Case Study: Orange County Dutch Doors That Always Impress

“We chose them because we knew they were the VERY BEST source of Orange County dutch doors.”

The Malones Couldn’t Sell Their New Kitchen Short, So They Got A Gorgeous Dutch Door That Instantly Became The Highlight


The Malone family moved here to the Orange County area of beautiful southern California from Connecticut. At first they were renting and getting situated, then they bought their home and began to upgrade it.

The very first improvement they decided to make was a complete entryway transformation.

Like many other homeowners in our area, they went online and began researching options; seeing what companies were out there to choose from. The challenge was finding a contractor who could deliver the quality and custom-value they needed, so, they inevitably ran into our website.

We’ve put tons of emphasis on making our website as helpful as we possibly can, without any of the typical internet sales tactics and annoying nonsense. For example, you can browse our Orange County Dutch Doors section, or browse by size, by brand, and plenty more.

“The Today’s Entry Doors website is absolutely fantastic. It had everything we needed to wrap our minds around what we wanted. Along with their reviews, we knew we found a perfect match.”

Below is a picture of the dutch entry door they chose with a soothing brown color and texture, rich black hardware, and a thinner window at the top.

They had their mind set on Orange County dutch doors because they work so well in our part of the country! In Connecticut, they don’t make sense due to weather, the mosquitoes, etc. Which is why when people in that part of the country want to open their doors to get a draft they have to open the whole thing.

With the dutch door, the Malones can have just the top half open and enjoy a nice breeze (or hand out candy at Halloween), and it’s much more convenient.

As of the time we’re putting this case study together, it’s been six years since the entry door was installed and it’s STILL earning them admiration to this day.

Everyone loves it.

“We get compliments all the time on the front door. Everything is still perfect: from the hinges and latches, to every fine detail. It’s like new!”

When the time came to completely remodel their kitchen, they knew they were going to get a dutch door for the side entry, and didn’t hesitate to call Today’s Entry Doors.

“Without a dutch door for the kitchen, we just felt it would sell the space short.”

And while remodeling their kitchen was stressful and at times slightly overwhelming, getting the new side-entry door was by FAR the easiest part of the project.

But why?

Because they were already familiar with our step-by-step process. They knew they could give us a call, chat with entry door experts about Orange County dutch doors and quickly schedule an at-home visit by our Mobile Showroom. This was a big deal, because they didn’t feel they were the best with colors and being able to make choices on the spot was important.

Looking at small samples or brochures just isn’t the same thing…

It needed to be a perfect match with the cabinetry and hardware they were choosing, not to mention the overall color of the kitchen.

They also had a feeling that despite all the gleaming new appliances, countertops, cabinets, lighting, etc., that the dutch door would become the best part of the kitchen… and it was!

“Despite the many new elements and overall design to the space, the dutch door became the highlight. It actually looks and feels like it came with the kitchen.”

Remodeling in general tends to be a challenging process, but for our part, we ensure that when it comes to transforming front entryways or side-entry ways…it’s the most pleasant part of your home improvement journey.

One specific part of the process they REALLY enjoyed was our constant communication.

The other contractors they were working with kept them in the dark, but not Today’s Entry Doors.

Throughout each phase they got calls and/or emails from us letting them know the status of their order. There were some delays (along with the many delays of kitchen selections), but they didn’t really notice because of how smooth we made it.

Even to this day, here in late 2021 they’re STILL waiting on some elements for the kitchen, but they always knew where they stood with the side-entry dutch door. Never once did they wonder when the door was arriving or when it would be installed.

“They made sure we always knew where we stood, which is so important. We could tell they knew what we were going through with the kitchen remodel and they went above and beyond to make it easier…they cared about our home like it was theirs.”

After decades installing Orange County dutch doors, our process is squeaky-clean and accommodating. We want our customers to feel happy and always be in the loop.

For the Malone family, they felt it was better to invest a little more and wait a little longer because it would make that part of their kitchen remodel absolutely TOP NOTCH.

Which it is.

If you’re interested in Orange County dutch doors and need a specialist to talk with you, listen carefully to your goals and your situation, and treat you well, Today’s Entry Doors is only a call away. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

“Once you get a high-quality dutch door from them, you can’t ever go anywhere else.”
– Vicki Malone

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