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Fiberglass Double Dutch Doors Are The Perfect Way To Open Up Your Home’s Exterior

Convenient & Appealing

Fiberglass Dutch doors are extremely popular here in Southern California; especially our beach cities. You can read more about our Dutch doors here. The good thing about fiberglass doors are that they are tough, energy efficient and come with extended warranties. Double Dutch doors are convenient, appealing and offer great value.

Double Dutch Door Styles

The 3 most popular fiberglass Double Dutch Doors are:

1. Traditional / Vintage style doors
2. Craftsman and
3. Rustic

This is a picture of a 9 light Traditional styled double dutch door in fiberglass.

Classic 68″x80″ (2 x 34″x80″) Double Dutch Doors with Glass. Smooth Fiberglass skin. 9 lite dual pane clear glass. Emtek Saratoga hardware in Polished Brass. Installed in Newport Beach, CA.

This is a picture of a Craftsman styled double Dutch Door.

Fiberglass Double Dutch Craftsman Entry Door (2-36×80). Fir Skin, Stained Medium Oak. Top Lite Solstice Glass Insert with Patina Caming. Installed in Orange, CA.

This is a Rustic Styled Double Dutch Door with Wrought iron in fiberglass.

Rustic 72″x80″ Fiberglass Double Dutch Doors. Rustic grain, factory painted. Priscilla glass with wrought iron. Emtek Nashville hardware in Oil Rubbed Bronze. Installed in Alta Loma, CA.

Paint Your Door With an Inviting Color

Black, White and browns are traditionally ‘safe’ colors. That said, we increasingly see people making bold color choices. We’ve had customers ordering their doors in reds, blues, greens and yellows; even the occasional hot pink and deep purple!

Rustic 72″x80″ Fiberglass double Dutch doors smooth skin, Installed in Huntington Beach, CA.

Increase Your Curb Appeal With Glass

Glass adds a touch of sophistication to your entryway. It also makes your home look bright, cheerful, and homey.

Glass goes well with Dutch Doors. You’ll see top lights with no grids to those with grids that include 2, 3 and 4 (divided) lites. You’ll also see half lites that span the entire top leaf with no grids or divided into 9 lites.

What are grids?

Grids are long, thin, flat pieces of fiberglass or other material that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles.

What are lites (or lights)?

These are glass panes (double or triple insulated) inserted in a door. They describe the amount of glass covering in a door.

What are top lights?

Top lights are glass inserts placed in the top 1/3 part of the door.

What are half lights?

Glass panes that span 1/2 height of the door.

You can find more entry door terms here.

Here’s a picture of a half-lite fiberglass double Dutch door that we installed.

Double Dutch Door in White

60″x80″Fiberglass Double Dutch doors. Smooth skin, factory painted White. Solstice glass with Patina caming. Installed in Huntington Beach, CA.

With all the options, the most popular style is the classic 4 lite (toplite).

The reason?

It offers Privacy and Security.

This is a picture of a 4 light that also comes in a double Dutch door option.

Classic Style 8 foot Fiberglass split door in (size 36″x96″). Smooth skin, factory painted custom color. 4 lite SDL Clear Glass. Installed in Huntington Beach, CA.

Fiberglass Double Dutch Doors With Sidelights

If you want your entrance to look impressive, add a sidelight or two. You’ll need an extremely wide existing entryway to accommodate the entire system.

Installing a double Dutch door system with sidelights is probably the most difficult even for professionals to handle – not at all recommended as an amateur DIY project.

This is a picture of a nice bright, wide and airy entrance. The door system has a split finish color scheme.

Classic Style 9-Lite SDL Double Dutch Entry Doors (2-36″x80″) with Shelves. Two 5-Lite SDL sidelights (14″ wide). Smooth skin. White Lami glass. Installed in Newport Beach, CA.

Are you interested in increasing your curb appeal with a beautiful Double Dutch Door?

We’ll bring our mobile showroom to your home. We serve Orange County, CA and surrounding cities. Get a free, no obligation design consultation and estimate. Don’t wait. Contact us today!

This company did an amazing job on our door!

Their service was fantastic too, from the first meeting to pick out our door (which they come to your house with door samples). We had lots of questions about the door options, colors and they were super nice.

They were honest about the timing to produce the door and delivered on that timing which is a huge thing. And, their installation team was great, very meticulous and proud of their work. I highly recommend them, especially if you are getting a Dutch door like we did.

Kelly B. Orange, CA

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