Dutch Doors

Dutch Doors: Stylish & Practical

Dutch Doors Installed In Orange County & Surrounding Communities

There’s something so unique and stylish about having a Dutch Door on your home!

Dutch Doors are a single door split horizontally allowing the top and bottom halves (also called “leaves”) to operate independently. Dutch Doors are also known as Half Doors, Split Doors, Double-Hung Doors and sometimes mistakenly as “Doors with Windows.”

Whatever you call them, we are the Orange County door company uniquely qualified to help you customize a solution. If you need a Dutch Door with sidelights, or a double door, or even ‘odd-sized’ (taller and/or wider than average) doors, we can help, because doors are all we do, and we’ve been in business for 30+ years.

Take a look at the below pictures to start getting some ideas. Then give us a call – (714) 974-5728 – or go here to schedule a free in-home door consultation.

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