Contemporary Entry Doors: Less is More

Contemporary Style Front Doors: If you want something fun, yet stylish--trendy, yet expressive, Contemporary Entry Doors may be the choice for you.

‘Contemporary’ Entry Doors may seem to under 40-aged homeowners like anything but, because with their straight, simple lines and unpretentious design, they feel more like a ‘50s throwback than something from the digital age. Still, if you want something fun, yet stylish–trendy, yet expressive, the Contemporary Style Front Door may be the choice for you.

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The Modern Design’s Most Notable Traits

You’ll recognize the ‘modern’ by its sleek profile and a minimalist aesthetic. Contemporary Entry Doors are usually not paneled but rather smooth or flush. They are typically painted, rather than stained, often in a rich vibrant hue.

Homeowners who want to avoid gilding their entry with flashy glass and big bold hardware often gravitate toward a modern front door.  They believe that the entry door shouldn’t call too much attention to itself. Less is more, they say: more unassuming and thus, more inviting.

Less Doesn’t Mean Limiting

That’s not to say modern front doors always have to be plain vanilla. In fact, they often incorporate more glass window panes than other common door styles. But with modern doors, panes tend to be plainer and less adorned–usually just obscured for privacy rather than decoratively leaded or embellished. Single doors tend to be the best candidates for modern door styling but many homeowners use them with an existing double-door arrangement.

Contemporary Entry Doors: Where Fresh Meets Fabulous

Many people start their front door upgrade thinking they want the simple, understated Contemporary door style.  But as they’re exposed to the vast (and growing) assortment of glass, hardware and sidelight options, their idea of what’s stylish often changes, leading them to more contemporary door designs.

Homeowners who want contemporary style doors are usually drawn to their custom geometries and art-deco style glass treatments fashioned with unusual shapes and opacities. Contemporary entry doors, arrayed with distinctive and decorative options, tell the world that there’s nothing stodgy about your design sense. Rather, contemporary styling conveys a sense of energy, youthfulness and eager self-expression that all who enter your home will immediately recognize and embrace.

Fiberglass or Wood?

When replacing or upgrading doors, most homeowners reflexively think of wood. Traditional wooden entry doors have been around forever and are a good choice in many areas of the country. But in terms of durability, value and long-term resistance to weather, fiberglass has been proven far superior to wood, especially in hotter climates, like southern California’s.  A contemporary style fiberglass front door gives simplicity seekers everything they want in a door design, with a whole host of the finest, premium quality finishing and security options, to boot.

If it’s simplicity and style you want, install a fiberglass modern front door from Today’s Entry Doors. Get the distinctive, less-is-more look without compromising what’s important to you.
Or if it’s the bolder, more contemporary styling that turns your head, we also have your solution. Contact us today for personalized design assistance or a no-obligation door systems consultation. The finest, most exclusive solutions are at Today’s Entry Doors.

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