a lot of curb appeal for your home. If you’re in the market for a new entry door, you’ll definitely want to consider one of these top craftsman entry doors with sidelights. Sidelights are the long, narrow windows that are installed on one or both sides of the door. They let in a lot of natural light, which is a great way to make the entrance to your home feel warm and welcoming.

4.1. 1. Traditional Craftsman Door with Sidelights

This Craftsman door is made from a combination of wood and glass, and it features a traditional Craftsman design with three vertical panels. The sidelights are made from clear glass and have a simple grid pattern on the inside. This door is available in a variety of different wood species and finishes, so you can customize it to fit your home’s style. This Craftsman door with sidelights is a great option if you are looking for a simple and classic design.

The Craftsman entry door with sidelights is a great option for a variety of home styles. Craftsman doors are known for their straight lines and sturdy design, making them a great fit for many different types of homes. Sidelights are the windows that are installed on either side of the door, and they help to let in natural light and create a more welcoming entrance. If you are considering a Craftsman door with sidelights, here are some of the top options to consider.

4.2. 2. Modern Craftsman Entry Door with Sidelights

Are you in the market for a new craftsman entry door with sidelights? Look no further! We have curated a list of the top 7 craftsman entry doors with sidelights to help inspire your search. Whether you are looking for a more traditional style or want to add a modern twist, there is a door on this list for you. Explore the different options and make your home’s exterior truly shine.

The modern craftsman entry door with sidelights offers a fresh take on the traditional craftsman style. It features sleek, vertical glass inserts in the door and sidelights, providing ample natural light while maintaining a sense of privacy. This door is perfect for those who love the craftsman style but want to add a more modern touch to their home’s exterior. It is available in a variety of wood species and finishes, allowing you to customize it to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic. The modern craftsman entry door with sidelights is sure to elevate your home’s curb appeal.

4.3. 3. Rustic Craftsman Style Door with Sidelights

The rustic craftsman style door with sidelights mentioned above is for sale and it is new. If you prefer your door to have some real history, it can be easily done. They come from old school buildings in the area. The door is made from cypress. Although it can be time-consuming and a little pricey, restoring a vintage door is totally worth it. Old doors were typically made of solid wood instead of the engineered wood cores found in most new doors. No matter which of these two doors you choose, your home’s curb appeal is sure to be elevated with this craftsman style door with sidelights.

When looking for a unique craftsman entry door with sidelights to renew your home’s facade, go no further. This articulately crafted rustic door will do the trick for you. The detailing on this beautiful door is exquisite with its raised moldings and shelf beneath the sidelights. The three panels are a characteristic of the craftsman style and there is a ton of glass in the door which also is typical of this style. The lights in the door and sidelights are well proportioned and let a lot of natural light into your home. The stain and finish on the door are impeccable and really highlight the beautiful wood grain.

4.4. 4. Contemporary Craftsman Entry Door with Sidelights

Craftsman design is extremely versatile, well-suited for melding with other design styles. The contemporary Craftsman entry door with sidelights is a perfect example of this unique fusion, featuring not only sleek, modern lines, but also providing an ample amount of natural light into the home’s entry. The door and sidelights are meant to be stained, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through while matching perfectly with the frosted glass. The vertical lines of the glass match the horizontal lines of the door itself, and the stainless steel pull handle adds just the right contemporary touch. The result is a seamless blend of Craftsman and contemporary that enhances both styles.

Incorporate a touch of modernism into your Craftsman home with this contemporary Craftsman entry door. Featuring three frosted glass vertical sidelights, this door allows natural light to cascade into your entryway while maintaining your privacy. The sophisticated door design includes horizontal slats and a stainless steel pull handle for a polished look. Customize the door and sidelights with your choice of stain color for the perfect finishing touch.

4.5. 5. Double Craftsman Entry Doors with Sidelights

Make a grand statement with double Craftsman entry doors with sidelights. This commanding entryway is sure to draw admiring glances from your guests. Choose a warm, rich wood for a classic exterior look, and paint or stain the sidelights to match. For a sleek, modern style, paint the door and sidelights the same color. Be sure to include decorative glass in the door panels for extra curb appeal, and choose a design that lets light into your home without sacrificing your privacy.

Include decorative glass in the door panels for extra curb appeal. Choose a design that lets light into your home while maintaining your privacy. If you’d like even more privacy, consider installing shades or curtains on the inside of the sidelights for when you don’t want to be seen from the outside.

Add an elegant focus to your home’s exterior with a double Craftsman entry door with sidelights. Select a warm, rich wood for the door for a classic look, and paint or stain the sidelights to complement it. If your home would suit a more modern look, paint the door and sidelights the same color to create a sleek entryway.

4.6. 6. Craftsman Fiberglass Entry Door with Sidelights

This Craftsman entry door with sidelights is a specific style of door that fits the Craftsman architecture of your home. The clean lines and minimal ornamentation of a Craftsman door and its matching sidelights are perfect for the style. The front door is often a main feature of a home’s facade and is the most visible architectural element from the street. Make sure your home makes a good first impression with a Craftsman entry door.

4.7. 7. Custom Craftsman Entry Doors with Sidelights

Create an unforgettable entrance with any one of these craftsman entry doors with sidelights. Welcome your guests in style, and boost your home’s curb appeal with a beautiful door surrounded by stunning glass panels. These craftsman doors with sidelights range from traditional to contemporary, and can be easily adapted to any home’s style. Ensure a cohesive look for your home’s exterior by selecting a door and sidelights that complement your architecture and design. Opt for clear glass panels, or choose a textured or frosted glass for added privacy and a unique look. There are so many design options available for craftsman doors with sidelights – you’re sure to find the perfect combination for your home. Upgrade your entryway, and create a warm and welcoming first impression with a craftsman door and sidelights.

Some homes demand a custom entryway. Perhaps you have a grand entrance that would look best with a one-of-a-kind door, or you have specific design elements and size requirements that can only be met with a custom door. While there are some beautiful pre-made craftsman doors available, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for in a stock door. In that case, consider designing a custom craftsman door and surround to meet your home’s unique style and size requirements. With custom doors, the sky’s the limit. You can choose any wood species, glass design, and panel layout to create the door of your dreams. Work with a door company, and in some cases, your contractor, to design and build the perfect custom door for your home.

5. Installation and Maintenance Tips

If you have a wooden door, inspect it regularly for signs of rot and repaint it as needed. Metal doors may dent and require a different type of repair. Be sure to keep the area around your craftsman entry door with sidelights well-maintained for a clear and unobstructed view through the glass. When cleaning the glass, use a non-abrasive glass cleaner and wipe it with a soft cloth. It’s best to do this task at least once a week.

Since craftsman entry doors with sidelights are quite heavy and are usually wider than other doors, these are best installed by professionals. Those without sidelights can be a DIY project. Maintaining your craftsman entry door is relatively simple as most only need occasional dusting and annual coats of paint or stain. However, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on maintaining the finish of your door.

5.1. Proper Installation Techniques

After you or your contractor have installed the sidelights, double-check that the job was performed correctly so you and your home can enjoy all the extra natural light the sidelights will bring for years to come, without worrying about potential water damage or drafts.

– Pack fiberglass insulation between the back of the casing and the framing on either side of the sidelight’s rough opening. – Seize the sidelight by pressing shims into the gap between the sidelight frame and the opening on both sides and at the top. – Determine if the sidelight is plumb and level; and if it’s not, adjust the shims until it is. – Fasten the shims by driving screws through the frame and into the shims. If the screws are exposed, be sure to use white screw caps to hide them.

Then, to install the sidelights:

– Remove the door and place it in a safe location. – Remove the trim from the inside and outside of the sidelight area. – Cut the nails that attach the surrounding jambs to the sill or floor. – Pry out or cut the jambs if necessary, ensuring that they’re fully removed. – Regulate the sidelight opening by verifying that the edges are straight, the corners are square, and the wall studs are plumb. – Ensure that the sill, head, and sides of the sidelight opening are clean and free of debris.

If you’re new to the installation process, follow these basic steps to achieve a properly installed sidelight:

To make sure your sidelights are properly installed, you have two options: doing detailed research so you can verify that your contractor is doing the job correctly, or doing the job yourself. Seeing as it’s relatively simple to install sidelights if you have the know-how, it may be easiest for you to DIY if you have the time.

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The Ultimate Upgrade: Craftsman Entry Door with Sidelights


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