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Green painted front door to a suburban house
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Hinges, Handles, and Other Entry Door Accessories

Your entry door is made up of more than a large slab of stylish wood — or, in the case of Today’s Entry Doors, fiberglass. Just as essential are the little pieces that hold it together or add function, beauty, and security to it. Your entry door accessories are no trivial purchases. What kind of accessories and hardware do you need for your entry door? Here we’ll break down some of the options:
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How to Choose Front Door Glass Inserts

Not every entry door needs decorative glass inserts or even sidelights. In fact, there are many elegant and stylish front door systems that use very little glass at all.

However, if you believe, as many homeowners do, that “glass adds class” then you’ll be delighted to know about the myriad options available at Today’s Entry Doors.
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