Dependable? We Once Made A Tough Custom Installation Happen On A Holiday For Customers In A Scheduling Pinch

Every Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm you can come on down to our comprehensive showroom and see it’s busier than the dickens. Completely gangbusters. One local homeowner after another streaming in with smiles on their faces, ready to learn!

Getting a fabulous new custom entry door on your home feels unlike anything else, but when you go higher-end, there’s much more process involved.

We’re the polar opposite of a big-box home improvement store experience.

Everyone you meet and chat with on the phone or in our showroom is a genuine entry door specialist.

A good portion of visitors have already checked up on us, browsed our Galleries (we have six so far), and done some Door Exploration on their own. So when they arrive they’re much further along.

On the other hand, one of the more common sentiments we hear from first-time visitors as we greet them is,

“Oh, we’re so glad you’re open!”

You bet we are. We enjoy opening our own front doors when folks are out and about in the Orange County, CA area.

Being available and accessible is something we’ve focused on for a great many years now.

And when it comes to scheduling installs for our customers…there’s almost nothing we won’t do to be accommodating as well.

Need an easy example?

How about (respectfully) making a custom entry door installation happen for a hard-working couple on a national holiday?

While we sincerely tried to make it happen earlier, one thing led to another and they just had no other choice. They needed it installed on Memorial Day, so we made an exception.

What had they ordered?

It was a challenging and very rewarding project; an all-inclusive install of a custom 42’’ by 80’’ door (one of the least appreciated sizes in the fiberglass entry door world) from Therma-Tru. Oh, but how beautiful it was when we were done with its statement-making frame, custom blue coloring, pristine new hardware…the works!

Their home almost seemed like a new place altogether.

With Today’s Entry Doors, you know you’re going to get world-class service. You’re going to work with a group of people who truly care. We care about what we do. And we care about who we do it for.

And sometimes that means going out of your way to make things happen.

Even on a holiday.

Don’t you agree?

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to seeing you in our showroom soon. Remember, we also have a Mobile Showroom we can conveniently send to your home. It’s just another way we’re making the door shopping experience better.

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