Screened Dutch Doors: Breezy Without Bugs

Dutch Doors With Retractable Screens Are The BEST Doors For Summertime.

Dutch doors with screens will let the cool breeze in without your kids or critters escaping. Keep the bugs out with a “vanishing” retractable screen.

Get rid of that bulky storm door today.

Introducing Dutch Doors with Retractable Screens.

Plastpro Model DRS60 Single Half Door with Sidelite in 5 foot entrance. Door size 36″x80″ Fiberglass. Smooth skin, factory painted White. Artesano Breeze glass with Zinc caming. Emtek Hamden hardware in Satin Nickel. ClearView retractable screen in White. Installed in Huntington Beach, CA.

Why Retractable Screens are an Excellent Add-On for Dutch Doors:

It doesn’t matter how big or complex your new door system is; a retractable screen will fit!

A trendy option for standard 80” tall single Dutch doors is a pull-down or top-down screen. This screen pulls down to rest on magnets mounted to the Dutch shelf.

If your new single Dutch is 8 feet tall, we recommend a side-mounted screen. You may have a hard time reaching a top-down without hopping on a ladder!

Those with a double Dutch system can add a double retractable screen. The canisters mount to each side of the frame and the screens pull to meet in the middle.

OK, I know what you’re thinking…

“What if I have an 8 foot tall Dutch Door?”

If your new single Dutch is 8 feet tall, we recommend a side-mounted screen. You may have a hard time reaching a top-down without hopping on a ladder!

Unique Craftsman style Fiberglass Double Door system. Active 12 inch sidelight acting as second door. 36″x96″ Plastpro DRS3C80G000. Smooth skin, factory painted White. Clear glass. Emtek Saratoga hardware in Pewter. ClearView retractable screen in White. Installed in Mission Viejo, CA.

This is why they are called “Vanishing Screens”

Retractable Screens are also known as “vanishing screens” for a reason; They tend to blend in well to your system, and are often hard to see when retracted into the canister. This allows you to take full advantage of the screen without impacting the unique look of your new door.

Retractable screens use magnets to stay in place when pulled closed, adding to the clean look. No need for large handles and locks!

The result?

A Super Clean Look!

In comparison, storm doors and swinging screens obscure your new beautiful Dutch door.

Single 36″ inch (36″x80″) Black Dutch Entry Door with glass, screen and 2 sidelights in 6 foot opening. Plastpro DRM41 Fiberglass. Mahogany grain, factory painted Black. Half lite Clear glass. Emtek Hamden hardware in Satin Nickel. ClearView retractable screen in White. Installed in Santa Ana, CA.

Why ClearView is the Best Retractable Screen for your Dutch Door!

We offer ClearView Retractable Screens as our exclusive vanishing screen.

What makes this so special?

  • Far and away the most premium option when compared to the competition
  • American-made with no plastic parts
  • Built with their patented “Slow-Close” speed-reducing technology to prevent slamming and damage
  • Components are heat and UV-resistant, increasing their durability and longevity
  • ClearView screens come in 12 standard colors and 20 wood grain finishes
  • Retractable Screens have a limited lifetime warranty

Sounds impressive, right?

But hang on a minute:

Where does a top-down Retractable Screen rest, when fully extended?

The answer?

Let’s find out…

Dutch Shelf – Here’s the Secret…

You’ll need a Dutch Shelf to support Top-down screens.

Getting the size of the shelf is important.

The trick is to have a shelf that extends at least 1 full inch past the jamb.

In other words:

The shelf sticks out further than the door frame. This allows the screen to rest on the magnets, align with the tracks, and cover the opening.

36″ inch Fiberglass Single Dutch Entry Door with Screen (pull down vanishing screen). 36″x80″ Plastpro DRS2D. Smooth skin, factory painted White. Copper Creek Colonial hardware in Tuscan Bronze. ClearView retractable screen in White. Installed in Anaheim Hills, CA.

But here’s the problem:

You cannot have an extended shelf with a Side-mounted screen (for Double Dutch or 96” Tall Dutch Doors).

Extended shelves will interfere with Side-mounted screens that stretch across the system.

The good news is Side-mounted screens offer more flexibility for shelf widths. Any shelf that is flush with the jamb or shorter will be compatible.

In essence, you can get both a shelf and a retractable screen to complete your new Dutch door – irrespective of size or configuration!

Retractable Screens – Pros and Cons

Retractable screens sound like a slam dunk!

But you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages before adding one:


  • Blends well with the door
  • Very easy to operate
  • Lets a nice breeze in
  • Keeps bugs out
  • Many colors and finishes to choose from
  • ClearView has many competitive advantages
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not a “heavy duty” option for security
  • Will retract if walked into
  • No custom colors (screen color will not match door color)
  • Magnets do not blend well with Dutch shelf

Odd sized (50″x 80″) entry way configured with standard 36″x80″ Plastpro DRG60 Fiberglass Dutch Door with screen and Sidelight (12″x80″). Oak grain, factory stained brown Mahogany. Top and side Light Artesano glass with Patina caming. Emtek Hamden hardware in Oil Rubbed Bronze. ClearView retractable screen (vanishing screen) in Brown. Installed in Mission Viejo, CA.

Retractable Screen Cost

Top-down and single side screens are $475 for standard colors.

Double side screens are $975 for standard colors. Wood grain finishes are an extra cost and will add to the lead time of your project.


ClearView’s limited lifetime warranty covers material defects. It also covers defects of components that impede the screen’s operation. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, vandalism or weather events. It also does not cover general fading of the finish over time.

The warranty is void if the screen is removed, repaired or serviced by anyone other than the professionals at Today’s Entry Doors.

If you ever have an issue with your new screen, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Learn more about ClearView retractable screens

36″ Entry Door – Plastpro model DRS60. 36″x80″ Fiberglass Dutch door. Smooth skin, factory painted Dark Pewter. Artesano glass toplite with Patina caming. Copper Creek Heritage hardware in Tuscan Bronze. ClearView retractable screen in White. Installed in Orange, CA.


Dutch Door Screens help you let in the breeze while keeping pesky insects out. Extremely versatile they come in pull-down (top-down), side-mounted and double retractable screen versions.

Dutch shelves are a stylish add-on that’s also required for top-down screens.


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