Exploring the Top 10 Stunning Front Doors with Sidelights to Enhance Your Home

1. Introduction

But back to the main one – you’re probably looking for a bit of inspiration for your future or your very next front door. If that’s the case, the perfect piece of design for your home’s main entrance might be waiting for you in the ten following examples. We went in search of the best front doors ideas in a variety of categories, and it wasn’t hard to find ten great examples of front doors with sidelights to lay before you.

After years of treating our front doors almost sacrilegiously as a merely functional piece of our homes, today’s homeowners are really coming into their own and treating their front entrances with love and care, seeking all types of decorative solutions to heighten their properties’ curb appeal. Have you ever stopped to think that a lot of your guests have their first glimpse of your home is the front door? Make it a memorable one. When you think things couldn’t possibly get any better, the innovation-savvy homeowners came up with an incredibly simple idea to make it even better – adding glass sidelights. They’re great visually, of course, but they also allow more light into the otherwise dark and dingy entrance area. A plus? These decorative elements are also a practical choice as they allow you to see who’s at your door before you answer it. So, in addition to looking beautiful, they can also increase the security of your home! A true win-win!

2. The Importance of Front Doors and Sidelights in Home Design

The sidelights stand on both sides of the main front door. They are narrow and quite small windows that provide light and privacy. Although the main door guiding light is their primary work, they evolved into a highly stylish accent to the home. When architects started designing homes where creativity was the norm, sidelights were created to make the front door an integral part of the door with windows and door surfaces. The side window can make the door and the whole entire house stand out from the street. Sidelights have been an integral part of the home for centuries. The sidelights stand on both sides of the door, and the sun shines through the glass to create a beautiful and warm light effect. Illuminating the front door is very helpful at night. It welcomes guests and provides peace of mind when someone arrives after dark.

Front doors are a very important part of your home. Many architects have said that the front door is one of the most important parts of your home. Many feng shui masters say that it is one of the most important things to consider when creating a balanced and harmonious space. Front doors provide privacy, security, and much more. The installation of front doors can increase the value of the property. Many real estate dealers say that the best test of attractiveness and beauty of a house when considering resale is often seen from the street. Install the best door you can afford. It is the first and the last impression of that door. Hopefully, it will not be the first and the last impression of your home, but it is sometimes the case with visitors.

3. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Front Door with Sidelights

Before you run out to choose your front door with sidelights to style your front entryway, it is best if you consider these factors first so that you will be happy with your front door for years to come. Also, you will have peace of mind that you are not missing something important in the decision-making process. Get ready to fall in love with these visually interesting front door options.

As the main entrance to your home, the front door has more of a look and feel than any other door, so you may want to consider a stunning front door with sidelights to make the entry of your home a real showstopper. If you are considering a front door with sidelights (side panels), it means you are ready to make a statement with your front door. It will be a really important decision, knowing that it will have a massive visual impact on your home entry.

4. Top 10 Stunning Front Doors with Sidelights

Original 19th-century French doors have remarkably complex configurations and countless decorative arts, with a strong foundation to complement by the development of TruStile® French Door, your setup is rendered from 1.75″ or 2.25″ hardwood stiles. Horizontal rails are 4.5″ extended and are customized to fit the remnant of the design. You can mix sidelights with French doors to form a grand entrance as a component of numerous TruStile® door combinations.

Traditional front side doors are an important part of the curb appeal of any house, with the potential of providing symmetry and adding a striking look or a show-stopper appearance. French doors, which are derived from original French doors, possess a glass transom as well as sidelights, decorative windows situated on one or either side of the access. Frames and sashes that are fitted alongside the entranceway often complement other dramatic shared themes such as concrete exteriors, molding, or crown tiles.

4.1. 1. Contemporary Glass Panel Door with Sidelights

This door fits in a 150mm-165mm wall panel and allows everything about this door to remain simple. Although a glass front door doesn’t have too many decorative points to show off, its look is up to date and neat outside of your house. It will let enough natural light into your minimalist style home. It possesses sophisticated glass fiber technology that is combined with an energy-efficient core that serves to provide complete frame protection together with ultimate security performance. The huge plus is that it is an extremely strong seal and high resistive insulating glass which is perfect to keep warm during cold & chilly seasons. Its style works in harmony with the surrounding elements of your property. In this way, the transparent panel adds depth, contrast, and color to the box-like structure.

When you are looking for a simple yet elegant replacement for your traditional style door, consider something like this. It is an all-weather door that is designed for those who want to have a nice view of the outside or let sunlight into the room. Simplicity with a combination of minimal features and great security seems to be the thing that many homeowners look for now when it comes to doors. The contemporary glass panel door with sidelights is a great entrance way that will pair so well in contemporary style houses. It has a straightforward, very basic pattern, and nice clean lines. The durable glass is tucked into the door for a stable, secure and waterproof installation. This front door made of glass and yellow fiberglass is practical while stylish enough to suit any space.

4.2. 2. Classic Wooden Door with Decorative Sidelights

This classic design of the front wooden door with various mouldings really emphasizes the symmetry of the facade. It is inevitable that such decorative sidelights will add the amount of natural light coming into the interior, also increase the well-being by seeing anything from the outside a bit sooner. Especially when the interior is the living room, such a function is always needed as the whole family member can only take a look and let them know who is coming. Plus, it also showcases the textures of the hardwood, emphasize the tones of the wood and molding, while the warm glow of the light inside turns the atmosphere to an elegant warm living room. In terms of style, the double fluted columns on each side of the stone pedestal and decorative capitals envelop the building reminding the society of the classic colonial design. And the natural classic combination of the triangle pediment, reversible glass casing, and fluted crown moulding to the mouldings of the door clearly define the curves of the dentil shelf bracket, pilaster capitals, and window header make it such an eye-catching accessory especially for such ornamented exterior double front doors, behind this solid wooden front door with sidelights.

By now, you have to realize that the use of sidelights next to the front doors has been reflecting the popularity of such kind of doors in society. The variation of the designs made by the homeowner makes it easier to add sidelights along with the doors as it is a part of the door. These following doors summarized the advantages of harmonizing the main and side accents by choosing the decorative designs of the sidelights. Included in this chapter are some stunning exterior double doors with sides of double sidelights.

4.3. 3. Modern Steel Door with Frosted Glass Sidelights

Including sidelights with a wood-frame door works great to keep the natural element throughout the entire entryway. These continue straight from the floor to the ceiling with a simple trim design. The full glass panel door ensures the maximum natural light continues into the home. The dark color of the steel door doesn’t need to be too fancy in design because it holds its ground with its simplicity. The double sidelights feature simple colored glass, which adds a little personality in its own right.

Steel doors are a popular choice for homes as the primary door because they’re highly durable and secure. This modern steel door includes side panels with frosted glass, which allows natural light to fill the interior of the home without sacrificing privacy. The design is both modern yet within an alternative style, which is showcased subtly from the front of the house. They help enhance the look of the façade as well as make it more difficult for an intruder to hide behind them because they are less likely to use a windowless door or wall. The steel door featured could be painted in any color, but it looks striking in the orange shade. With sidelights that contain a frosted glass design, it adds an extra “pop” of color without being too dramatic.

4.4. 4. Craftsman Style Door with Stained Glass Sidelights

Craftsman doors are more than a hundred years old now. They are a beautiful option to consider adding to your entryway. They have been displayed in many homes that have carried the look and design across various types of homes. The use of sidelight windows with these specific doors enhances the look that you can’t find anywhere else. You can also add a transom window above the door to add some extra texture to the space. With today’s craftsman doors, there are many personal touches that you can add to give it that more old vintage feel.

When it comes to updating the entryway to your home, there is nothing that makes a bold statement other than changing the door. A beautiful door can make a stunning statement and has the ability to add further character to your location. Trends have changed over time and a range of door choices with sidelights, transoms, and designs on the doors can transform your home’s appearance significantly. Front door choices include improvements to design, energy usage, glass type, structure, and properties.

4.5. 5. French Country Door with Wrought Iron Sidelights

Made to look rich and very sophisticated, wrought iron sidelights will elevate any front door’s grandeur with the extra height they provide. Not only are these sidelights supposed to look grand since they were named after dramatic events that happened to the governors, but these front double doors with sidelights are also supposed to be fit for the grandeur of such a place. When it comes to your homes, you can always choose to create an entranceway that looks like a historic site. You can make your guests feel regally welcomed just by adding a lovely front door that looks stately and regal. When you have a front door that looks impressive, even your home’s visitors will have a suitable background for dramatic “performances” of their own – to give themselves enough confidence to knock on that grand front door.

For a home that was designed with an eye for detail, not just any type of front door will suffice. In fact, to make a grand statement, discerning homeowners often incorporate front doors with two sidelights. They come in a variety of designs and either wrought iron, wood, or glass materials. Wrought iron sidelights will always look very elegant because of their grand effect. When combined with a lovely French Country front door that’s crafted from solid wood, this type of entryway will look beautifully old-world. It might seem very simple, but the glass inserts that are set within the door’s front panels add elegance to the design.

4.6. 6. Rustic Farmhouse Door with Crosshatch Sidelights

This style of door is also popular on homes that seek that Tudor or Colonial look and so makes for a stunning way to enhance the original features of your home. A double or single panelled door can both be used for this design and you can accessorize as you wish. If you’re shopping for a door of this design, remember to look out for solid, quality materials that are finished well. And if the country life takes your fancy, you can achieve this same effect by adding a beautiful fresh coat of bright blue!

The craftsmanship and style of this lovely rustic farmhouse door with crosshatch sidelights make a beautiful feature for your home. With a curved transom and crosshatch windows above square glass stops placed within the door’s lower two-thirds, it’s a traditional style that’s been slightly adapted for that extra special rustic feel. The sidelights also incorporate this lovely crosshatching, making for the perfect front door ensemble.

4.7. 7. Mediterranean Style Door with Arched Sidelights

First of all, modern front doors may seem obvious, but they aren’t. It is not a standard choice. Therefore, nothing can make a house more unique than installing the Mediterranean style door. In terms of expression, the hand-forged iron and wood tell people that you are looking for a safe, comfortable, and casual family life. Only the presence of the Mediterranean wood door and sidelights grows the spirits to embark on a wonderful experience. This is even more significant when visitors leave their palaces to come here.

Mediterranean style doors come with a serious and solid wood-based construction. There is no doubt that the door and sidelights keep the exterior protected. The aged ironwork decoration makes the front door eye-catching. It is truly a beautiful thing to behold. A lot of people choose this type of door design to show off their personal taste. The door comes in majestic and stunning beauty.

4.8. 8. Victorian Era Door with Leaded Glass Sidelights

Constructed to reflect a nostalgic era, the façade of this home is also a tribute to the architecture of its time which was, when all hands on deck answered the daily duties – porch style. Let’s get an up-close and personal look at the stunning front door with sidelights. The historical elements of the home are further appreciated as we take notice of the different shaped panes of glass used to form functioning window option which is the transom. The gable is a triangle portion in the lower Big Book of Windows that reflects the square of light above the portico.

A regal blue front door is inevitably going to make a statement in the neighborhood. However, pair that bold entrance with leaded glass sidelights, and the whole property effortlessly exudes a royal vibe. In addition to eye-catching leaded glass, vertically-shaped sidelights is the stained-glass transom that is above the door. This geometric style glasswork is in line with the Victorian era which was known for reinventing architectural styles of the past to create its own unique Art Nouveau interpretations with diverse details. Royal architecture is finally a subject worth delving into!

Today we are going to hone in on a variety of stunning doors by taking a closer look at the beautiful opening while shining a light on the surrounding windows. Check out these top 10 stunning front doors with sidelights to enhance the beauty of your home.

4.9. 9. Art Deco Door with Geometric Sidelights

Stained glass and etched glass work best with daylight when they can get the best opportunities to showcase their magic. The fluted glass is perfect to allow light to pass through while providing privacy to keep prying eyes away from your home. However, the glass at the bottom should be clear to take advantage of the daylight and brighten up the hallway inside. The side panels feature bold symmetrical stepped patterns typical of the Art Deco Period. The etched glass should be fixed with safety glass and feature different levels of obscurity. The door should be painted in black to accommodate this striking geometric design.

Art Deco glass design dates back to the early 20th century and reached its zenith in the 1920s-1930s. The attractive stylized motifs, angular geometry, and symmetrical stepped patterns are perfect for adding charm to your front door. This black and white door features both stained glass and etched glass geometrical designs that will perfectly fit into the Art Deco theme. The simple back front door is all that is needed, given it can play a big part against a boldly-colored wall.

4.10. 10. Minimalist Door with Clear Glass Sidelights

By researching and identifying what type of door makes your heart skip a beat, you can save time and prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed with the numerous choices to be pursued. It does not matter which door you choose as long as you are excited to see it every day. Believe it or not, when your entrance is on point, it sets the tone for your entire home. A polished design of the door affects the mood it represents. Have you been feeling very minimal nowadays? In embracing the clean and streamlined aesthetic, you may want an architectural block featuring a coat of black and concrete walls and steps. Build a peaceful home exterior from a mix of vertical and horizontal panels, with an aluminum handle. Provide the house with some natural lighting and accomplish the mosaic style with windows, with middle windows to let sunlight flood into your home, and sidelights.

Minimalist doors with clear glass sidelights can give your home design style a sleek and clean look. Minimalism may have designs that are a couple of hundred years old, but they look as if they were founded today. It gives an aesthetic look that feels great to have and be around. It is about the simplicity of the purpose of a door with sidelights. Influenced by the Art Deco styles, it can set aside a new look for your front door façade.

5. Installation and Maintenance Tips

In many cases, aluminum entrance doors can last for 30 years or more. If you want to replace your old one which is often heavy and subject to fading, the following tips for installation might be helpful. A door with sidelights is a heavy and awkward thing to carry and install. Even if you hire pros to do the heavy lifting, you have to carefully prepare the rough opening so the old door fits properly. Knowing the precise door opening measurements is a must, as the first section of sill pan, start by measuring the rough opening width at the underside of the existing door sill. Deduct 1/16-inch from the front width for caulking clearance. Cut the side and end pieces to fit tightly into the inside corner and secure the pan in place with silicone caulk.

Installing the new front door before sidelights goes without mentioning, makes the entire process easier. Being able to work straight through, without major demolition between stages minimizes the overall effort if you hire help. Secondly, when it comes to curb appeal, surprising your neighbors by suddenly and dramatically changing the front door can be risky, especially with a door this dominant. However, in this case, the old door was just beyond natural repair, and the old sidelights unsalvageable. This job wasn’t merely elective surgery; it was a matter of life or death. The front entrance doors undergo daily wear, often for years, yet homeowners still favor aluminum material. Not only is it decorative, but it’s also sturdy and energy-efficient.

6. Conclusion

One, in some cases two, sidelights, much like the name suggests, is a strictly vertical portion off to a side of the door. Usually, we see them on top of some steps to a front door. We generally associate these with extra elegance as they usually both bring in more light and make for a grand entrance. More traditional places like southern plantation homes would have used this design to help their occupants avoid the harsh southern sun. Something like a half-circle transom wouldn’t have been of much use in this case, but two simple extensions off to the side, or sidelights, would have done the trick nicely. They’re really all about enhancing that idea of symmetry and balance on your entrance way, and when used correctly, they can make a surprisingly big difference in the way you, and other people, see your home.

Front door sidelights are a stunning addition to your home. They can change the look of a space because they allow so much light in. They are also a functional addition to any home and they are available in several different styles and designs. A stunning front door is a huge selling point if you are looking to sell your home. It will wow people when they come to the front of your home and look attractive to people passing your home. Whether you want a modern look or a more Victorian look, there is a design to suit you and your home. Pair your style of door with a beautiful front door color, and you will have people in awe of your home when they walk up the front steps. We hope you have been inspired by these front doors with sidelights as much as we have.

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The Transformational Impact of Installing a Front Door with Sidelights


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