Weatherstripping Front Door

Is your entry door not doing its job?

Do you want to get rid of those creepy crawlies coming through your door?

Get rid of the bad smells and block the light shining thorough the crack between your door and jamb? Reduce your energy bills?

Maybe you need new weatherstripping.

What is weatherstripping?

Weatherstripping is a tight seal affixed to the sides and top of a door. It acts as an airtight weather seal designed to lock out moisture and air – thereby maximizing the energy-efficiency of your door. The term ‘Weatherstripping’ is also used to describe the process of applying a weather strip on an Entry Door.

Components of weatherstripping

The two main components of a weatherstip are:

1. Weather stripping which plugs air leaks and covers the top and sides of a door

1. Door bottom – A flat piece of Aluminum, Plastic or Stainless Steel fitted with strip of plastic or nylon which acts as an air and moisture seal.

“No hassle, No fuss.” – 5 Star Review

The feel and tight seal of these doors are solid. I can’t smell my grass being cut anymore inside my house! We are very, very happy with the results and would definitely recommend. Thank you Today’s Entry Doors (Donna, Garrett, Justin and Larry) for your wonderful workmanship, business ethics and for making my home look better than ever!

Alice W., Anaheim, CA

Benefits of weatherstripping

  • Act as an effective air, water and moisture barrier – stop those drafty leaks and rainwater from entering your home.
  • Energy Efficiency – Save 10% – 15% of your energy bills
  • Reduce noise and cut off smell – Reduce the noise from your neighbor’s loud lawn mower; the smell of cut grass or other bad odors.
  • Act as a barrier against light – Completely seal off any irritating sunlight from coming in.
  • Keep out rodents, insects and no-see-ums from creeping, crawling or flying into your home.

What is weatherstripping made of?

Weatherstripping is usually made of metal, felt, foam, plastic, vinyl or silicone.

Although weatherstripping is an extremely important aspect of your entry door system – not all doors come with weatherstripping. Some that have weatherstripping are not that effective. Most old/ low-end weatherstripping material rip, compress, bend and wear easily.

Almost all new fiberglass entry doors now come with Q-lon weather seals. At Today’s entry doors, we use the best in class Q-lon weatherstripping which are resilient, 10x better compression resistance, does not shrink or stretch, sound absorbent and unaffected by mold, mildew and rot.

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