This Customer Was So Impressed…They Wrote Their Own Case Study!

CASE STUDY: Tim, S. Of Trabuco Canyon

‘I have no hesitation recommending this company to anyone who is looking for exterior doors for their home’

Mr. Stone Was So Impressed

He Wrote His Own Case Study For Our Customers

This entry door case study is actually somewhat unique.

Usually, we contact happy customers months after initial installation, chat with them, ask a handful of basic questions, get direct quotes, and then compile a case study to add to our Case Study page.

But this is one of those rare occasions where our customer, Tim, was so impressed he wrote a mini case study on his own – twice! Then he published different versions on different platforms: one on Facebook and another on Yelp.

So rather than calling him and asking him to repeat himself, we decided we would take what he wrote and create this case study for you.

First, let’s look at the Before image of the front doors he had us replace:

Before Photo

tim stone before photo

Here’s what he said in his own words.

We’ve only added little specifics here and there and did some light editing to combine the different versions he published.

Like so many other people in our Orange County area, the “Contractor Grade” materials used in building our home have long been problematic. We had windows we couldn’t open for 20 years… and hard to maintain doors that wouldn’t remain closed. So, once all the other major ‘defects’ were corrected around the house, it was long past time to address the final issues: Windows & Doors.

One of the reasons we get such rave reviews from our customers is because we ONLY sell and install The Very Best Doors. These parts of your home are going to be dependable, low-maintenance, and last a LONG time without hassle. And, we install all of our doors. No low-quality installers. No subcontractors. This is so we can maintain impeccable quality control.


After the windows were ordered, I started looking into the front doors. While the window company offered them, it was more of a sideline. So, we browsed various catalogs, found particular styles we liked, and even the right color. Once we knew what we wanted, we started looking for installers.

At first I talked with one of the major big box stores because I knew they could at least handle the job. However, they required us to pay for a consultant to come out who measures the door and evaluates what work will be needed for the install. Then you purchase their doors and the installer gets it done. It was pretty straightforward…until I read reviews and found out when there’s a problem, it gets difficult really quickly.

  • You have to communicate with this massive corporation.
  • You also have to keep in touch with the installer who’s a subcontractor.
  • You also have to communicate with the manufacturer from who knows where.
  • And unfortunately, when there’s a problem they all blame everyone else.

I really didn’t want to face the potential of that kind of hassle even though it could save me some money.

With us, there’s NO HASSLE. No runaround. No drama. No blame games. No pricing games. And we don’t use subcontractors. As mentioned before, we install all of the doors we get custom manufactured for our Orange County, CA customers. With our Proven Process, you can rest easy.


After taking the time to investigate many other companies, I found Today’s Entry Doors in Orange, CA. They ONLY do exterior doors. They made an appointment with me and arrived in their “Showroom Truck” to show us samples and discuss options.

We discovered that the ‘Single Door With Sidelites’ was a more expensive option than simply replacing the dual doors. We made our selection, signed their simple contract, and knew there would be a wait for the high-quality Fiberglass Entry Doors to be made.

Everyone loves our convenient, fully-stocked Mobile Showroom. We’ve had it a long time, but it’s SO much better than browsing catalogs and brochures. The truck has real doors you can put your hands on, glass samples, hardware samples, color samples, and much more. Plus, it makes the process so much easier when you can do this right there at your home where you can see your entryway and the overall style of your home.


On their own initiative, the company regularly reached out to us to keep us updated on the status of our entry doors. Then I received the call that they arrived earlier than expected and they were ready to be installed. An appointment was set and of course, their installer arrived on time. His very first task was to have me inspect them, he then proceeded to remove the old doors, frame, and sill which he happily disposed of for us.”

“He was very friendly, knew his job extremely well, took his time with the details, didn’t rush anything, and my ‘Quality Control’ eye was very satisfied with the results. He made sure everything was done right and took time to point out things I would want to keep an eye on for a few days afterward (like the seal).

Here is the after photo so you can see what a dramatic difference their new doors make and how much more alive the entryway is.

After Photo

Tim Stone After photo

Many of the jobs I now hire out I used to do myself, but age does bring some cautions. My focus when hiring a new contractor is always the quality of their work and service. I expect it might cost more, but getting it done right for the ‘long haul’ is my priority.

With Today’s Entry Doors, I could see by their low-key sales approach, positive communication, and quality work that they’re a company I can recommend to others facing the same needs as we encountered.”

We’ve been in business specializing in entry doors for decades. This is why we don’t bother with high-pressure sales tactics – they don’t work! And we don’t bother shelling out tons of money on conventional marketing and advertising either. Instead, we let our high levels of quality and customer service do the heavy lifting for us. To learn more, head on over to Our Reviews page.

Of course, they reached out to me to be sure everything was ok, and gave me the full paid invoice and warranty information.

Yes, I’m completely satisfied. I have no hesitation recommending Today’s Entry Doors to anyone who is looking for exterior doors for their home. You get a wide range of options when selecting a door, but getting the right fit, being sure it’s defect-free, and then having it installed correctly is critical.

I have a side door that leads from the garage to the yard. Daylight comes through, it has welt marks on the exterior, it’s hard to open and close, and it leaks when it rains. I considered my options and reached out to Today’s Entry Doors. They’ll be replacing that door also!

And there you have it, folks – another happy customer. Another genuine case study from a fellow homeowner here in the Orange County, CA area. We’re so proud! And thank you, Mr. Stone!

“This company does it right”

-Tim Stone

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