Craftsman Style Front Doors

Craftsman Style Front Doors: 42 inch entry door

American Craftsman style entry doors, are also known as Bungalow doors, Arts and Craft doors, Cottage doors or sometimes Cabin style doors. The American public first glimpsed these elegant doors in furniture-maker Gustav Stickley’s house-designs magazine, “The Craftsman,” in the early 1900s. The publication helped create and advance adoption of the Craftsman architectural style.

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Today, in homes featuring complimentary and compatible architecture, a Craftsman Style Front Door can make for a wonderful aesthetic enhancement especially with sidelights. Because of the style’s East coast heritage, it’ s not unusual for Orange County residents transplanted from back East to prefer (and even own) homes built in this friendly and familiar style.

Notable Traits of Craftsman Style Front Doors

Clean, simple design. Most craftsman style front doors are single-piece, characterized by square edges and sharp lines, which combine to lend a simple, uncluttered elegance. The doors usually have a fine vertical grain, which is easily stained or painted. Most often, you’ll find two or three elongated vertical boxes set into the surrounding framework.

Elegant, ornamental shelf. Craftsman Style Entry Doors are typically adorned with a “Dentil” or small, ornamental shelf that sits just below the glass. This subtle but stylish feature adds one more
eye-pleasing dimension that’s missing in other door styles.

Decorative glass. If glass is integrated into the Craftsman style door, it’s usually added to the unit’s upper third. For years, clear or beveled glass has been a popular choice among homeowners, but that preference is slowly giving way to other more decorative options.

Fiberglass Entry Doors and Hardware

As our gallery reflects, all the beauty and elegance of the popular style is available in Today’s Entry Doors’ full selection of fiberglass entry doors.

We offer a wide array of Craftsman entry door hardware, including knobs, pulls, handle sets and locks.

Not sure about the differences in hardware for Craftsman Style Front Doors or which hardware goes best with the doors you like? Call (714) 974-5728 and one of our fiberglass entry specialists with assist with your questions.

Read our handy 5-step guide to help you choose a new front entry door for your home.

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