8 Foot Tall Doors

Amazing Selection Of Beautiful 8 Foot Doors

8-Foot-Tall Doors For Orange County & Surrounding Communities

8-foot-tall doors (also known as 96-inch doors) are an increasingly common door replacement size.

So the good news is… there are LOTS of choices.

And the bad news is… there are LOTS of choices.

Of course, having many choices is only bad news if it makes you feel overwhelmed. And with us, that won’t happen. Our 3 decades of experience, combined with our proven process for helping you find a door, is the key to avoiding overwhelm and getting a result you love.

Take a look at the below pictures to start getting some ideas. Then give us a call – (714) 974-5728 – or go here to schedule a free in-home door consultation.

Door Shopping By Size For
Orange County Homeowners

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