Learn How This Homeowner Achieved A Modern Midcentury Look

CASE STUDY: Amy, S. Of Garden Grove

‘The door is perfect. The entire process is seamless! It was wonderful working with Today’s Entry Doors!’

Amy Got The ‘Modern Midcentury’ Look She Was After,
Enjoying Each Professional Step Of The Way

This particular case study is about the smoothness and professionalism of our full-service, turn-key process for Orange County, CA homeowners.

We’ve specialized in this process for decades, being the #1 premium entry door company in the Southern California region.

A charming woman, Amy, who owns a lovely home in the Garden Grove area, didn’t bother going to anyone else for an initial ‘What’s this going to cost me?’ quote. Like many others, she hopped online to look for a qualified provider and within minutes was swimming through our 5-star customer reviews.

On Yelp, as of the day we’re publishing her case study, we have over 233 project images and 159 reviews on our profile.

Amy’s is actually one of them now!

Once she’d read enough, she decided to take the next step and pick up the phone to chat with one of our entry door experts directly.

I called them to have their Mobile Showroom come to my home where we conveniently talked about the process, looked at options, and took measurements.

This has been an extremely popular part of our process for a long time. Folks LOVE being able to jump up in the truck and explore different real-size Fiberglass Entry Doors: hardware, glass, colors, styles, and more.

It’s FAR more fun and informative than flipping through mere brochures – of which Amy had three.


We’ve been serving homeowners searching for new entry doors for over thirty years, so we completely understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. This is why we’ve created a better way to shop – without the guesswork or the kinds of nonsense you can experience trying to work with big-box stores and individual ‘Check & His Truck’ contractors.


Amy was able to make choices in terms of hardware, glass, and other specifics on the spot, but we didn’t carry that unique style in our mobile showroom. To really explore those options, we had her visit our extensive showroom in Orange, where we could explore the modern midcentury looks she was interested in and talk about their features.

To give you an idea, here’s the Before image of her previous entry door. As you can see, it’s conservative, soft, and more on the conventional side of door design.

Before Photo

Once she had some time to think through her many options, she contacted us again and requested a quote. We promptly got back with an updated quote and plenty of insight into what the overall process would be like from A to Z.


I decided to move forward with them because of their levels of communication and how they didn’t try to push the sale. They’re authentic and provided lots of good information and explanations.”

Paperwork was signed, her order was put into motion, and we ensured she was regularly in the loop leading up to delivery and scheduling her installation.

“I never felt in the dark about where my project was. Phone calls. Emails. There was lots of communication and friendly updates.

When you work with an experienced family-owned and operated business like Today’s Entry Doors, you get crystal-clear answers to ALL your questions and concerns. At every phase, we’ve polished Our Proven Entry Door Process to remove risk, stress, and annoying pricing games.


Finally, the day arrived, and our installer was at her home with her updated front door system ready for her inspection. He wanted to make sure Amy could see for herself that there were absolutely no blemishes – the door was in impeccable shape and condition.

Let’s show you what the new system looks like: a modern (borderline retro) Masonite Fiberglass Entry Door with custom glass inserts and two custom paint colors.

After Photo – The Results!

What a dramatic difference from the previous style she had in her entryway!

We had the door installed down to the most delicate details over the span of about 3 to 4 hours. In fact, it was only in the doorway for a couple of days before Amy started getting comments from friends and neighbors about how well it was hung.

One of the core reasons we’ve been so successful in such a premium specialty niche is because respecting our customers and doing right by them… TO US…isn’t just good ethics. It’s also the very best way to conduct business! Explore more on our Core Values page.


Our installer arrived early, was friendly and the work went smoothly with no stucco or drywall repairs needed and no surrounding paint touch-ups necessary.”

Of course, he laid out plenty of protective covering so as not to mess up anything in or around the entryway and cleaned afterward so there wasn’t a spec. Amy then tested the door with our installer, gave it another inspection, and felt great!

They even worked around my schedule and installed it on a Friday, Dec 31st, right before the New Years’ holiday, which was great.”


-Amy, S.

Would you like a free consultation and quote on a door in Orange County or a surrounding community? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.


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