New Entry Doors Can Increase Home Value

Your curb appeal has a major impact on your home value. After all, it’s your curb appeal that makes the first impression of your home upon homebuyers. If your curb appeal makes a bad first impression, many homebuyers aren’t willing to look any further. And one of the most essential elements of your curb appeal is your entry door. So if you want a way to increase your home value, a new entry door might be an effective way to do it.

Energy Efficiency

Your entry door is an opening into your home, so energy efficiency is an important factor when it comes to your entry door. An older entry door might let in too many drafts or allow for too much heat loss. A new entry door will be better sealed and thus more energy efficient. This will help to lower the energy bills in your home as well as help your home to feel more comfortable, which in turn makes it more appealing to potential homebuyers.


There are, in fact, trends when it comes to entry doors, and they may have changed since your last entry door was purchased. A new entry door with sleek lines or bold colors that fits with the current trends will likely appeal more to homebuyers, thereby increasing your curb appeal and home value. Even door materials change in trends. In recent years, fiberglass doors have become more popular for their ability to mimic the look of wood while being much more sturdy than wood in actuality.

Small Change, Big Impact

Replacing your entry doors is just one way you can increase your home value, but it’s one of the easiest ways to do so. It’s less disruptive than updating your appliances or major remodeling projects like opening up your floor plan. But because it makes such a difference to your curb appeal, your entry door replacement can make a major impact on your home. This is a great way to boost your home value if you’re on a budget or on a short timeframe.

A new entry door might be just what you need to change your perspective on your home, as well as boost your home value to prepare your home for the next homeowners. Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information about our high quality fiberglass doors or to get started with a free quote.

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