Customers Agree: Our Doors Are The Unequivocal Best Value

500 Installations A Year Is A Lot! Our Customers Can’t Be Wrong About Our Value.

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we install at least one premium fiberglass exterior door system a day.

Sometimes two; usually six days out of the week.

How long have we been at this?

Over 30 years.

So if we run through some basic math, we’re talking about thousands of premier products on thousands of homes.

That’s a lot of service!

And if you were to go online right now and search through our reviews, what’s one of the most common themes you’d run into?

“Our customers appreciate getting the value they pay for.”

We aren’t shy about the fact that we sell higher-priced exterior door options than most.

In fact, we’re the ONLY company that does what we do in Orange County (possibly all of California).

Sure you’ve got near endless basic run-of-the-mill ‘Window & Door’ companies, big box stores, or ‘Chuck & His Truck’ options…

But when you want something truly unique, we’re here to help.

Example: “I was searching for the product, not the service. When I found…

Let’s look at one of our most recent reviews on Yelp at the time of this writing. It’s from a wonderful woman named Amy A. who perfectly captures this common sentiment among our customers.


I wanted a new front door for our home and had been searching for the product rather than the service. When I found Today’s Entry Doors on Yelp, I contacted them for a quote. The price was MUCH higher than I expected, but after more research on my end, I decided it would be worth the cost for the high-quality product and service. I was right.


Imagine you wanted a custom sports car or home. Focusing on the product wouldn’t get you far, right?

Instead, you’ve got to focus on the skill and service of the most qualified professional. And when it comes to exceptional exterior doors and front-entryway doors…that’s us.

But why?


The company communicates so well, coming to my home with door samples as well as color choices for what I wanted. A small deposit secured my custom order and the product came in a little early. Installation was so professionally done, including my specialty door knocker, keypad lock, and peephole. This isn’t just a door replacement- it’s the entire frame and my entry was spotless after installation. Cannot recommend this company enough. Worth the price – you definitely get what you pay for.


Absolutely. We ensure there aren’t any surprises and we take special care and time to properly set expectations.

If we were custom car builders, we would have thousands of them under our belts.

But we do doors. Specifically high-quality, customized fiberglass doors from America’s most renowned manufacturers. We make sure you get every penny’s worth of value out of your investment because we know our reputation depends on it.

Simply reach out and Contact Us, let us know you’re interested and we’ll send our one-of-a-kind mobile showroom out to your home.

Yep, we’re bringing the showroom to you.

Just another way we aim to make all our customers feel well taken care of.

Thanks for your time.

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