Brandom Family

The Brandoms Have Called On
Today’s Entry Doors For Multiple Projects

Bill & Cindy Brandom have reached out to Today’s Entry Doors for 4 different exterior doors on 2 homes over the last 10 years.Bill says that after the delightful experience on the first door, they didn’t even consider calling another company.“I never contacted anyone else after the first experience,” Bill said. “It went really well, and they are great to deal with.”

The Brandoms loved that Today’s Entry Doors initial consultation was so informative, with no games and no high-pressure sales.

The Brandoms were impressed that Today’s Entry Doors could help them get exactly what they wanted to match their home and tastes.

“Our home is big and has several entry doors,” Bill said. “There were different things we needed and some special touches with door handles that we wanted, and they worked with us on it all. There was no ‘hard sell’ at all. Just lots of information,” Bill said. “At the end of the appointment, I realized I had a new friend – that’s how it felt.”

On all 4 door replacement projects, the installation process went smoothly for the Brandoms. They especially liked the continuity of having the same installer for each project, even though there were years between many of the installations.

“In all 4 cases, it was the same installer,” Bill said. “I remembered him, he remembered me – it was nice and friendly. He really knows what he’s doing and works efficiently.”

Of course, what ultimately matters are the results, and the Brandoms love how beautiful their doors are.

“One of the doors we replaced is actually a side entry door – not our front door. But it’s incredible – it looks so nice that people always think it’s our front door!” Bill said. “Every door we get from them has looked great.”

When interviewed about the project, Bill said, “I don’t know if it is a family-run organization, but it certainly felt like a family-run business.”

He added, “Over the years, you get a lot of contractors to do things with your home and sometimes you end up feeling like you made a mistake in who you chose. We never felt that way choosing Today’s Entry Doors.”

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