Common Questions About Double Entry Doors: Everything You Need to Know

1. Introduction

In essence, double entry doors are a set of two separate doors that hang side by side. To open them, one door is configured to be fixed in position, while the other opens or closes. They were originally designed for use in large openings, say, 6, 7, or 8ft wide, in large luxury homes. However, you can also have a single door locked to its inactive side in place. Consequently, they became quite popular and commonplace in most modest, average-sized, or even smaller homes that have a traditional look and feel. It’s not uncommon to have them installed on the back or tall side access areas as well, each overlooked or taken out of sizable glass areas. Nonetheless, we’re going to address five common dilemmas that’ll help you sort through and sort out the selections yourself before contacting a builder.

The types of doors you choose for your home will affect its functionality, comfort, and value. Accordingly, your front door will play a crucial role in elevating your home’s intrinsic value, aesthetics, and security. With that in mind, most homeowners will go for double entry doors, which are also referred to as French doors. These doors give your entryway an open, stylish, grand, and timeless appearance while letting in lots of daylight, almost effortlessly. They offer striking architectural appeal and are an excellent alternative if you are looking to create symmetry, alter the proportions, or have a more coherent and modernistic facade. However, they can be quite perplexing to shop for or discern the right ones for your home. This article looks to address common worries and questions about double front doors.

2. 1. What Are Double Entry Doors?

Double entry doors are normally larger than other single doors and are designed to make a grand entrance. These doors can be made of almost any material including wood, metal or glass. Since this type of doorway can be an extremely exciting point of your house, they will be a waypoint in your design journey. You may have quite a bit of artificial light just in the surrounding entryway. Overhead lights or wall lights will accent the doors to help make them the feature of the entrance. With solid wooden or wrought iron double front doors, you can have other door styles within the doorway. The use of a secondary door style will help with overall energy conservation while still being able to open only half the doorway for daily use. With examples of materials like glass, you will want to make sure that your glass is suitable for energy conservation. Glass double entry doors will obviously have an opening that cannot be opened or closed, but you will need to be careful with the glass material’s thickness and type.

Double entry doors are a beautiful and stylish way to finish off the entrance to your home. There are many materials and designs that you can choose from to make these doors a focal point of your home. This is extremely important whether you are entertaining guests at your home or wanting to make a great impression on prospective buyers. Although they come in many styles, the most popular styles include wood double front doors and wrought iron double entry doors. These are the two most classic and timeless looks that you will be able to select from. These doors are normally 6′ to 8′ wide and are commonly used in large homes. They are also a popular choice for high sheds.

2.1. 1.1 Definition and Characteristics

Some of the benefits of installing a double entry door instead of a single wider door include it being more energy efficient than a single wide, and they are more visually appealing. The extra wide opening of double doors adds an inviting appeal that makes a home seem spacious and grand. It is the perfect centerpiece that aids in adding character to a home. However, it’s not only the prestige appeal that double doors add. Used just in the front of a home, they can add a missing factor, curb appeal. The solution to your grand front door may be because the door is a double entry door.

What is a double entry door system? A simple search online will result in thousands of images showing off a double entry door. You may have thought that a grand looking front door was just an oversized extra wide door. But, specifically, what sets a set of double entry doors apart from others? A double entry door is not just oversized, it can more accurately be described as a pair of two doors that can carry a frame preparation to put doors alongside jambs. These double doors can still be just the single functioning door you have or you could have both swing.

3. 2. Benefits of Double Entry Doors

They can expand the opening of your entry by creating a larger doorway. This is a great feature for homes that regularly host large gatherings or provide a very open atmosphere for family times. Because of the larger opening, it’s also easier for you to move larger furniture or items in and out of your home. With all the beautiful options to choose from, it can also seriously change the look and appeal of your home.

What are the benefits of a double entry door?

A double entry door will often have two doors that open together into a large grand opening. One of the doors is often stationary, while the other functions like a traditional door. The style of a double entry door comes with many different options, from glass inserts and texture to straight or curved lines in the design. This type of door offers a more elegant approach to your entry door.

What is a double entry door?

If it’s time to replace your front door, your entry door might just be in need of a facelift, or maybe the exterior appearance of your home could use an infusion of fresh style. Consider double entry doors to completely change the look of your home. Here are some things to think about as you are considering this option.

3.1. 2.1 Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

Aesthetics and Curb Appeal: “Make a splash with your entryway. People pass by several homes on their way to yours. Make sure your front entrance stands out from the crowd. A double entry front door leaves a strong first impression. “When taller doors work correctly, they look more significant,” says Craig Shore, owner of Front and Center Home in Washington D.C. Taller double entry front doors allow for more natural light and give the illusion of a more massive space. Many homeowners choose to add decorative or glass inserts to their double entry front door design. Tiny windows in a door can be challenging to keep clean, so if this is a concern, be sure you choose an insert design that is easily cleaned. Frosted glass allows more natural light in, allows you to see out, and gives you privacy. You can also customize the design of inserts; most homeowners will want to be sure they have options for inserts which will give them the aesthetic they want in the length and width they need. Traditional and grand homes have a notable design feature of having the ceiling in the hall and the aperture in the double entry front door aligned, giving grandeur to any space. Glass panels are used on almost 80% of homes built today, and clear window panels are used on seventy-five percent of that. Homeowners enjoy the natural light, and clear panels allow the homeowner to decorate their home entrance for curb appeal.”

3.2. 2.2 Functionality and Security

Any type of door and frame system can be designed with additional safety and security components. According to security requirements, most double doors use panic exit devices, including voraview systems. By adding momentary switches to the latch devices or door frame, you can install an electric locking system. Magnetic locks, delayed egress devices, and electrified lock systems offer additional options for customizing your double doors to advanced security requirements.

You can design double entry doors to be equally functional. Consider the Dutch door design. The door is divided into two segments with separate hinges to operate independently. For business or high-traffic residential use, the door will also be well-lit with the addition of glass lites or sidelites. Other design options include double sets of sliding doors and double overhead panel doors. Each design can be customized to fit the style and usage requirements of the building.

The majority of double entry doors provide equal functionality as single doors. In other words, one side is typically constructed as the primary operating door, and the other side is the secondary door intended for occasional use. The primary operating door is hinged to open while the secondary door is typically latched in a closed position.

Functionality and security are important concerns when you install a set of double entry doors at your home or business. You may wonder if double doors are practical during everyday use, and if they are secure during after-hours periods. To answer these questions, you’ll need to learn more about the operations of double entry doors and the security features included with various types of doors, frames, and locks.

4. 3. Common Materials Used for Double Entry Doors

At least one material is appropriate for your climate and your budget. However, good taste and beauty are subjective, so if you love it, go for it. With large windows and sidelites, the front entrance is a focal point and it must comply with aesthetic as well as performance standards. A wide range of styles and features lets you choose a design that’s perfect for your home, regardless of the climate.

When deciding on the best material, consider where your house and front door are situated. For instance, unless heavily shaded, the southern exposures take a liberal beating from the sun and UV rays. This is hard on some woods and fiberglass. Northern exposures are generally more shaded and therefore cooler, requiring materials that can resist warping, mildew, and discoloration from damp. Prevent problems by using the best materials for the job.

There are endless combinations of materials used to construct exterior double doors. Heavy woods like oak, cherry, or mahogany are beautiful, but they also cost more and require more maintenance. For the budget-minded, fiberglass-composite entry doors are a tough, low-maintenance alternative. In between, you’ve got metals from iron to aluminum. The bottom line is that if you’ve got a common door size, you’ve got a ton of choices and can affordably upgrade.

4.1. 3.1 Wood

If you are considering a double entry door with sidelights or a transom, or if you have a large opening for the front entry door with glass inserts and you are drawn to the light and airy feeling that natural light always brings into your house, then you need to consider a wood double entry door that has small windows inside the door. Wood as a material to be made as a door for the storage area is also often done by some people because it has the characteristics of being strong, hardwood, dense, and resistant to termites. In general, the wood used is the type of teak, camphor, or other strong wood. If you are going to create a storage area or a part of the kitchen in a wood material, make sure to treat it in advance. Enough to coat it with anti-termites so that the storage area you are storing in can be more temporized.

A common choice for making double entry doors is natural wood. Typically, people often choose wood because of its beauty and ability to bring ample natural lighting. There are several types of woods commonly used for wooden entry doors such as oak, cherry, knotty alder, poplar, hard maple or soft maple, and palms. The main difference between these types of wood is the appearance and the grain of each type of wood. Different types of woods also have different advantages and life expectancy. Many people like the look of wood doors, especially in high-end homes. If properly maintained, wooden front doors can last a lifetime. But unfortunately, wood also needs to be sanded and repainted regularly or it can warp, rot, expand or shrink especially when the weather is changing seasonally. To help prevent the cost of wood, a homeowner can opt for fiberglass or steel.

4.2. 3.2 Fiberglass

These are the most common types of doors in the market. They are affordable, relatively durable, and in this day and age, stylish ones can be easily found. The downsides are that they are relatively heavy and require regular maintenance. Without maintenance, your steel door will begin to rust and corrode, making it unsightly and no longer weather resistant. Protect your investment, be prepared to do regular maintenance on your steel door.

The downside is that they are priced higher than the steel doors we mentioned before. This type is one of the common materials used for double entry doors, and this is indeed a great material for it.

Some advantages of using fiberglass for double entry doors are that they will not warp or bow. They are relatively lightweight, which reduces the torque and wear and tear on your entry door system. Fiberglass doors do not require any finish maintenance and come in a variety of styles and finishes. However, what makes them less attractive is that they are priced higher than steel doors.

4.3. 3.3 Steel

Steel is the strongest and most low-maintenance option for a double entry door. Many homeowners nowadays appreciate the benefits of steel exterior double entry doors. They usually have thicker steel on the door’s exterior, which makes the door quite appealing to the timber. The layers also help make the doors more durable and better for insulation. Plus, the inside of the door can be hollow but filled with foam, which provides excellent insulation. This not only will keep your home cooler in the summer, but it will also significantly reduce your energy bills. In addition, steel doors are usually the least expensive option for a double entry door, which is great for homeowners who are working with a limited budget. You can still purchase great designs for less, plus steel is easily designed to replicate other surfaces like stone or wood, but steel is much less expensive. About 75% of homeowners choose steel and are pleased with their decision.

5. 4. Installation and Maintenance Tips

What siding issues are there with installing a double entry door? If, after having built the rough opening according to the door specifications, the siding, stucco, or whatever has been added that this can take away from the required height of the opening, reducing the size of the rough opening. Be prepared to remove some of the lower material in order to have the recommended clearance below where the door weatherstripping meets the sill. Replacing and patching this siding may slightly impact the finish door installation. It may be necessary to apply finish-side flat stock molding, carefully caulk it into place, and paint the entire outside face for a clean look, depending upon the final repair method.

How big is the rough opening for a double entry door? In general, unless the door is specifically made to very strict standard sizes, the rough opening for a double entry door is typically the door width, plus 1-1/2 inch, and the door height, plus 3/4 inch. This gives extra room to fit the door and to get it plumb. However, some thicker, primary wood doors may require openings of the door width, plus 2-1/4 inch, and the door height, plus 1-10 inch. Always follow the door manufacturer’s instructions regarding rough opening size.

5.1. 4.1 Proper Installation Techniques

To reduce corrosion and increase longevity, the door hardware and the lower area of the wooden replacement should be painted or treated with rich primers and paints. Pre-painting the entrance doors before installation is better, and then hanging plastic film on the double entry doors is a good option, which has been recognized by many home improvement experts. Well, when you’re going to install it, you can peel off the kitchen appliances to clean it, so the installation is faster, and the surface of the entrance door is cleaner, and the back door kitchen doesn’t have to be cleaned in a mess. After installation, be sure to calibrate the jamb and the top of the door to ensure proper alignment. All panels should be coated with applied technologies to ensure durability.

There is no strict law for installing these double entry doors, but there are some common points. First of all, the entry height of wooden double entry doors should be at least 6.8 feet, and at least 7.5 feet for crystal double entry doors. Considering that entry height affects your home’s air quality and chi. When installing, strictly follow the installation instructions of the double entry door set and use the new storied tools to fix the sill and jamb. The sill recess should be slightly declined to ensure proper drainage. If the sill is set at a flat base, after installing the double entry doors, it is important to make sure that moisture or water are not affected inside. Prevent them from being metric and make sure that the front porch has a better sunshade design.

5.2. 4.2 Maintenance Best Practices

To make sure that you maintain the best possible functionality of your double entry doors, make their upkeep a part of your usual household chores, making sure that they are clean and well-lubricated. Make sure that hinged or pivoting hardware functions well and that latches are easily operated. Keep in mind that damage to your double entry doors caused by the use of non-specified varnish or topcoat is not covered by the warranty, and you can also ensure they stay looking like new by washing them with a mild soap diluted in water, and never with glass cleaner. Remove accumulated dirt and hidden contaminants and finish them off by wiping them in the direction of the wood grain.

Even though double entry doors are built to last and withstand the elements and everyday wear and tear, they require some maintenance to keep them looking and functioning at their best and to help them last as long as possible. You’ll want to inspect them periodically for paint and stain deterioration, peeling and cracking, and damage to their frame, often caused by protruding nails and screws. Don’t forget to inspect the edges and all corners of the doors, and areas around the hinges and the lockset, not forgetting about weatherstripping and thresholds.

6. 5. Conclusion

Remember that you need to carefully measure the area for your double doors, ensuring that you have enough space for a door that is twice the size of a regular entrance. Another step that requires a lot of attention is to double check the door swings. The doors should swing away from each other (when using both doors) to ensure they have a wide and clear path. Keep in mind that it is necessary to estimate the size of the door before purchase. It should have at least 9 inches of clearance, 6 feet and 8 inches between the top of the doors and arch frames, with a height of 11 to 14 inches. Make sure the door opens to the inside and that there is room for the door to open without brushing against the wall or a shelf, for example. Wait, you will need to go through the plans before you even measure. In short, there are many factors to consider when making a double door installation. So keep all information ready to make the best decision for your home or office. In addition, it is essential to go to a store that is reputable and works with good quality materials. This way, you will have guaranteed safety and comfort with the doors.

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