Meet The Corbetts: For Whom We Installed 4 Doors On 2 Homes


“They went above and beyond for us, well out of their way to ensure they stood up to their commitments to their products and installation.”

The Corbetts Worked With Us On 4 New Exterior Doors, Including 2 Premium Front Doors On 2 Older Homes!

This case study is really a wonderful story about how we worked with a mother and daughter on two homes they completely love! In fact, they’re quite dedicated to them.

The first time we met Gwen’s mother, Corbett E, was nearly 20 years ago!

This was back before we decided to focus on nothing but entry doors like we do now. We actually replaced the windows in her older home originally built in the 1970s, and those high-quality windows are still there and working well to this day.

One thing we didn’t like was how another window contractor back then tried to tell her she would need to redo everything because some of the bedroom windows were no longer up to code. Not true! We happily informed her that she was grandfathered in and we got those windows installed without having to do a lot of demolition or doing any damage.

Honestly, that made all the difference. So, decades later when she and her daughter needed to get some new exterior doors on their homes, there was no question on who to call.

My mom loved Today’s Entry Doors [we were actually called Today’s Windows & Doors back then] from back in the day. She knew they were super-reliable, personable, and trustworthy.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we operate on a strict Customer-First policy and abide by our Core Values without fail. Treating people right isn’t just good ethics; it’s good business. This is why we get so many referrals and return customers, even from decades ago.

Fast forward to 2016, and her daughter Gwen gave us a call to replace a couple of side-entry doors. She’d moved into the home about seven years earlier in 2009, and the doors were in pretty bad shape; leaking, falling apart, flaking, etc.

One went into the garage from the outside, while the other led into the laundry room.

While we had to deal with some supply chain delays caused by our manufacturers, we got them both done within a month. No installation problems whatsoever. In fact, what we discovered was that the side-entry fire door going into the garage was swinging back into the house rather than swinging the other way.

The previous installer was likely doing it in the way they needed to because of how the home was built, but we switched it around to make it much easier and convenient for Gwen to get in and out of the home that way.

Here’s the Before & After of that particular side-entry door.

Before: notice it’s facing the wrong direction — inswing; both inconvenient and less room!

Corbett Door Before Remodel

After: clean, more appropriately installed, no muss, no fuss.

corbett door after remodel. Cleaned and corrected

When we spot issues, we handle them. We care about our customers and their homes as much as our own reputation. This is why our doors come with a Lifetime Warranty. We also provide a 2-year labor guarantee. So if the door has any problems due to installation, it’s 100% covered. In the first two years, it’s pretty much a ‘no questions asked’ warranty – even if it is due to things we can’t control like house settling, etc.

How about her new front door? Well, the original door was an old wooden model that didn’t provide the kind of security, insulation, or noise reduction that our premium models do. It was also nowhere near as good looking.

Here’s the before photo of that door.

Corbett Front Door Before Remodel

While the side-entry doors weren’t a huge deal to Gwen in terms of aesthetics, she knew her front door needed to be exquisite. She spent some time looking around online to get a rough idea of what she wanted, then gave us a call to have our Mobile Showroom come by.

My mother and I loved the Mobile Showroom. It made the process so much easier. We could see the colors and get a much clearer idea of what different types of glass looked like. My mom was skeptical of fiberglass at first, but once she could put her hands on them, she was convinced!

It’s one thing to look at elements of Fiberglass Entry Door Systems online or in hard-copy brochures, and another thing altogether to get up close and personal. Our mobile showroom brings a professional gallery to your home, where you can get a much better idea of what you want and what kinds of customizations work best for you, your budget, and your home.

The installation was impeccable. Our crew arrived early and made sure the work area was absolutely spotless. Even during the initial demolition, we kept the area vacuumed, protected, and did as little damage as we possibly could despite the old door system and new door system being two different heights.

Here’s the after photo. What a difference! Gwen loves the new sidelite much more than the older outdated 12 window-pane section with completely clear glass.

Corbett Front Door After Remodel

I was worried. I had visions of them having to rip into the drywall, but it was amazing. No dust. No dirt. They kept vacuuming. And they educated me on how to use the new security system, even checking both alarm pads and verifying they worked before leaving.

There are a couple of touch-ups to do, but these are minor. Sometimes this happens because of issues outside our control, for example, when your old door is smaller than the new door you choose.

We don’t work with subcontractors. We also don’t allow any entry doors to be installed in our name by unskilled labor. Instead, our installers are top-to-bottom experts. They’re trained experienced professionals, who understand these door systems well. Most importantly, our installers are conscientious about their work and guarantee everything will be done right. PERIOD!

Once Gwen’s mom came and saw the new doors in her daughter’s home, she decided right then and there she was going to update her old home’s entry door as well.

Here’s what it looked like before. As you can see, it’s fairly retro! Not much style. It blends into the home’s decor so much, it nearly disappears.

Corbett Door Before Remodel

We really went above and beyond for Gwen’s mom. The doors weren’t working right and she needed better security features as well. We helped her find a more contrasting color and installed new locking deadbolts.

Here’s what it ended up looking like.

Corbett Door Replacement after photo

Overall, another smashing success for a local Orange County, CA family.

“There were no touch-ups needed, and they made sure every detail was perfect for my mother and me. We’re extremely grateful!”

-Gwen Corbett

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