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The term Entery Doors with  sidelights (also known as sidelites) may be a little misleading, because they aren’t lights at all, but rather slim vertical windows that flank your entry door to enrich and embolden your entryway’s aesthetics.

They are called sidelights because they are installed adjacent (to the side) of the door and they let outside light into your home.

In the daytime, sidelights also serve a soothing but subtle function that homeowners and their visitors are usually unaware of: as people enter the foyer, warm beams of natural light in help make the transition from natural outdoor light to artificial indoor lighting smoother and less abrupt.

47 Gorgeous Entry Doors with Sidelights [Photos]

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Sidelites For Front Entry Doors or All Exterior Doors?

Sidelites typically adorn the front entry but, if you like, may be added to enhance the style and appearance of any exterior door.

For privacy, sidelights may need to be obscured–that is, treated or covered so people can’t see in, but not masked so much so that light isn’t allowed to enter. Popular sidelight privacy choices include beveled and stained glass.

Because there are so many fine, beautiful choices available, Today’s Entry Doors gets a lot of questions about pairing sidelites with entry doors. Fortunately, we have more than 25 years of experience designing and installing entry door/sidelight systems. So if you have any questions about what’s available in your price range, let us know.  We’ll explore the choices together.

Two of the most stylish and distinctive systems we install (and also among the most popular) are the black front door with sidelights (simply stunning!) and double entry doors with sidelights–the most spacious and inviting entry of all!

Entry Doors with Sidelights and Transom

For even greater dramatic effect, people often pair an entry door with sidelights and a transom, or more accurately a transom window.

Classic 36"x80" Therma-Tru S93 Fiberglass entry door with sidelights.. Installed in Anaheim Hills, CA.

A transom is a mostly decorative, over-the-door window. Transoms come in various shapes, the most common being arches and horizontal boxes.

Interestingly, British homeowners call transoms different names depending on their shape. A semi-elliptical transom is dubbed a “fanlight,” for example, while rectangular and other shaped windows are called “hoppers” or “overlights.”

Which Entry Doors Can Have Sidelights?

This is another question customers frequently ask. The short answer is: any. If you have the space, any fiberglass entry door we sell may be accented with sidelights to suit your unique creative preferences. Want a Craftsman entry door with sidelights? No problem.  Sidelights with a double door configuration? Just ask. We can even combine a beautiful fiberglass Dutch door with a sidelight or two, if that’s what you have in mind.

Thinking that sidelights might be for you?  Great! For many Today’s Entry Door customers, they add a whole new level of elegance to a plain or outdated entry. Here are a few more things customers find useful to know about fiberglass entry doors with sidelights:

  • In most cases an entry door with two sidelights will cost more than a double-door configuration. The reason is that it’s a more intricate and involved installation.
  • The cost of crafting and installing one sidelight is similar to adding a third modestly priced entry door.
  • Today’s Entry Doors can convert your existing double entry door system to a single door with two sidelights–or to a single door with a single sidelight.
  • We can also install transoms that perfectly match and complement your chosen sidelight design.
In most cases an entry door with two sidelights will cost more than a double-door configuration. The reason is that it’s a more intricate and involved installation.

Operable Sidelights (Venting Sidelights, Active Sidelites)

Want a distinctive, premium level solution usually only seen on a limited number of select homes?

Consider adding operable sidelights to your entry door and transom configuration. Operable sidelights are also called venting sidelights or active sidelites, because they can be swung open (operated) like a window, allowing extra light and ventilation into your home.

Hinged side lights that open will typically have a Mull Post (maybe Double Jamb or Mull Pocket) between the door and sidelight.

But wait – there’s more…

Do you know you can convert a sidelite into a second door – like a Double Door?

Yep. All you have to do is remove the Mull Post.

Viola! You have Double Doors!

See images #6, #110 and #125 below.

When not in use, the active sidelight can stay locked in place and act like a passive door. It’s a great option to have if you need to move in large furniture.

10 Entry Doors with Active Sidelights

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Architecturally, operable sidelights can create an eye-catching and versatile double entry door or French door effect. Weather permitting, they can also put you more in touch with nature, as they open to bathe your entry with bright Summer sunlight or send soft floral breezes sailing through your home in Spring.

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