Double Entry Doors: Keep or Convert?

Double Entry Doors Dutch

Double Entry Doors are a great option for many families. They provide a larger, more accommodating entry that makes it easier to bring furniture and other large articles through without damaging the doorway; dual doors can also project a grander, more regal appearance.

Over time, however, style-conscious owners may wonder: should I keep my two door configuration and update it? Or convert to a more modern looking single door and accent it with some new modern sidelights?

If you’re thinking of redoing your entryway, give us a call. We’ll answer any questions you have about door styles or door sizes and provide friendly, expert advice on getting exactly the configuration you want. Most popular are double 30 inch entry doors.

In the meantime, here are some helpful considerations to make your door buying decision easier.

Nice and New: Updating Your double front doors style

If you love the convenience and grandeur of two doors but just want to update the style, you have lots of design, glass, hardware and other options. Since your old doors were installed there have been many new choices introduced, and a rise in demand for new doors with sidelights.

Handy New-Door Tips

The one thing to keep in mind when replacing double entry doors is that sizing and satisfaction go hand in hand. It’s tempting to think you can simply grab a couple of same-size doors from a big depot store and go home and screw them in. That would be nice. But of course there’s much more to it.

Contact us today and we’ll provide some easy measuring pointers. As a leading door systems provider, our goal is to make replacing your double entry doors as easy and economical as possible, and to share our knowledge of the latest, most modern selections, including elegant, long-lasting fiberglass.

Going Single: Converting Your Double Entry Door System

Converting to a single door with sidelights is a great way to refresh your home’s personality and curb appeal without spending a lot of money. One of the best times to convert your old two door system is during a remodel. This option usually requires the advice and assistance of professionals, like Today’s Entry Doors, who can objectively present you with style, glass, hardware and other options based on your budget and creative vision.

With more than 30 years of door industry experience, Today’s Entry Doors provides fashionable, premium quality solutions that make converting from double entry doors  to a stylish new single door with sidelights as smooth and hassle-free as possible–without making structural changes to your home. Upgrading can be fun! So contact us today for friendly, expert advice and lots of exciting new design options.

The Most Durable Double: Fiberglass

Wood doors are fine for many homes. But as entry door experts with experience in all types of systems, we strongly recommend that southern California homeowners consider fiberglass when updating or converting their doors.

While there’s plenty to like about our warm, sunny climate, years of wind, blowing sand and punishing sunlight can significantly reduce the structural integrity and lifespan of traditional wooden doors. Wood doors can also increase your home’s vulnerability to termites and other wood-eating pests.  For these reasons, and those below, we think fiberglass is a better choice for you.

Better Moisture Resistance

Because fiberglass doors are molded into one piece at the factory, their outer covering has no seams or breaks into which moisture might seep. Wooden doors, by comparison, are sensitive to moisture and can, over time, absorb enough dampness from rain, sprinklers, humidity and other sources, to cause unwanted bowing, swelling and disfigurement.

More Energy Savings

Fiberglass doors are up to five time more energy efficient than their wooden counterparts, according to door industry statistics. High-quality insulation inside the door, along with our expert installation and weather stripping techniques, help keep the weather outside and the energy savings in (your pocket, that is).

Clearer Warranty Coverage

What’s covered in a wood door warranty is often written in complicated language or hidden somewhere in the fine print. To keep your coverage in force, many wood door makers require you to install an expensive overhang above their door before fully honoring your warranty. Because of how they’re constructed, fiberglass doors resist the elements far better than wood, and usually come with a more extensive warranty.

So whether you want to keep or convert your double entry door system, Today’s Entry Doors is ready to help. Contact us today for information, solutions or friendly design advice.