Exploring 10 Stylish Replacement Front Door Options to Upgrade Your Home

1. Introduction

In selecting a trendy new door, there will still be several factors to consider before making the purchase: cost, your household’s need for security, your personal taste, how it will look from the curb, and whether it can be put in easily or whether it needs major modifications to fit. Have a good look at this selection of stylish replacement front door options with a decorative inward curve or a curved stile and rail door that is also stylish. Discuss them with your contractor and then update your update with a perfect door.

You say to yourself, “If it is not broken, why change it?” That question has been asked throughout time. It encourages people to stick with what they have because it will get the job done. In the past, a strong, good looking but traditional looking front door said, “Solid, respectable, and look inside.” It is like the door of a church. That traditional look is expected. Now you can choose from a number of stylish, inviting, and practical front doors. The choice is yours.

Is your home beginning to look drab and out of date? Have you painted your front door for the last time and are now looking for a replacement? Perhaps your home’s door is merely functional – a thing designed to keep out the elements. There is a solution. It is now possible to upgrade and enhance the look of your house number one by exploring what is available and finding a stylish replacement front door. This article will show what you can use to make a bold statement. Your home will look better for the change.

2. 1. Modern and Contemporary Styles

Fiberglass, glass, and/or metal are all good material options if you want to customize a modern or contemporary door. Metal front doors made of steel or aluminum and high-end fiberglass doors usually cost more than other doors but are also more durable. You can customize a modern door yourself by painting your front door a sleek, modern shade. Black, white, or charcoal is trendy color options that pair well with a modern or contemporary home’s design. If you choose to paint your door, you should use a paint with a good warranty for increased protection from the elements. Choose a paint guaranteed to last you 15 to 20 years, or choose a pre-primed door that’s ready for painting.

If you have a modern or contemporary home, you’ll want to enhance your home’s architecture with a modern or contemporary new replacement front door. Look for sharp, clean lines with molding to create geometric patterns – consider vertical rectangles or horizontal shapes that imitate the home’s exterior shapes, like a grid of square windows. This will create a bold, modern look from the curb that will appeal to buyers one day. Styles to consider are modern, contemporary, and custom entry doors, which are all designed in a more streamlined style. When shopping for a modern or contemporary front door, make sure to work with an experienced door salesperson so you can ask lots of relevant questions to find all the features, price, and style you’re looking for.

2.1. 1.1 Sleek Steel Doors

Cons: Steel doors with a woodgrain slab can only be stained or painted, not customized with a wood veneer. Without a thermal break, steel can reduce the energy efficiency of a home.

Steel doors are typically understated and elegant. They are also incredibly strong and require minimal maintenance. Many are sold prefinished and ready to install, with a woodgrain slab that can be stained or painted. Plus, thanks to the metal’s rigidity and inherently narrow sightlines, many steel doors already present a modern aesthetic. Consider a modern light or handle to add a perfect finishing touch.

2.2. 1.2 Glass Panel Doors

This beautiful wood front door with beveled glass door panel has a very realistic, beauty mark effect. Beveled glass is not as often used in doors because it often tends to detract from what is inside, making the inside of the home look distorted from the outside. However, if you really must have bevels and have found a style that will work with the shape of the door, it can provide a lot of charm.

Picking new doors for your home requires a mix of aesthetics and function. The right front door can add light to a dark entry or make a statement about your style while providing security and sturdiness against the weather. Glass panel doors provide the most visibility of any front door, but still provide a six or eight-inch section of wood at the bottom to provide security. These are wonderful for a front entry with a lot of landscaping or a beautiful porch area that you would like to show off and let in light. Use a front door with glass panes wisely, utilizing peepholes or mini blinds to avoid unwanted eyes or something with a cut of glass you cannot see through.

3. 2. Classic and Timeless Designs

Designers will find that many classic and timeless door designs tend to easily incorporate a large number of available options. Classic and timeless door designs offer numerous advantages, a significant setback is that not all hardware items or other architectural accessories will be a proper fit without careful consideration of these other components. Classic and timeless door designs tend to be some of the most popular styles available on today’s market.

Much like previous trends, there are many advantages of using a classic and timeless door design. The main benefit of being able to use a classic and timeless door design is that classic and timeless designs tend to incorporate a wide range of hardware items and other architectural features that make such designs even stronger when grouped together. Classic and timeless door designs tend to be even stronger as décor components because of the wide number of materials that can be integrated into the crafting of these style doors.

3.1. 2.1 Traditional Wooden Doors

A quality replacement front door is an essential part of the appearance of your house. Traditional wooden doors are incredibly popular – and with good reason – they provide a classic door look suitable for any home. Some of our finest ideas for wooden doors tips and inspiration include: natural wooden front deck ideas and methods to reinforce old wooden floors, rustic wooden homes, finish home restoration history, are widely shared and respected. To add up to the entrance of your house, look at the doors and add a pop style to your home!

The traditional wooden door is both beautiful to look at and solid. A wooden door works seamlessly with just about any type of exterior and can be a good match for old or new homes. Mahogany and oak, with a wood grain or minimal design, are the popular panel door options added to the exterior of a house. Metal, manufactured wood, and glass doors are other styles. The strength of the traditional door complements the security and durability that homeowners require for sun, rain, or shine.

3.2. 2.2 Craftsman Style Doors

Enjoying a very long history in the building construction industry, the craftsman style doors give a picture-perfect foundation for all door designs that can be installed in any home. Carrying simple and square designs and yet complex and eye-tricking at the same time, the craftsman style doors are especially noted for giving much of the property’s appeal and warmth to any architectural style. Since the ever-growing range in both new and reclaimed styles and panel types, craftsman style doors aimed at versatility are simply designed – with thick and clean lines making it so easy to select your preference that will complement or greatly coordinate with your home’s decoration.

Craftsman style doors are a character-filled and excellent choice for those who prefer a bit of rustic feel. Reprising the timeless look of quality old doors, craftsman style doors come in so many classic, authentic designs with beautiful detailing. If you want to add a bit of profound and timeless look to your home, consider replacing your entry door with a craftsman style door on your exterior space, and taking a look at the following popular and stylish designs of craftsman style doors that can be chosen from to make your final finding task easier.

4. 3. Unique and Customizable Options

Much of your front door material choice will be determined by your home’s location, climate, as well as the structure of your home. If your home doesn’t have a roof overhang and is exposed to the elements, a steel or fiberglass material might be a better idea than real wood, which can warp and expand when exposed to moisture. Real wood gives you the warmth and quality that fiberglass or steel can’t provide. It’s also arguably a more decorative entrance with one-of-a-kind features. You can find doors with recessed panels to raised, all including options for extra Gothic or Roman decorations around the glass. Wood starts around $500 to over $1,000 with your choice of glass style. You can also find wide plank wood doors starting around $1,000 and up in plank colors. Add a lifetime finish on a wood door, and your door will retain its beauty through many elements.

In this DoorLove video, we explore 10 stylish replacement front door options to upgrade your home. There are countless options on the market today, and we seek to highlight different materials, colors, and styles to achieve a fresh, new front entry for your home. These doors not only enhance your home’s street appeal, but also improve energy efficiency and security, as well as reflect your personality and lifestyle. The shown options include wood, steel, and fiberglass materials, as well as modern alternatives with glass and metal combinations. We hope you can find the right door solution to match your home.

4.1. 3.1 Dutch Doors

Transoms are gorgeous to add onto exterior doors, as are sidelights, and these architectural components can be a little limiting. Not only do they add to the weight of the door, but they also require cutting into the new wall. In addition to the Dutch door, another way to get that classic look is with the Dutch door sidelight. Sidelights make such a delightful addition to any entryway. They allow the beauty outdoors to come in and with them often brings lots of natural light. The Dutch door sidelight is used as a separate piece and is screwed into the existing door or can be installed next to any door of the consumer’s choosing, thus allowing for any size opening. This is a project that some may shy away from since it could call for altering the existing wall to fit this stylish little piece but not to worry, that opens up a great doorway to working with a contractor familiar with this project.

4.2. 3.2 Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are a great option for replacing your front door, especially if your home has a wide entrance with a greater amount of wall space on which the door can pivot to open and close. Pivot doors usually work best for homes with a width of about 2.5 meters due to the lateral space they require to open. These replacement doors are often made from a variety of materials, including glass, timber, solid wood, and metal, and can be designed with a single or double door configuration if you desire to outfit your residential building with a majestic entrance.

Pivot doors, also known as big doors, are doors that are hinged on the top and bottom instead of side to side to the entrance. Pivot doors provide an interesting and striking replacement front door option for your home. Pivot doors can open up your entrance so that it provides a completely unobstructed view of everything on the other side of the door and can be oversized to your specific taste and preference. Additionally, pivot doors are a good option for your home if you want a grand and grandiose entrance while still maintaining the privacy and security of a front door.

5. 4. Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Choices

You don’t have to compromise your values when selecting a new front door for your home. Environmentally responsible options are available to heighten your home’s style with natural appeal. Environmentally friendly doors can be perfectly suited to both traditional and contemporary homes – without breaking your home’s aesthetic flow. Every door can also play a part in contributing to an even more energy-efficient home, lowering energy bills and limiting environmental impact.

When you’re on the lookout for a replacement front door, it’s not just about finding a suitable entry for your property. The right replacement is a smart investment in your family’s personal security and safety, as well as a beautiful enhancement to your home’s curb appeal. If you need a new exterior door for your residence, we’re here to highlight 10 of the most stylish and unique options to take into account.

6. 5. Security Features and Smart Door Technology

For information on technology and the latest, please contact your real estate agent when you are exploring replacement front door options, so you can know about the latest tech and find out what people are looking for in your area. There are now security features such as smart door technology that will inform you if you have left the door open or notify you if someone is trying to unlock it. You may also have video capabilities built into your doorbell so you can use your door as a virtual peep hole and make sure the person knocking is not too frightening before interacting with them.

7. Conclusion

From better energy efficiency to an increased sense of security, each of these replacement doors can deliver real benefits for your home and family. Your new doors are also an extension of your personal style and that of your home. Replacing older doors with something modern that repairs the style on your home exterior will offer a significant update and feel that you can enjoy immediately. From exterior modern doors in a mid-century modern style or something else unique, stylish doors may enhance your home as nothing else can. Tired of the outdated, plain, or stretched-out doors that currently reside in your home? A new, stylish replacement door can work wonders for your space.

Once you have purchased and installed several modern door additions to your home, you can take pride in the knowledge that you have helped your property achieve a stylish, updated look. Equally importantly, each of these replacement doors adds value to your home. Like any home improvement, increasing your home’s value will pay off for you financially whether you plan to sell or own for a long time to come. With that completed, you can also rest easier with the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is well-protected from whatever the weather has in store.

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The Benefits of Investing in a Replacement Front Door for Your Home


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