View These Beautiful Dutch Doors With Sidelights

Sidelights Are A Great Way To Maximize Natural Light With Your Dutch Doors

A Dutch Door with Sidelights will not only help elevate your curb appeal, it’s also a practical solution to boost your home’s natural sunlight.

Here’s how we helped these folks upgrade their entryway by installing a Dutch door with complementary sidelites.

Grant felt his house looked old and dingy from outside and dark from inside. He wanted to upgrade the entryway without losing the colonial charm and improve natural light inside.

We installed a 9-Lite Dutch With Two 12″ Inch 5-Lite SDL Sidelights

Staci’s entrance extended the width of her smallish living area. It looked grand with the doors wide open. The downside was it was dark when she closed the doors. She wanted a solution to brighten her home whilst providing a panoramic view of her surroundings.

We solved her problem by installing double Dutch Doors (2-36″x80″) with two 14″ wide stationary sidelights.

Lori had Double 30” doors. She wanted a large door to make it easier for wheelchair access.

We installed a 42” wide Dutch door with one sidelight.

Abby loved to have a Red Dutch door. That said, she was a bit worried about security.

We installed a high-cut Craftsman Dutch door with matching sidelights.

Clark loved the outdoors and wanted to let in as much breeze and sunlight as possible.

We installed a 42” wide Dutch Door and two active sidelites.

Monique felt a wrought iron door would be the perfect complement for her stone house style. She also wanted the breeze even when the door was closed.

We installed a Wrought Iron Dutch Door with two operable sidelights and screens.

What Type of Sidelights Can I Install with Dutch Doors?

Sidelights can be categorized by the amount and type of glass that it contains.

Half Lite Sidelites

Sidelights that have glass on the top half are called half lites. These sidelights perfectly complement Dutch Doors that are also half lights.

[l10-gallery directory=”half-lite-sidelites”]

Another option is to have a halflite with a toplight (glass only at the top of the door) Dutch door.

Odd sized (50″x 80″) entry way configured with standard 36″x80″ Plastpro DRG60 Fiberglass Dutch Door with screen and Sidelight (12″x80″). Oak grain, factory stained brown Mahogany. Top and side Light Artesano glass with Patina caming. Emtek Hamden hardware in Oil Rubbed Bronze. ClearView retractable screen (vanishing screen) in Brown. Installed in Mission Viejo, CA.

Full lite (Single Lite)

Glass that spans the entire height of a sidelite is called a full-light. The glass can be clear, decorative or even further enhanced with wrought iron.

[l10-gallery directory=”half-lite-sidelites1″]

Full lite (SDL)

SDL stands for Simulated Divided Lite. This is a Single lite divided into grids to mimic true divided lites.

[l10-gallery directory=”half-lite-sidelites2″]

Top light sidelights

A high-cut Dutch door has the split on the top 1/3 of the door. Craftsman style Dutch doors come with a high cut. Naturally accompanying sidelights come with toplites. Toplites generally come as a single lite or SDL (with 2 lites).

[l10-gallery directory=”half-lite-sidelites3″]

Active Sidelights

Active sidelights can be operated like a regular door, though not meant to go in and out of as such. They even come with their own screens. Although not as common, customers want a venting sidelight along with their Dutch door, letting the breeze come in without opening the door.

55″x 80″ entrayway configured with Fiberglass Dutch Door with active sidelight (active with screen). 36″x80″ size Therma-Tru S231 Fiberglass door. Smooth skin, factory painted Classic White. Clear glass. Emtek Hamden hardware in Satin Nickel. Installed in Costa Mesa, CA.

10-Inch Sidelights

Most sidelights come in 12” and 14” widths. Some come 10”, really handy for those 5’ wide door systems.

The only downside to 10” sidelights is they can’t be made operable. If you have room, 12” or 14” sidelites are preferable.

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