CASE STUDY: Matt, K. Of Newport Beach

CASE STUDY: Matt, K. Of Newport Beach

“We’re So Happy With The New Double Doors
For Our Home Thanks To Today’s Entry Doors!”

We Treat Every Entry Door Replacement Project The Same:
As Though Our Reputation Depends On It…Because It DOES

When Southern California homeowners need an impactful entryway transformation, they know who to call — the Orange County company that focuses on nothing else, Today’s Entry Doors!

This aspect of our business approach inspired Matt to reach out and see what we could do. He figured we’d have the perfect solution.

Matt wanted to replace his current doors with something more modern and simplistic without fancy glass sections, sidelites, or extravagant patterns. But, he didn’t want them to look cheap or cookie-cutter, either. The new system needed a unique flare that matched his home, inside and out.

In this case study, we’re breaking down Matt’s Yelp review he published after we completed his project.
First and foremost, let’s take a look at the original door Matt wanted to replace:

Before Photo

Since this isn’t our “forever” home, we decided not to go with a high-end entryway, but we had to replace the hideous 50-year-old doors still attached to the house!

We couldn’t have said it better.

While we’d never call a homeowner’s doors “hideous,” sometimes they just don’t flow with the rest of the house. Matt felt strongly that his doors needed to go, even though he knew he’d eventually move into a different home later in life.

Front entry doors are a great way to increase curb appeal and energy efficiency and contribute significantly to the home’s overall value. Matt knew a simple upgrade, like replacing his front entry door, could help him make more money when it came time to sell.

Many of our customers are making long-term investments in their forever homes, but, like Matt, many aren’t! Even still, they chose us over other companies who likely quoted them a lower price in hopes of securing a sale.

Once Matt decided it was time for a change, the fun could begin!

Our no-pressure, no-games, no-gimmicks sale technique is just one part of our Proven Process to keep things simple for our customers. This 5-step plan encapsulates each aspect of our company’s procedure from when you pick up the phone for the first time to when you’re left with a stunning new entry door.

We received quotes from a few different companies and were very pleased with our choice.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we encourage potential customers to gather quotes from various companies during the research phase of their home remodel. While prices vary significantly between companies, this isn’t always the best indicator of their workmanship.

Many home contractors will need to hire an additional subcontractor to complete the door installation, which can drive up the final price. Since all our staff, including the installation team, are fully-trained employees, we can offer better value!

And let’s not forget, when it comes to quality — you can’t beat fiberglass entry doors.

Are you tired of spending hours in the car driving between big box stores looking for the perfect front entry door? We bring the fun back into shopping with our convenient Mobile Showroom outfitted with various samples of fiberglass doors, glass, hardware, and more. The best way to choose the right door for your home is by seeing and touching the real thing before spending a penny.

Due to supply chain disruptions, we had about a 4-month timeframe from when we ordered the doors until they arrived and were installed.

Matt decided to hire us in 2021, right in the middle of some of the worst supply chain disruptions America’s ever seen. The entire world felt the aftermath in one way or another, and the home remodeling industry here at home was no different.

For obvious reasons, providing clear outlines to our customers on when to expect their new doors was challenging. A project that would take us 3-3.5 months a few years before could take between 4-6 months — a problem that’s slowly getting fixed as time goes by (we hope)!

Matt knew all of these factors during our initial consultation, so the lead time was no surprise to him. As soon as his new doors arrived at our shop, we quickly scheduled an installation date that would best suit Matt, and we got straight to work.

If you are interested in hearing more honest reviews from our past customers, be sure to visit Our Reviews page. An accumulation of reviews is a great way to get a feel for a company and their quality of work. After all, your investment is worth a little digging.

Matt may not have thought he was choosing a “high-end” entry door at first, but let’s see how the finished product looks:

After Photo

Our installer was extremely friendly and professional throughout the project.

What a spectacular difference!

Matt’s old wooden door had little to no character, not to mention structural integrity, which was becoming worrisome. In comparison, his new fiberglass entry door system adds a modern touch to the home and new levels of security without being too flashy.

Matt fell in love with one of the few 30” solid panel double door options we have available, and quite frankly, one of our favorites! The change in door style is relatively subtle, but it went a long way in improving the overall curb appeal of his home.

Many of our Yelp reviewers mention our door installers, and Matt is no exception. Our installer for his project has been with us for many years now, and we’re incredibly fortunate to have him on the team. He excels in impeccable door installations, and we genuinely don’t believe anyone else out there can do what he does as well as he does it.

Honestly, our installers have become celebrities within our company and role models for our newer crew members.

Let’s take one more look at Matt’s new entry door, this time from the inside:

You can see he chose an authoritative black color scheme for the outside of the door and a soothing white color scheme for the inside to mesh with the rest of the interior.

The skill of our installers is just one of the many reasons we guarantee an iron-clad Lifetime Warranty on all of our fiberglass doors and labor costs. If there’s ever an issue with the door or our installation techniques, we make it right without additional charges.

They checked in with us every few weeks to provide updates and timelines, which was appreciated.

Even though Matt’s door replacement project took a bit longer than everyone would’ve liked due to supply chain issues, we kept him updated as frequently as possible (without being a nuisance). Matt knew exactly when the doors were expected, when they arrived, and when we’d be at his home to get the job done.

It’s only fitting to give our customers the amount of respect they deserve, and proper planning is imperative. Over the decades, we’ve learned crystal-clear communication is critical in making any home remodeling project a raving success!

Bottom Line: While Matt waited a bit, he was pleasantly surprised by the well-worth-it results and how our process exceeded his expectations. He got far more value than he originally bargained for, and the new entry doors are transformative.

“Highly recommend them if you’re looking for new doors!”

Matt K.

We appreciate his kind words! If your home is in dire need of new entry doors and you live in Newport Beach or the surrounding Orange County area, give us a call and schedule your Free Consultation. We look forward to stopping by in the mobile showroom.

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