Common Questions About JELD-WEN Doors: What You Need to Know

1. Introduction

Frequently asked questions about JELD-WEN doors are often easy to answer for existing or prospective owners of the company’s high-quality products. Since when JELD-WEN Company was established they are one of the most popular manufacturers of different types of doors with different designs and features. With the constant evolution and improvement of the market, more and more people are searching for new innovative high-quality products and, of course, the first thing that comes up in their minds is JELD-WEN Company. But there are many other names as well that are designing, manufacturing, and also distributing some of the most important products on the market, and one of the biggest names is JELD-WEN. Because of this, many people are looking for the best and the most important quality products to install not only in their homes but also in their offices.

1.1. Purpose of the Blog

We created this blog to clarify common questions about JELD-WEN Doors. We will help you understand the information gathered. Once you understand your options, you can make an informed decision about the door that will best serve you and the personality of your home. We do things a little differently from other home improvement blogs. We have noticed that customers often have the same questions about the entrance doors. Our files are organized so that we can provide you with answers to recurring questions. We are setting up this blog to provide some of these answers, expanding all our years of expertise and experience in the door industry so that your door shopping is a breeze.

It is very important to choose the right door. Preparing these A propels of knowledge can help you understand what types and styles provide the best benefit for your needs. Our store will provide you with novelties and fine doors at great prices. With all the types of doors out there, they are not all made the same. Some are designed with one goal, while others are designed for other goals. The first step in choosing the right door is knowing what you consider when choosing the right door. This blog provides all the information you need to keep in mind the different objectives of new door purchases.

2. 1. Understanding JELD-WEN Doors

Who is JELD-WEN?
Established in 1960 as a start-up window business, JELD-WEN revamped and began creating doors too, becoming one of the last companies in the nation to make both doors and windows. Family-owned for the majority of its first 30 years, in 1996 JELD-WEN became a public company and today is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of doors. The company is headquartered in Klamath Falls, Oregon but operates facilities all over North America, including a handful of locations in Texas and several in neighboring states, making JELD-WEN doors for Texas and beyond. JELD-WEN’s wide-ranging selection of door systems and hardware options are an obvious reason for its success, but it has also earned its reputation as a responsible, ethical company that goes above and beyond to earn its customers’ trust.

Whether you’re designing a custom home or renovating an existing structure, the addition of custom doors featuring the JELD-WEN label is sure to add distinction. But before you make a purchase, it helps to have a bit of background on the company and its product lines. By gaining a better understanding of JELD-WEN doors, you will be able to make a more informed decision. The following provides responses to this common inquiry.

2.1. Overview of JELD-WEN

JELD-WEN entry doors combine architectural accuracy, unlimited ultra-premium finishes, and high-quality craftsmanship. Upgrade your curb appeal and get great performance for every single opening scenario. JELD-WEN is positioned in multiple channels, including retail, wholesale building products supply, and major home centers. The international footprint of JELD-WEN extends to 20 countries, with 113 manufacturing facilities located primarily in North America, Europe, and Australia. On a daily basis, it employs approximately over 22,000 staff worldwide, according to data compiled on the organization’s website.

JELD-WEN is among the world’s largest door and window manufacturers. It began in 1960 as a small Oregon millwork plant with 15 employees producing wood millwork products. Today, when you buy a JELD-WEN product, you’re buying a door, window, or stair system which offers a complete solution to your build requirements. They offer a wide range of well-designed premium doors, windows, and millwork for homes. As a leading manufacturer, JELD-WEN suggests more than 80 brands of quality doors, delivering beauty, finish, and style options to suit every kind of residence. In addition to the wide selection of exterior doors, interior doors, decorative glass, trim, and custom capabilities to complete your build.

3. 2. Common Questions and Answers

Can you paint your doors? Many JELD-WEN doors come primed and prepped for painting and/or staining. Some doors are available pre-painted. Some doors are available pre-finished, allowing you to skip the staining or painting process while enjoying the look and feel of a beautiful finish. Many folks often approach home improvement and door renovation during the weekend. To further assist in your efficiency, we also have 1500 colors available through JELD-WEN’s customer color match system. Contact your dealer for more details.

What’s a typical lead time to order doors? JELD-WEN stocks a variety of doors and products; lead times on our stock product vary greatly by geography and also by the distribution partner you purchase from. Your door (and any customizations) will be manufactured in a timely manner once purchased, and your JELD-WEN representative will have up-to-date and area-specific lead times. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your nearest JELD-WEN dealer with any questions you may have.

What is a pre-hung door and does JELD-WEN offer pre-hung doors for both interior and exterior applications? A pre-hung door is a door that’s already mounted in a frame and installed on hinges. JELD-WEN has a variety of pre-hung options available for interior, exterior, French, and patio doors.

What are the standard door heights and when can I request a custom size? A standard door height in the U.S. is 80 inches. The other common residential door height offered is 96 inches, making them both readily available in 1-inch increments. Some suppliers also offer 78 inches or 96 inches. If you have a home with taller door sizes, JELD-WEN has the ability to offer custom sizes beyond these standard heights. When shopping for doors, stock sizes come in various configurations. Please also know that should you require a unique size, we have the flexibility to craft custom designs.

At JELD-WEN, custom building exterior and interior doors is our passion. Some of the most common questions we receive are answered below. We hope you find these answers helpful. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service professionals using the “Contact Us” section.

3.1. What Makes JELD-WEN Doors Unique?

Their products are designed by corporate engineers and are thoroughly tested by the company to ensure they meet high standards in: thermal performance, air and water infiltration, impact resistance, forced entry and structural load performance. A special treatment called AuraLast is given to many of the products they make. AuraLast protects against wood rot, water saturation and termites. It creates a door that is strong, durable and resistant to decay and bugs. The long-term benefits of an AuraLast door is savings on finishing costs, less damage and maintenance. They are also warranted for 20 years.

Their doors are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes, and with plenty of glass options. Each one is custom made to your exact specifications. Customers can also choose to have their doors unfinished, so they can paint or stain it themselves. This will vary by dealer, so be sure to ask any questions. The company takes pride in their energy efficient products, making their range of doors a popular choice for ENERGY STAR solutions.

3.2. Are JELD-WEN Doors Energy-Efficient?

The following statement also comes: “Exterior doors and windows provide a barrier between your home and the elements. The performance of doors and windows is critical to the ability of the home’s envelope to shield its occupants from the elements. Windows and doors can have a significant impact on your energy bills by reducing the heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.” With the JELD-WEN emphasis on making the best design choices possible for insulation ratings, U-Values, and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients in various climate zones throughout North America with U.S. ENERGY STAR ratings and even specifically noted in IPOCB, one can easily understand that JELD-WEN is focused on creating energy-efficient doors.

Yes. The following statement can be found: “Your home’s envelope – the outer walls, ceilings, windows, doors, and floors – provides a barrier against the elements. The products you choose – from windows and doors to insulation – can have a big impact on your monthly energy bills, as well as on the comfort and quietness of your home.”

3.3. How to Choose the Right JELD-WEN Door for Your Home

Will the exterior door be a single door or one of a matched pair, commonly called a double door? The installation of a double door set creates the option of greater flexibility in entering homes. A double door design generally incorporates one fixed panel and one moving panel – both right-hand and left-hand units are available. Where flooding could be a concern, raised or fielded panels visually elevate the door. If the architectural character of the home is not enhanced, the door could be used anywhere. The selection of door slab can be influenced by the performance properties of the door construction. For enduring safety, a steel or fiberglass door is a sound choice. These doors offer more strength and a level of protection against forced entry, weather or insect infiltration not possible with a wood door. A fiberglass door has the added advantage of thermal efficiency. In the entranceway, the sidelights and transom space can be occupied by matching decorative glass.

How do you choose the right door for your home? This decision is influenced by interior or exterior location and multiple considerations for specific uses. The key product attribute when selecting an interior door is the design of the door slab – solid or hollow core construction. For areas with high traffic patterns, a solid core door provides greater durability and the feeling of substance. Doors made with a molded skin provide interesting panel configurations. For instance, a six-panel design can complement traditional styling, while a four-panel design provides a modern look. For all areas of the home, alternative options to the molded panel door are a flush or smooth design. These doors are ideally suited for a contemporary look. The choice of an exterior door is influenced by the architecture of the home. When visiting a home improvement store, the options of door slab configurations are significantly expanded with the addition of an array of decorative glass designs.

4. 3. Installation and Maintenance Tips

What are the rough opening measurements for a 30-inch door? A 30-inch door will feature a rough opening that measures 32 inches between the jambs and 82 inches from the door to the ceiling. Make sure to calculate to a plumb and level surface, accounting for baseboard thickness. The dimensions should ideally include enough extra space so that your door frame won’t need to be altered drastically during the door installation. It’s essential to have accurate rough opening measurements to create the best installation process possible for your door according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If not installed correctly, your door could experience problems down the road that could hinder its performance. Treat your project as a permanent installation and spend the time you need to properly calculate your measurements. If you are planning to install a pre-hung entry door, minimize the installation details to make an open jar and secure the door for installation. This will ensure a smooth installation, allowing certain units to be ready to install and function right away.

How do I measure for a prehung door? To measure for a prehung door, start by measuring the width, then the height. To measure the width, start by measuring the jamb at the bottom, middle, and top of the door. Use the shortest jamb dimension, then subtract 1/4 inch. Then measure the height of the door from the bottom of the slab to the top of the jamb, then deduct 3/4 inch from the opening height. Use the shortest height measurement when selecting a pre-hung door. A 36-inch door will have a rough opening of 38 inches; measure 38 inches between the door jambs, the top of the header, and the floor.

4.1. Proper Installation Procedures

JELD-WEN Exterior Entry Door Systems come pre-hung in primed frames. Entrust installation to an experienced professional. Make sure the joint at the threshold is leveled and even. Consider using a peel & stick flashing or Z-flashing above the door. JELD-WEN Patio Door Systems come pre-assembled and pre-drilled to simplify the installation process. Again, an experienced professional should complete the installation work. A well-sealed exterior patio door system has attaching nailing flanges around the perimeter, which are the primary attachment method. Nailing flanges must be fastened properly to ensure air and water resistance. Nailing flanges are also used to fasten the patio door system within prepared openings. Treated shims avoid minor clearance issues. Required gaps around window and door frames should be sealed with a non-hardening sealant to prevent air and moisture infiltration. Read and take your time when reading the manufacturer’s instructions.

To ensure door systems perform and look their best, installation must follow certain guidelines. JELD-WEN Interior Door Systems come pre-assembled to simplify the installation process, and a few practical techniques will help to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

4.2. Maintenance Best Practices

This is only a basic guide, so it is important to follow usage requirements and manufacturer guidelines for door maintenance. For specific concerns or scenarios, get in touch with JELD-WEN and we can help.

Inspect annually and clean/finish as needed.
Hose off door and clean the glass with a mixture of mild dish soap and water, then rinse and dry.
Never use abrasive cleaners on glass and gently dry as humidity can be damaging.
Panel doors: use caulk at the back of panels only to ensure proper ventilation (it is helpful for blocking droplets of water from freezing and cracking).
Do not remove spacer tabs between door panels; they are necessary for proper door alignment.
Never cut more than 1/16-in. per side for interior doors and 1/8-in. maximum per side on exterior doors, and ensure it is sealed immediately after trimming.
High moisture areas are common at the bottom of a door and in the lock area; to help avoid water damage, keep these areas primed and painted.

Taking care to maintain your doors is an investment that will last for years to come. This list of maintenance best practices is useful for a variety of door types when managed in conjunction with cleaning and finishing advice.

5. 4. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Steel door reviews
We have two JELD-WEN steel doors on our home. One of them is approximately 10 years old; we have never even had to weather strip with them or make any adjustments – they check and deadbolt better now than when we had them installed. They are both the best doors I’ve ever had in multiple homes.
I had one JELD-WEN door installed by JET door last year. It worked perfectly and I love it. I’m thrilled with JET doors’ price and quality.
We have a JELD-WEN fiberglass door with a steel frame. It is very good looking and very strong. I would recommend this entry door to our friends and family.

Fiberglass door reviews
I am proactive about protecting my home, so I like the JELD-WEN doors. I have fiberglass doors with a wood grain finish on the inside and out. I know these will be beautiful and durable for many years.
We recently installed a JELD-WEN fiberglass door with 14″ side lights and it has exceeded our expectations! The fiberglass grain looks very real and the door is energy efficient.
For years I used to replace my door regularly because of warping in the summer and cold sucking through it in the winter, but now that I have installed JELD-WEN fiberglass French doors, I do not have those issues anymore.

The quality of the product is superior on my JELD-WEN entry doors. They are American made with detail and precision in all aspects of construction. This is the second project using them and I can’t be more pleased.
I love my JELD-WEN doors! I replaced my exterior doors and sliding glass doors within the last year with the Capital Collection. They have the unbreakable glass panes, which is nice because it should help to deter burglaries but still lets adequate light in. I was also surprised how much more energy efficient they have made our house.
Installation was simple and the doors are rock solid! The difference in outside noise reduction from the old doors is like night and day!
I have several JELD-WEN doors in my home – interior, back door, and a beautiful front door with sidelights. I am 110% satisfied – JELD-WEN is the best value on the market!
I bought a JELD-WEN 4-panel interior door and will definitely be buying additional ones. The door looks fantastic and my contractor was amazed and surprised at the quality of the door for the price I paid! His exact comment was, “This is one beautiful door for an amazing price.”
My contractor has installed two of the JELD-WEN 3-panel barn doors in my home. I can tell you from experience that the hardware is exceptionally nice and the doors hang very well.
When we built the house in 2013, we used JELD-WEN doors and windows. They are quality products that are built to last. When possible, this is our choice.

6. 5. Conclusion

JELD-WEN has been manufacturing and selling appropriate quality and attractively priced doors in many styles and varieties to a broad list of customers for over forty years. Since our company has been asked some of the same questions a lot, we formed a list of them to answer some of the leading concerns you might have about our exterior and interior door products or to simplify the discussion you may be having with your architects, builders, and decorators. We believe no other materials for entry and patio doors exceed the beauty of wood, steel, and fiberglass and, for the majority of residential installations, none serve as well. We have discussed both the many reasons for desiring a door made of these materials, as well as the advantages and shortcomings of each. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask.

We hope this page in the JELD-WEN Customer Care section has helped answer the most common questions about the types of materials and choices available for a new or replacement door. The choices, as you have read, are truly quite wide and varied. Finding the product that is most appropriate for your application, or for preserving or enhancing the architectural styling of your home while accomplishing needed energy or security objectives, is a common pursuit of millions of homeowners in North America and around the globe.

Eager to discover more? Step inside and find out what makes us unique!

Top 10 JELD-WEN Doors for Every Style and Budget


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