The One Trait Your Door Company NEEDS

Choose A Door Installation Company That Specializes In Doors. Big Box Stores Will Disappoint.

We see this mistake over and over again: homeowners shopping for doors at big-box retailers or companies that treat doors as an afterthought. It is very limiting, and typically results in getting a door that is mediocre or disappointing.

Here’s why the results are “blah”: these companies don’t know what they don’t know. They limit you on door styles and customizations because their knowledge of what is truly available is only surface deep.

The sad thing is that many times the homeowners never know that they didn’t have to settle for something ordinary. It really is possible to find a door you absolutely love.

Why You Should Choose A Door Company Obsessed With Doors

At Today’s Entry Doors we’re REALLY into doors.

Kind of obsessed with them, actually.

Here’s some examples of what we mean:

  • We’ve been in business for 30+ years. (More than 3 decades of working with doors!)
  • Unlike most companies, we don’t offer any other product or service. Doors are the ONLY thing we do.
  • We’re the best reviewed door company in Orange County – homeowners really notice the difference with us.
  • Our long-term relationships with door distributors and manufacturers means we know what they are capable of and what options they have. There are many things that no catalog will show you that we can offer you.

Just One Example

Did you know that you can get a sidelight to your door that swings open if you need to move large items in and out of your house? You enjoy a stylish sidelight, but still have the flexibility you need. Here’s a picture of one we did for a customer:

Now, this example may have nothing to do with what you would want. And that’s exactly the point. This solution worked for this customer and we knew to offer it.

We can do the same for you: help you find the exact right door design, style, color, size, etc., that works best for YOU.

We Help Our Customers Find:

  • Door options you won’t find in any catalog (you have to really KNOW the products and door distributors/manufacturers to do this).
  • Choices that other door companies and retailers in Orange County don’t even know are available.
  • Door results that they LOVE – not just settling for something.

Another Quick Example

We estimate that 30% of the glass packages and designs we sell are not in any catalog. You won’t see them anywhere online. The only way to design these solutions is to know doors inside and out, backwards and forwards.

Don’t limit yourself by shopping with a company where doors are only one product among many!

The Next Step In Your Door Search

The no-risk way to get more information is to go here to schedule a free door consultation and quote. We’re Orange County’s best-reviewed door company – count on us to show you what’s truly possible in door replacement.

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